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Pharos Programme

What is the Pharos Programme?

The PHAROS programme was originally developed in Holland and was used to address the welfare and integration needs of newly arrived asylum seekers and refugee children.

Supporting International New Arrivals

Research has demonstrated that the levels of wellbeing in this young population is lower than their contemporary peers, and evidences a prevalence of psychological, behavioural and emotional problems arising from their exile.

Often the process of moving to a new country, speaking a foreign language and being part of a new culture can be incredibly challenging, especially for children. PHAROS seeks to tackle these complex issues around identity through a 10 or 20 week course, suitable for primary and secondary ages, which gives young refugees and asylum seekers a chance to reflect on their experiences and their identity.

Pharos Programme Cartoon

The programme content includes comparing things from their country of birth with similar items in the UK, such as differences in school, language, food and dress. Importantly this allows them a chance to explore their feelings around the changes they have experienced and fosters a sense of being listened to.

PHAROS supports children and young people in KS2, KS3 and KS4.

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