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School Improvement

Our school improvement support is provided by professionals such as headteachers, inspectors, HR and finance experts, curriculum specialists and inspirational leaders.

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About our School Improvement Services

These experts have a proven track record for providing effective pupil premium reviews, data analysis, learning reviews, quality assurance, and headteacher performance management. We can provide bespoke school support to help in the development of teaching and learning, the curriculum, leadership and school development. Our aim is to build school capacity through support, challenge and intervention so that schools become self-improving, resilient organisations. We specialise in working with school and academy partnerships by adding value to school-to-school support and ensuring accountability.

We can also provide purposeful CPD is based on research and evidence-based approaches, grounded in a thorough understanding of what outstanding teaching, learning and assessment looks like. Our specialists will keep you up-to-date and prepared for changes within the ever changing educational landscape whilst ensuring it is relevant and purposeful to the needs of you and your school.

Our consultants are also experts in developing an effective school curriculum that suits the needs of you, your school staff and your children. We can work with you to ensure that the curriculum planned is purposeful, progressive, and systematic. This is to ensure the impact creates a positive improvement not only in your school’s education system but for each and every child in your school. The fundamental purpose of curriculum development is to ensure that all pupils receive an integrated, coherent learning experience that contributes towards their personal and academic success.

School Improvement Support

You can access our help when you are getting ready for Ofsted; in need of external validation and headteacher performance management; developing effective school self-evaluation; requiring pupil premium external reviews; and undertaking teaching and learning reviews. Annual School Improvement Support means you have guaranteed time to support your school's leadership needs. 

All of our work is bespoke and individually tailored to the schools we work with. Contact our School Improvement Team using our online contact form or call 0844 967 1111 for more information.

Securing Outstanding Outcomes

Our experienced consultants will work with you develop and improve one or all of the following areas:

  • Assessment systems, Data and Pupil Outcomes
  • Personal Development, Behaviour, Safety and Welfare
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Leadership

We work with school leaders to conduct comprehensive reviews of any one, or all of, the above areas. Our school improvement consultants will support you to develop and implement effective action plans that have high impact on pupil outcomes and secure sustainable school improvement.

Developing effective leadership at all levels

We work closely with schools to support and develop leadership at all levels. All our school improvement work is bespoke, completely tailored to the individual needs of each school. We have a track record of excellence in supporting schools to develop.

  • Deputy and Assistant Headteachers
  • Inclusion leaders and SENDCos
  • Phase leaders
  • Subject leaders
  • Middle leaders
  • Aspiring leaders
CARMEL UTTING, DEPUTY HEADTEACHER Our Lady and St Brendan's Catholic Primary School

I can't thank our consultant enough for the help, support and advice she has given to me in the short time I have worked with her. She has, through her approachable and understanding manner, enabled me to have more confidence in my ability as Deputy Head and has offered so many practical suggestions for improvements which I have been able to implement and see impact from. I know that the work I am undertaking with my consultant will develop me personally in my role and have a positive impact on our school. Thank you!

Pupil Premium Reviews

Using a rigorous and tested framework, we analyse qualitative and quantitative information from a diverse range of sources enabling us to create a holistic review of Pupil Premium Grant spending and its impact in your school. Utilising our specialist combined knowledge from former Ofsted inspectors and senior school leaders, our experienced consultants will work with you to develop a strategy for raising the achievement of disadvantaged pupils and having improving outcomes for all.

Developing Your School Curriculum

The fundamental purpose of curriculum development is to ensure that all pupils receive an integrated, coherent learning experience that contributes towards their personal and academic success. Our experts can support you in the development of your curriculum: enabling children to develop mastery skills and concepts whilst meeting the needs of children within your school. We can support you to develop and review this fundamental aspect of the new curriculum through the following:

  • Introduction to the concept of a mastery curriculum training
  • Full curriculum reviews
  • Development of the school curriculum
  • Planning and implementation support​

Self-Evaluation with Impact

Bespoke support for leaders wishing to develop a culture of continuous improvement through effective self-evaluation. Our highly experienced consultants will work with you to review current practice and establish self-evaluation systems and processes that enable Leaders and Teachers to accurately evaluate your school and develop a comprehensive plan to improve and develop your setting.

New to Headship

This course will support those new to Headship and aspiring the Headship through three and a half days of training and workshops covering current topics that will develop knowledge and expertise of leading a school in the current educational landscape.

Robust self-evaluation guidance will also enable you to be confident in your judgements in all Ofsted areas.

Opportunities for bespoke work with highly experienced School Development professionals and previous Head teachers form an integral part of this training; enabling you to discuss your own present issues of school development, HRgovernance and finance. There will also be opportunities to network with colleagues.


There is a great deal written about the difference between good and outstanding teaching and many school leaders will be familiar with the literature. Securing it in practice, however, is much more elusive. Good2Great is rooted in the evidence-based belief that the only way to truly transform teaching practice is through critical reflection and it will help you drive the level of impact and the speed of transformation in your school. 

Good2Great builds uses effective professional development research and begins the learning journey. Two half-day sessions sit either side of an in-school task providing a really effective professional development experience. You can join us as a group of schools or as a whole school. 

How Good2Great Helped The Catholic Schools Partnership Of Bradford And Keighley

Good2Great is a tool for school improvement and pupil outcomes. The programme is based on critical reflection research and evidence-based approaches and grounded in a thorough understanding of what outstanding teaching, learning and assessment looks like.

Training and CPD

Training provided this academic year:

  • New to teaching programme
  • New to Headship programme
  • Achieve the best for your school: Broad and balanced curriculum
  • Achieve the best for your school: Make Marking work for you
  • An introduction to middle leadership
  • These training sessions are also available as staff meetings, twilights or INSETs with individuals from a cluster of schools or your whole team

Also available for staff meetings, twilights or INSET training are:

  • Developing a coaching culture
  • Supporting More Able Learners
  • Effective use of Pupil Premium
  • Create impact through effective teaching and Learning
  • Bespoke training to support the needs of your school
Suzanne Bentley, Literacy Co-ordinator Ringway Primary School

Two of our teachers attended the Year 3/4 course and really enjoyed it. Both individually told me how fantastic and inspirational it was. one said it made her want to go home and do all of her planning for next year!

All of our work is bespoke and individually tailored to the schools we work with. Contact us online or call us on 0844 967 1111 for more information.