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In response to the Government guidance on COVID-19 advising the UK public to avoid unnecessary social contact, we are continually addressing our training courses and events programme. We are delighted to be able to offer some face-to-face training again, with social distance measures in places, whilst looking to provide as much training virtually as possible. Please contact the Events Team for up to date information on courses.

The health and safety of all of our clients and staff is important to us and we would like to thank you for your understanding. Should you have any queries regarding future dates or refunds please email

Booking are still being taken for Literacy and School Development training courses and will be delivered online. Please email for more information.

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Training Course

SIMS 7 School Census New Users (Refresher) - 17 May 2021

An update seminar to brief you on the proposed changes to the statutory School Census returns in 2020/21 and the preparation required to complete the School Census.

Training Course

SIMS 7 SEN User - 26 May 2021

This course provides an overview of the SIMS software for SEN, including setting up details of reviews, events and provisions, creating reports and editing look up tables.

Training Course

SIMS 7 Staff Absence Cover - 07 June 2021

Staff Absence cover deals with the day to day covering of classes. This could be with your own staff or supply. This course shows how best to manage these and also best practice.

Training Course

SIMS 7 – End of Year Procedures (All phases) - 11 June 2021

This course is for staff with responsibility for preparing SIMS 7 for the new school year who are new to the role but have a good knowledge of SIMS 7 including Pastoral Officers, Administrative Staff and Data Managers.

Training Course

SIMS 7 Office User Further Skills - 15 June 2021

This course is for administrative staff or data managers with responsibility for the quality of the data held in SIMS 7 for internal and school census requirements.

Training Course

SIMS 7 Assessment Essential Skills - 16 & 17 June 2021

This two day course takes an in depth look into Assessment Manager in SIMS. We will be creating key components in Assessment including aspects, grade sets, result sets which will then allow us to build templates using marksheets. There will also be an introduction to generating individual reports.

Training Course

SIMS 7 Extended Reporting - 21 June 2021

This course is for users of SIMS 7 responsible for responding to requests for information. You should have either attended the Standard Reporting course or be familiar with the techniques covered in this training.

Training Course

SIMS 7 Personnel - 23 June 2021

This training is for staff members with responsibility for updating and maintaining personal, professional and contractual information of staff.

Training Course

SIMS 7 Academic Management (Secondary only) - 29 June 2021

So, the timetable is done, now to add those students to classes. This course looks at this process but also the variations to students timetables that may take place. Internal Exclusion? Intervention Classes? Cross Year Teaching? This can all be handled through these routines.

Training Course

SIMS 7 Discover - 13 July 2021

This course is for staff who use SIMS 7 and who wish to enhance their data analysis by using the powerful graphical analysis tool, SIMS 7 Discover.

Training Course

SIMS 7 Maintaining the Nova T - 14 July 2021

Despite the best planning and timetable construction, things do change! This course looks at how to deal with changes which may take place during the course of the academic year. Staff leaving, room changes, even setting reorganisation.

Training Course

SIMS 7 Advanced Reporting with Excel Analysis - 15 & 16 July 2021

This two day course explores using SIMS reports to extract data and Excel to automatically analyse this data. It will cover the creation of reports in SIMS and explore some of Excel’s capabilities for data analysis including formulas, conditional formatting, macros and pivot tables.