Workshop E

Workshop E in Room Build

The Reader Teacher

Scott Evans will be sharing his blog/website - The Reader Teacher - and the power of #PrimarySchoolBookClub /@PrimarySchoolBC, both created to provide teachers and schools with children's book reviews, recommendations and resources to encourage a love of children’s literature amongst children and staff!


Scott Evans is a primary school teacher from South Wales who just loves to read. He’s most often seen with a children’s book (or ten!) in hand, searching out the next new addition to read and recommend to his learners. Recently, he has created a blog/website called The Reader Teacher to help teachers and schools to become more aware, engaged and enthused in children’s literature.

The website includes reviews, recommendations and resources such as #AuthorsAllTogether which is a platform where authors, such as Peter Bunzl, Lisa Thompson and Vashti Hardy, post videos of themselves talking about and sharing their books for use in the classroom; ‘Book of the Month’ votes for children; ‘Recommended Reads’ monthly lists; Author Q&As and a Book Releases Calendar, showing the next year of releases in children’s literature.

Further to this, he has created and hosts #PrimarySchoolBookClub, a monthly book club and bookchat on Twitter that takes place on the last day of every month. This has seen a substantial rise in primary school educators engaging with children’s literature by voting for a book to read and returning to talk about it at the end of the month with the author also being involved in the chat. You can find this by searching the hashtag#PrimarySchoolBookClub

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