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Internet Support in Your School

Internet Connections

One Education recognises the importance of your Internet connection to the daily operation of our customers, but it also recognises that not all connections suit every budget. Rather than offer one connection, we offer different types of connection to suit every budget and requirement. Each connection is detailed below along with the contract terms and what you can expect from the line. We are providing you with all the information including the negative aspects, to ensure you can make an informed decision for your school.



FTTC Connection

Primary schools who need a low cost but fast web connection

10Mb/ps Wireless Radio

Primary schools who need fast fix times or in location that cannot use FTTC

100Mb/ps Wireless Radio

Large Primary or Secondary schools

100Mb/ps Fibre

Large Primary or Secondary schools who cannot get Radio

150Mb/ps Cable

Primary schools after a cheap but fast connection who are in a Virgin Media cable area

Faster than 100Mb/ps Wireless

Secondary schools who are heavy internet users and need fast fix times

Faster than 100Mb/ps Fibre

Secondary schools who are heavy internet users

When providing an Internet Connection to schools, we are acutely aware that it is now vital to teaching and learning. Consequently, we always ensure we provide the best connection for each individual school based on their requirements, geographical location and services available. Whenever a more suitable connection becomes available (better value for money or faster), we upgrade our school automatically as part of our service.

Internet Services

One Education offers a range of Internet Services in addition to our range of Internet connections. One Education can take the complexity out of your Internet Services, whether it's ensuring you are meeting your safeguarding requirements including those from the Prevent agenda, or projecting a new school image with custom domain names and email addresses.

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Services include:

  • E-Mail management
  • E-Mail Spam and Malware filtering
  • Content monitoring
  • Website Blocking Management
  • DNS Management
  • Remote Access Solutions

The Internet is a wonderful resource for students which puts the world in their hands, allowing them to discover, connect and create. When we look at the issue of Internet safety, we aim to keep the issue in context and have a balanced view, remembering the overall tremendous benefits that the medium brings to schools. Our aim is to deliver that resource in a safe, managed and monitored way.

Website Development

One Education offer web development services to suit all complexities of website. Our basic service provides everything required to provide your school with a professional, easy to manage website based on the industry standard and widely supported Wordpress platform. This means ongoing, your school will always be able to adapt and change your website in house, while making it easy for you to obtain support when required. With thousands of available templates to choose from, your website will be both unique and easily customizable, with complete rebranding and redesigns achievable in very short periods of time.

If you require something that the comprehensive basic web design package cannot provide, we can also develop complex websites based on any platform available.

Services include:

  • Website Design & build
  • Website Hosting
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Intranets & Extranets
  • Integrated payment services
  • Single Sign-on

We work to ensure that with one of our school websites, schools can make the best possible use of technology to improve the level of communication between the school and its parents. We aim to ensure that parents can be kept regularly updated about all aspects of their child’s education.

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