Schools Bill – All Schools to Become Academies by 2030?

High School Students Wearing Uniform Raising Hands To Answer Question Set By Teacher In Classroom

To achieve their ambition for education, the government wants a fully trust led system by 2030, where all schools should be, or working towards being, in a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT). This means that there will be no maintained local authority schools, and all schools will be part of a MAT, or in the process of joining one.

The Future of the Academy System

A teenage boy in school uniform, smiling towards his teacher.

Academisation was still very much on the agenda and there had been a real acceptance by main political parties that in the education world the way forward is creating more academies and merging smaller MATs together to increase capacity across the system. Read this account to understand why some MATs fail, what makes a strong Trust and what the future looks like for academisation.

Education system agreed by all

A secondary school student walking towards the school building.

Watching the politicians exchanging views, releasing reforms and generally disagreeing over Academy and Free school systems has been like watching a dull game of ping pong with no time limit on the match. However it seems that after weeks and months of dispute and disagreements one thing has become clearer, Academies and Free Schools are here to stay.

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