Online Safety

Online Safety training

Online Safety Workshops for Parents

In order for pupils to be able to keep themselves safe from the many potential perils of the internet, it is important that they are getting a consistent message from both home and school. Many parents and carers may, themselves, be unaware of the dangers their child can face if they are not appropriately supervised and educated in Online Safety. This briefing provides parents with the opportunity to think about, hear and discuss what could go wrong on the internet and what they can do about it.

This 1 hour workshop covers:

  • The necessity of the internet in modern day society and education
  • The potential dangers of the internet such as gaming including PEGI ratings, social networking and what age this is appropriate, online grooming and how to prevent it, sexting and cyberbullying
  • What parents/ carers may not know they are missing, including online language and “netiquette”
  • What to do if they are concerned about their child

Online Safety Workshops for Pupils

The Ofsted guidance, Inspecting Safeguarding in Early Years, Education and Skills Settings, clearly states that inspectors must investigate what a school does to educate pupils in online safety. It is not sufficient for schools to just rely on filters to keep children safe from the many issues they can face on the internet- they must also educate children on how to keep themselves safe online.

This 1 hour workshop, delivered to upper KS2 pupils will cover:

  • Attitudes towards the internet
  • Social Networking, grooming, cyber bullying, gaming, radicalisation, online reputation and digital footprint
  • Safe selfies and safe gaming
  • Advice for what pupils can do if they are worried about something they see online

Top Tips to Stay Safe from Cyberbullying