Social Communication Assessment and Intervention Teams

Diagnostic and assessment pathways for autism are well established in Manchester and educational psychologists have been a crucial addition to Manchester’s multiagency diagnostic and intervention teams since 2004.

These teams are referred to as SCAIT (Social Communication Assessment and Intervention teams). Our educational psychology support is commissioned by Manchester City Council to provide these specialist autism services. The SCAIT educational psychologists assist in the autism assessment of some youngsters.

They can work across the city in all settings (regardless of their regular provider of EP services) wherever a specialist autism educational psychologist is needed. All educational psychologists work with children on the autistic spectrum and SCAIT EPs do not ordinarily supplement ‘usual’ autism casework and so are not usually directly commissioned by schools. SCAIT educational psychologists become involved with children in schools via CAMHS request or by request of parents; for example where parents are concerned about their child but the school has not involved their own educational psychologist, or where a CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) colleague is concerned about the school experiences of a young person with an EHCP (Education, Health and Care Plan).

SCAIT EPs also regularly deliver part of a post-diagnostic package of training offered to all parents of newly diagnosed children, offer open ‘drop in’ clinics for parents and professionals, and can provide bespoke or highly specialist training in schools where necessary.

For more information, please contact our Educational Psychology team via the form below or by calling 0844 967 1111.