Developmental Difference

Developmental Difference

As a large team with an emphasis on professional development and peer supervision, our educational psychology team offers a variety of areas of special interest where groups of colleagues come together to develop their skills and interests.

At One Education we have a Special Interest Group (SIG) of colleagues who have particular interest in “developmental difference”, where children’s development veers away from the typical. This umbrella term includes a number of conditions such as the autism spectrum, developmental coordination disorder, attention deficit disorders, specific language impairments and selective mutism. The SIG meets regularly to maintain our knowledge and develop our ‘in-house’ resources, ensuring that One Education educational psychologists have cutting-edge knowledge and understanding of conditions and how to support schools in managing them.

For example, selective mutism has been one of our focuses for team development and the core team has been trained to recognise, understand and support youngsters with selective mutism. The One Education specialist lead for developmental difference has organised and coordinated a multi-agency working party to establish a more coherent pathway for children with selective mutism in Manchester, due to be launched in Spring 2017.

For more information, please contact our Educational Psychology team by enquiring online or calling 0844 967 1111.