Vocal Drama

Vocal Drama - an engaging and inclusive cross arts medium

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The Gatherers

A Vocal Drama Performance for Key Stage 2 classes and choirs created by Jules Gibb.

“The Gatherers” is a performance project which tackles the modern problem of plastic pollution using ancient and traditional African legends and songs. The story is told through song.

Some children on a school trip find themselves in the world of the hunter gatherers. Their world is threatened by a strange pollutant which wakes up the ancient and destructive forest spirit - the ‘Egbere’. The solution to the problem is a traditional song but can the children find it and save the world not only for themselves but for the future?

Training dates

Part 1 - Monday 18 September

Holiday Inn, Manchester, 1 - 4pm.

Join us for an introductory workshop on creating vocal drama performances and find out more about The Gatherers at the autumn Music Coordinators' Network meeting.

Part 2 - Tuesday 3 October

Irish World Heritage Centre, Cheetham Hill, 1 - 3pm or 4 - 6pm.

Attend a choice of two performance skills workshops where you will be able to access lesson planning and the full project resources.

To book your place, please use the links below: