Careers Guidance & Resources

Guidance to support schools and careers leaders to provide quality CEIAG programmes.

Key guidance & resources for schools

Careers guidance and inspiration in schools

Statutory guidance from the Department for Education, for governing bodies, school leaders and school staff on the provision of careers guidance in schools.

Statutory Guidance

Good Career Guidance - The Gatsby Report

This report includes a set of eight key standards by which it is believed good careers guidance can be measured. 

The resulting ‘Gatsby’ benchmarks are backed by the Government and The Careers and Enterprise Company and are widely quoted as a measure for success.

Good Career Guidance

School Inspection Handbook

Guidance for inspecting schools under the common inspection framework, with a mythbuster document on common misconceptions.

School Inspection Handbook

Robert Halfon's thoughts on the future of Careers

Read a speech from Apprenticeships and Skills Minister Robert Halfon, delivered at Westminster Academy in January 2017.

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STEM: From School to work

How education fails students in the real world: a report looking at how effectively education and careers advice enables young people to progress into STEM careers.

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Enterprise Education

How secondary schools prepare young people for work: this survey report looks at how well schools work together with local businesses and how schools promote apprenticeships.

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Careers Leaders in Schools

A CDI briefing offering advice and support on how to plan, resource and manage programmes of CEIAG in schools. 

Careers Leaders in Schools

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