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Safeguarding Support

Our specialist safeguarding team will work with schools and academies to help ensure their safeguarding arrangements are nothing less than outstanding

Safeguarding Support

Safeguarding Image of children in schoolWe are passionate about supporting schools and academies with a shared commitment and belief that all children have the right to feel safe, secure and protected from any kind of abuse.

Schools and academies are well placed to recognise and respond to the early signs of abuse. Our safeguarding team works with school leaders and staff on the front line, providing support with statutory duties and helping to secure effective safeguarding arrangements that go much further than the statutory minimum.

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Deputy Headteacher A Manchester High School

The help and support that has been provided, not only in our safeguarding audit, but also in helping to develop a first-class safeguarding policy has been invaluable to us as a school striving to be outstanding in all that we do.

Safeguarding Support Package

Our Safeguarding Support Package is a value for money offer which includes: 

Safeguarding Self-Assessment 

Assisting you with evaluating your safeguarding and child protection arrangements, policy and procedures. A One Education safeguarding specialist will visit your setting and facilitate critical reflection, provide recommendations to ensure that you have robust, relevant and useful safeguarding arrangements in place. The assessment also considers how the setting meets Ofsted and statutory requirements as well as examining overall effectiveness of practice.

Annual Safeguarding Conference

Our annual Safeguarding Conference features keynote speakers and workshops that run throughout the day on various safeguarding topics making this annual event un-missable for schools. As well as valuable networking time, DSLs and school leaders are given numerous opportunities to hear about the latest developments in safeguarding children and build on established best practice.  


Designated Safeguarding Lead training

A place on our DSL training (held on various dates throughout the year) Essential training for all DSLs to learn or refresh knowledge of how to recognise and respond to concerns and disclosures of abuse. We outline your statutory safeguarding responsibilities, including Ofsted expectations and share recognised best practice.

Contact the Education Welfare and Safeguarding Team for more information on 0844 967 1111 or fill out the form below.

Safeguarding Self-Assessment

A tool developed to assist you with assessing the effectiveness of your policy and procedures. A One Education safeguarding specialist will visit your setting and facilitate critical reflection, provide recommendations around the expansion of currently used and new initiatives, and ensure that the school has a robust, relevant and useful safeguarding policy and procedures in place. The assessment also considers how the setting meets Ofsted and statutory requirements as well as examining overall effectiveness of the practice. The roles of designated safeguarding leads, management and governance are explored and suggestions for improvement offered for all areas.

Safeguarding Training

In line with Keeping Children Safe In Education, establishments should ensure that all of their staff are appropriately trained in safeguarding. We can support you by offering a range of training opportunities and resources. 

Our Safeguarding training includes:

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Professional Casework Supervision 

The Government's, ‘Working Together To Safeguard Children 2015’ requires safeguarding lead professionals to receive appropriate supervision, echoed by learning from serious case reviews. We are trained to offer supervision to support designated safeguarding leads and front-line practitioners with any professional concerns they may have about individual children and families. Regular supervision ensures that staff are supported to manage the emotional component of this challenging role, that practice is safe, and that work with children and families is quality assured and reduce professional isolation.

Our casework supervision is effective for:

  • Reviewing and progressing caseload
  • Reflecting on current and past practice
  • Building networks of support
  • Offering caseload guidance and second opinions
  • Providing emotional support and reducing professional isolation
Lucy Ennis Safeguarding & Attendance Lead, St Barnabas C of E Primary Academy

"I found [casework supervision] to be very helpful and am looking forward to having more in the future. It helped me to feel more confident in my role and provided me with an outlet for my frustrations as well as a supportive and informative response to help me move forward with tricky cases."

Policy And Practice Development

We support you to review and update your school safeguarding policy and procedures with a focus on ensuring that they are personal and relevant to your school community, you can be confident that this will incorporate the latest safeguarding legislation and guidance.

Casework With Children And Families

Our safeguarding specialists will lead on early help assessments and undertake case work to help families who are in need of support. Working with a multi-agency team, we adopt a child-centred approach to achieve the best outcomes for children and young people. We offer you the reassurance that our trained and experienced safeguarding team will maintain accurate and detailed records and undertake casework supervision.   

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For more information about any of our safeguarding services and support, please contact the safeguarding team via the form below or on 0844 967 1111.