Chorlton Music Centre

Baroque Violin Session

One of the benefits of joining a music centre is the chance to hear professional musicians play and talk about their own musical journeys. In the summer term, string players and their families at Chorlton Music Centre were able to hear and see baroque violin playing.

Sophie Simpson string tutor

Sophie Simpson, one of our string tutors, brought along her baroque violin to show to students and organised a wonderful and informative session. She explained about the period of Baroque music, making links to the art and architecture of the time. She also played on both her usual violin and her baroque violin, and asked the students to look for similarities and the differences. They were able to spot the visual differences of a differently shaped bow and a beautifully carved scroll, and could also hear that the pitch of the baroque instrument was lower.

Sophie also demonstrated how Baroque musicians were expected to ornament their music by playing a piece, first without any ornamentation and then with ornamentation which she had written herself in the Baroque style.

The session finished with Sophie playing a piece which is familiar to many of our young players - an arrangement of the Finale of Handel’s Water Music which many of our violinists play in the book Fiddle Time Runners.

This was a truly inspirational session for all who attended.