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We are committed in delivering highly-valued training courses that enable Teachers, support staff and leadership teams to feel positive and confident in their role.

Bringing colleagues together, these interactive learning experiences enable expertise and in-depth knowledge sharing across a range of subjects. We can also provide bespoke on-site training to ensure that all your requirements are met.

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ICT Support

SIMS 7 Managing Results Day - 4 July 2022

This course is for staff with responsibility for handling external examination results.

ICT Support

SIMS 7 Pupil Premium - 5 July 2022

This course is for Data Managers and School Administrators who are in charge of inputting and maintaining Pupil Premium data in SIMS 7.

ICT Support

SIMS 7 Advanced Reporting with Excel (Secondary) - 7 & 8 July 2022

This two day course explores using SIMS reports to extract data and Excel to automatically analyse this data. It will cover the creation of reports in SIMS and explore some of Excel’s capabilities for data analysis including formulas, conditional formatting, macros and pivot tables.

ICT Support

SIMS 7 Discover - 12th July 2022

Staff who use SIMS and who wish to enhance their data analysis by using the powerful graphical analysis tool, SIMS Discover.

Training Course

Maintaining Nova-T - 14 July 2022

Despite the best planning and timetable construction, things do change! This course looks at how to deal with changes which may take place during the course of the academic year. Staff leaving, room changes, even setting reorganisation.