Critical Incident Response

EP Critical Incident Response

One Education provides a psychologically sound, sensitive, and comprehensive approach to supporting educational settings in the event of a crisis.

The Educational Psychology team will work in your school as part of a coordinated response with One Education HR. In the event of an incident in your school the first contact with One Education would normally be through the HR Helpline. After taking details and discussing your needs the HR team will notify the EP team, if there is agreement that their support is required. 

Educational Psychology Critical Incident Response

As part of our initial response, we work closely with the school’s leadership and staff, in order to enable them to respond rapidly and effectively following a tragedy. We seek to clarify their concerns and support needs; and by agreement, provide psychological first aid and help to steer and influence organizational reflection and planning, aimed at achieving and maintaining a sense of control, continuity and restoration of resilience and hope in all of its members.

Typically, we offer support during the first 72 hours following a critical incident, ensuring that appropriate support is provided to students and staff, in a physically and psychologically safe and nurturing environment.

As part of our service, we provide information to staff about children and young people’s reactions to death and stages of grief; as well as how to identify vulnerable young people and adults within the setting, thus providing a targeted and protective response.

In addition, we provide training and follow up support to schools in the development of their own Critical Incident Response Plan and processes.

Therapeutic Group

As a group of applied psychologists with additional interests and advanced therapeutic competencies, our practice focus is underpinned by a wide range of therapeutic orientations, approaches and interventions that vary in frequency, intensity and specificity to different audiences.

Our practice portfolio comprises, for example, the following therapeutic approaches:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Approaches
  • Solution Focused Orientation
  • Narrative Therapy
  • Mindfulness
  • Emotional Coaching
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Integrative counseling approaches
  • Supervision

We are able to support children and young people who experience a variety of life challenges, including disordered eating, anxiety, depression, bereavement, self-harm, examination stress, cyber bullying, internet addiction, and so on.

Teaching staff equally fall within our realm / circle of support: Concerns about stress and professional burn-out, the impact of constant educational changes, time / self-organization and management, and supervision constitute areas of potential support.

We also deliver training to school staff, based on their unique situational and professional needs.

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