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What is Dramatherapy?

Dramatherapy employs techniques from drama and theatre, such as the use of voice and physical movement, within the therapeutic setting to help individuals to explore their emotional and psychological states.

Jonathan Moreno Impromptu Man (1st ed.)

an opportunity to get into action instead of just talking, to take the role of the important people in our lives to understand them better, to confront them imaginatively in the safety of the therapeutic theater, and most of all to become more creative and spontaneous human beings.

Dramatherapy in SchoolDramatherapy in School

Storytelling and dramatisation bring imaginative elements into the interactions between therapist and child, allowing space and time for the child’s creative expression.

Using drama within therapeutic work means that there is opportunity for the individual to try out differing roles, giving them a chance to explore how these varying positions might feel and seeing what their emotional responses are to being in these diverse situations.

Dramatherapy can be both verbal and non-verbal as it incorporates many properties of the creative arts in the sessions. Just as in a drama performance, the work conducted could be silent and performed using just the body and its movement, almost like a dance routine or a piece of mime. The drama could also take the form of an improvised monologue or dialogue with the therapist or imaginary characters.

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