Family Work

Bespoke interventions for families

We offer interventions in which we work in parallel with parent and child using a combination of counselling and the creative therapies.

Our Emotional & Trauma Support (ETS) team have supported many individuals in returning back to education after challenging experiences and periods of disrupted attendance or absence.

An inclusive family approach

We are goal focused and outcome orientated, whilst still sensitive to the needs of the individual which assists us in achieving positive results. By working with the anxieties in the young person, family and school alike, we are able to bring together the networks around the young person to successfully assist them in achieving a better sense wellbeing and eventually reengaging with school.

Systemic Thinking

Often, the cases which get referred for this type of intervention are described as ‘incredibly complex’ or ‘almost impossible’ by professionals who have been involved in them. ETS are not discouraged by these labels and examine all of our cases through a person-centred, humanistic lens. This frequently makes situations which may feel like a ‘messy reality’ simpler as quickly as possible.

What does family work involve?

Part of this process involves making sure that the voice of the child is heard by those involved in decision making. ETS family work incorporates therapy with the child and counselling with the parent or caregiver in a bid to nurture the family unit and support the needs of the child in the best way possible. By facilitating multiagency meetings of professionals around the case, ETS interventions ensure efficient advocacy for the child and family and enable other professionals to work in a way that complements the needs of the child at the centre of the intervention.

This highly specialised form of family work has been used successfully to support children in particularly challenging periods of their life. ETS seek to tease out issues which may have been overlooked or missed in these cases and to find a new way of working with these factors in order for the child and family to move forward. By recognising the significance of the family and its effects on the child, ETS have developed a successful and sophisticated approach to achieving positive results in difficult circumstances.

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