Workshop J

Workshop J in Room Rise and Shine   

‘Going Global': Using blogging to effectively and safely connect your class with a genuine global audience.

During this workshop, you will learn how to use a blogging platform. You will be introduced to all the skills you need to ensure you can implement a class blog the very next day. Also included will be a blogging policy to take back into school.

Please bring a device with you: a phone or iPad will be sufficient.


David Mitchell has been a teacher for 20 years and the Headteacher of two schools in the North West of England. David has always had an interest in getting children writing. Since using forums in 2005 with his Year 6 pupils to get them writing outside of the traditional school day, David's passion for technology enhanced learning has continued to develop over time. His motto 'If it can't be used in 2 minutes it's too long!' is at the forefront of his message to other teachers. In 2013, David became a freelance consultant on a mission to bring innovative practice to as many teachers and pupils as possible.