Sensory Processing Difficulties

Sensory Processing Difficulties (SPD)

We experience the world through our senses, so any significant differences in taking in and making sense of information from our environment can have a considerable impact on us.

This could be through sensory loss affecting sight and hearing; but could also include difficulties with over and under sensitivity to visual, auditory, touch, taste, smell and movement. All of our educational psychologists at One Education work with children who have sensory impairments and sensory processing differences, so an important area of work in this specialist role is to support and develop our understanding of the psychological implications of these additional needs on children’s development, their learning and how we assess them. A further aim is to raise awareness in schools through training.

This role also gives us the scope to keep updated on the latest research and we use this new information to develop resources and inform practice. We are currently also involved in developing closer links and joint working practices with Lancasterian’s Sensory Support Team who provide outreach, support and training to mainstream schools throughout the city to meet the needs of pupils with sensory impairments.

For more information, please contact our Educational Psychology team by enquiring online or calling 0844 967 1111.