One to One Advice

One to One Careers Advice and Guidance

One to one careers advice and guidance, delivered by a professionally trained guidance practitioner can support your students to navigate the various options available to them post-16 and to make well informed, realistic decisions about their futures.

Professionally delivered guidance breaks down barriers and promotes social mobility and supports your school's overall NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) prevention strategy.

The transition from school to post-16 provision is, for many students, a complex one. Making poor decisions at this point can lead to students becoming disillusioned and falling into NEET. In addition to this, many students have other issues that can make their transitions more complex, for example special educational needs and/or disability, caring responsibilities, family, money and transport. One to one guidance allows for these issues to be considered, and for an individualised plan to be put in place to ensure any potential problems do not become barriers to progress.

Raising the participation age and the destination measure

Raising the participation age, which requires students to engage in recognised forms of education or training until they are 18 and the destination measure, has given schools more responsibility around ensuring that students are engaging in post-16 learning. Professionally delivered careers advice and guidance can support your school with meeting your responsibilities, by ensuring that each student has an intended destination and the guarantee of a place within some form of education or training. In addition to this, students are less likely to leave placements early where they have been given time to consider all their options and make well informed decisions. This reduces the chance of students becoming NEET, following a positive destination.

Action Planning

Action planning is an important part of the guidance process, enabling students to understand more about their own skills and abilities, and to identify the steps they need to take to move closer towards their ambitions. We feel passionate about the action planning process and ensure that each student we see receives a detailed action plan that identifies their options, and the support they may need to move closer to their chosen pathway.

How we support students with SEND

We tailor our guidance to ensure it is inclusive for all students and recognise that for many students with SEND, the transition to post-16 provision is incredibly complex and can cause great anxiety for both students and parents.

Our approach seeks to engage with key school staff and families, supporting the Education and Healthcare planning process. We have designed an action plan that works to complement this process and have experience of attending transition reviews and completing the associated careers reports.

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