Supporting children and young people into their school community

EAL and Language Support

EAL and language support

EAL children learningOur specialist teachers and bilingual language support assistants deliver outcomes for all children and young people and their families speaking English as an additional language.

We support new to English pupils and new arrivals at the early stages of learning English, develop higher level comprehension and language skills, and take young people through controlled and non-controlled assessments at GCSE. We are passionate about meeting these needs and offer support in over 25 different languages working directly with children and young people and their families. Our range of services include in-class support for children at the early stage of learning English, engaging with parents, and offering advice on home languages, customs and cultures. We work in partnership with and under the direction of class and subject teachers to provide bilingual support for curriculum and in-school activities.


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We also offer ELKLAN speech and language support to develop communication skills for all children, including those with EAL.

Definition of EAL Department for Education

A pupil’s first language is defined as any language other than English that a child was exposed to during early development and continues to be exposed to in the home or community. If a child was exposed to more than one language (which may include English) during early development, a language other than English should be recorded, irrespective of the child’s proficiency in English.

Induction Support

Asking the right questions during the initial meeting with parents and carers means you can offer the best possible support for EAL children new to your school. We support you to set up, and conduct, a comprehensive induction programme and build capacity within your team. Induction enables newly arrived children and young people to access appropriate teaching and learning and to access the curriculum. Our specialist teachers plan a bespoke programme with you, linked to the curriculum, and delivered by a bilingual support assistant. Once you're up and running, our specialist teacher evaluates progress and suggests next steps. 

Language Support

Choose the language you need help with: Amharic; Arabic; Bengali/Sylheti; Bulgarian; Cantonese; Czech; Dari; Dutch; Eritrean; Farsi; French; German; Hakka; Hindi; Hungarian; Italian; Kurdish; Lingala; Lithuanian; Mandarin; Persian; Polish; Portuguese; Punjabi; Pushto; Romanian; Russian; Slovak; Somali; Spanish; Swahili; Tigrinya; Urdu. We are always adding more.

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First Language Assessment (FLA)

FLAs are completed in the child's home language to identify strengths and areas for development for guiding teaching and learning for all EAL children and international new arrivals. They include information-gathering from parents or carers, from the adults involved with a child and from any other data available. Assessment is carried out by a specialist teacher and bilingual support; it is age-appropriate and tailored to the individual. An FLA provides clear identification of high ability pupils (HAPs), children with difficulties in language proficiency or cognitive ability. Suitable for any age child or young person.

EAL Teaching And Learning Support For KS2

Developing cognitive and academic language proficiency (CALP) is and essential part of any school's EAL provision as it supports children to reach their true potential. Support in this area includes inference training, vocabulary support, and grammar development.

GCSE And AS Exam Preparation

Our trained examiners deliver excellent outcomes in GCSEs in minority languages by thoroughly preparing candidates for the speaking and writing exams. We also support with AS level speaking exams. 73% of the children we prepare achieved A* or A last year and 95% achieve A* to C.

EAL Professional Development Package

Our specialist teachers work alongside you to develop your school's proficiency to identify the needs of EAL pupils, plan effective provision and build whole-school capacity to gain positive outcomes for this group of learners. Support includes, assessment and identification, provision mapping and action planning, identification of resources, learning walks, and whole-school training.

Speaker Days

A great opportunity for leaders, teachers and practitioners to access up-to-date developments and best practice around all aspects of EAL pedagogy. 

Isobel Roberts, EAL Manager St Luke’s CofE Primary School

Fantastic, very well organised, really committed to the development of language, supported the school and liaised with parents.

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