First Access

Formerly known as Wider Opportunities

First Access / WCET

First Access or WCET (whole class ensemble tuition) at Key Stage 2 is a national programme.

It has evolved from the government’s pledge that: “over time, all pupils in primary schools who wish to, will have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument.”

Do all schools need to offer first access?

First access music in schoolSchools are required to meet the government’s aspiration for all KS2 pupils to learn a musical instrument free of charge, normally in a large group or whole class setting for a sustained period of time – at least one term.

After this opportunity all pupils are able to make an informed choice about continuing to learn a musical instrument. This may be continuing to learn the same or a different musical instrument.

Schools are then able to plan further instrumental provision for those pupils who wish to continue learning the instrument of their choice. Many schools buy in ensemble delivery to allow pupils to continue playing in a large group / ensemble setting to follow on from their First Access experience.

One Education Music currently delivers First Access on the following instruments:

  • Brass: Trumpet or Cornet
  • Strings: Violin, Cello, Balalaika
  • Ukulele and Guitar
  • Woodwind: Recorder, Clarinet, Flute, Tin Whistle
  • Percussion: Samba, African Drumming, World Percussion, Steel Pans

The programme should provide opportunities for classroom teachers and music specialists to learn from one another by jointly planning and delivering enhanced musical experiences.

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One Education Music can offer specialist advice and support with incorporating First Access opportunities into your current instrumental provision. For more information, fill out the form below or call Lindsay Thomas on 0844 967 1116.