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Careers Events & Activities

Careers EventOur careers events give students the opportunity to meet with employers, education and training providers in an interactive and fun environment.

These events can boost student confidence, communication skills and motivation.

Our strong links with employers allow us to provide a range of exciting and interactive activities that could support your school's enterprise education strategy. 

We can work with you to provide a bespoke package of support to meet your specific needs. 

Careers Fairs

An opportunity for students to meet a range of employers, education and training providers in an open/informal forum. These can be arranged to allow attendance of parents. Careers fairs can be organised with a specific vocational theme in mind (eg STEM) or as a way of illustrating a wide range of opportunities available to students. Careers fairs play an important role in ensuring students get up to date, accurate Labour Market Information.

Practice Interview days

An opportunity for students to meet with real employers and experience what it is like to be in an interview situation. These can be done for small groups or a whole year group. We work to ensure that local employers and organisations are represented amongst interviewers to support with providing local labour market information for students. All students receive written feedback on their performance.

Careers Networking

An opportunity for students to meet with both local and national employers. Students have the opportunity to interview employers to gather relevant, up to date information about a range of career pathways.

Careers Talks

Supporting students to develop their knowledge of a range of career sectors through presentations given by professionals. Careers talks provide students with up to date labour market information and can help them with making realistic, well informed decisions about their own futures.

For more information about our range of support for your school's careers events, enquire online or call on 0844 967 1111.