Workshop D

Workshop D in Room Win

Vocabulary is vital to Life

Vocabulary is vital. Research shows that the better a child’s vocabulary, the better their chances are in school and in life. It not only impacts on Reading, but Oracy, Writing, indeed all aspects of the curriculum and a person’s day to day understanding and experience of the world.

Children begin their school journey with varying levels of vocabulary, yet, if teachers and schools prioritise the teaching and learning of words, every child can be a verbivore.

The workshop will explore current research and best practice for the teaching and learning of vocabulary across the curriculum. Delegates will leave with a multitude of practical strategies to use to support children’s vocabulary development as well as the chance to engage in a vocabulary research project.


Laura Lodge joined One Education as a Literacy Consultant in 2016. Whilst working as a teacher and English Lead in Manchester, Laura led wide-ranging training opportunities for cluster schools and developed the teaching, monitoring and assessment of the new primary curriculum. Laura now specialises in providing bespoke training and successfully leads whole school initiatives to improve the teaching and learning of Literacy by responding to the needs of individual staff and schools.