Supporting children and young people into their school community

EAL Support

EAL Support

EAL children learningOur specialist teachers work alongside you to develop your school's proficiency to identify the needs of EAL pupils and build whole-school capacity to gain positive outcomes for this group of learners, through:

  • Training on EAL awareness and/or strategies to support EAL pupils. These sessions can be delivered as twilight sessions or half day sessions
  • First Language Assessments
  • Classroom observations
Definition of EAL Department for Education

A pupil’s first language is defined as any language other than English that a child was exposed to during early development and continues to be exposed to in the home or community. If a child was exposed to more than one language (which may include English) during early development, a language other than English should be recorded, irrespective of the child’s proficiency in English.

First Language Assessment (FLA)

FLAs are completed in the child's home language to identify strengths and areas for development for guiding teaching and learning for all EAL children and international new arrivals. They include information-gathering from parents or carers, from the adults involved with a child and from any other data available. The assessment is carried out by a specialist teacher; it is age-appropriate and tailored to the individual. An FLA provides clear identification of high ability pupils (HAPs), children with difficulties in language proficiency or cognitive ability. Suitable for any age child or young person.

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