Social, Emotional and Mental Health Team

Social, Emotional and Mental Health EP Team

The Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) of children and young people are acknowledged to be a crucial factors in their development and success in school.

SEMH Educational Psychologists at One Education have a breadth of knowledge and experience in supporting the work of school staff, parents and adults within educational contexts generally, as well as in offering advice and support on strategies to promote good practice in classrooms and with individual pupils.

We provide support for school and academies toward meeting the SEMH needs of children, young people and staff as well.

In doing so, we provide:

  • Evidence based early intervention work to support schools and academies with their statutory duties around emotional health and wellbeing (for example, positive behaviour management programmes).
  • Whole school evaluations on mental health using: Outcome measures/self-report/rating scales/questionnaires.
  • Consultation, assessment and observation for the purpose of the school, academy and pupil in an assess/plan/do/review cycle. We will discuss the length of involvement and nature of time limited interventions following enquiry.
  • Provide psychological input to any risk assessments especially regarding the pupils understanding, strengths and needs.

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