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We all share a responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. Supporting you on the frontlines, our Education Welfare specialists will ensure your safeguarding and pupil attendance arrangements are nothing less than outstanding.  

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Collaborating with staff, pupils and parents to ensure the welfare of the child is protected at all times, together we will diminish barriers to attendance and build a strong safeguarding culture in which every child can thrive.

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Annual Support Packages

Our Education Welfare team can support you with all aspects of school attendance and safeguarding. By prioritising your needs, we will help your school meet all statutory requirements, ensuring all pupils receive the same opportunities as their peers.

We have three packages available, depending on the level of support you need.  Services for each package can include: casework management, attendance panels, strategic planning, support for legal proceedings, parental support, CME and safe and well visits, policy reviews and data analysis.

Additional services are available for the Intermediate and Comprehensive packages.  

 Light Touch 

3 days of adviser time, attendance helpline, and access to our members only resource area. 


6 days adviser time, attendance helpline, and access to our members only resource area. 

Additional services with this package: safeguarding or attendance assessment. 


9 days adviser time, attendance helpline, and access to our members only resource area.  

 Additional services with this package: Safeguarding or Attendance Assessment, and Safeguarding Supervision. 

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Education Welfare Support for Schools and Academy Trusts

Good attendance and punctuality are key to a child’s success, creating better outcomes and preparing them for life beyond school. 

Working collaboratively with staff, pupils and families, our Education Welfare specialists will find positive solutions to tackle persistent absence, putting the right support in place to promote the welfare of all children. 

Safe and Well Visits 

Our team can carry out Safe and Well visits throughout the year, working directly with families to address barriers to attendance and allay any safeguarding concerns.  

With our consistent, child-centred approach, we can target support at key points across the school year, during exams or the transition from primary to secondary school.  

We will also engage with families during the school holidays, ensuring pupils continue to receive the support they need to prepare for their safe return to school.    

Casework with Children and Families 

Always working in the best interests of the child, our experienced advisers can support your school, pupils and families to improve school attendance and punctuality.  

We will facilitate interventions to identify the causes for poor school attendance and punctuality, supporting your school to ensure that any challenges are collaboratively resolved so that pupils can make the most of their educational opportunities.  

Support with legal proceedings 

In cases of persistent absence, legal intervention may become the appropriate course of action to take. Our experts will guide you through the process, preparing all necessary documentation to a high professional standard, ready for submission to your Local Authority. This can include requesting penalty notices for absence or to pursue legal proceedings.  

Highly skilled and experienced, our professionals will follow all the relevant procedures, working in partnership with your Local Authority towards a productive outcome.

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Policy and Practice Development

Strong policies and practices are essential to cultivate a culture of safeguarding in school, and usually one of the first things that Ofsted will inspect.  

With extensive experience, our consultants can support you with policy and practice development, ensuring your school is compliant with the latest safeguarding legislation and guidance from the DfE. 

We will work with you to review your current procedures and make any necessary updates, always in line with your school community and vision.

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Professional Casework Supervision

The government’s Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018 document requires Safeguarding Lead professionals to receive appropriate supervision, echoed by learning from child practice reviews.  

At One Education, we provide professional casework supervision that goes beyond compliance, advocating best practice informed by the latest research and critical reflection.  

NSPCC qualified and highly experienced, our professional supervisors will ensure you have all the support you need, from quality assuring casework to managing the emotional challenges associated with the role.  

Our professional casework supervision will help you with: 

  • Reviewing and progressing caseload 
  • Reflecting on current and past practice 
  • Building networks of support 
  • Caseload guidance and second opinions 
  • Emotional support and reducing professional isolation 
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Safeguarding Training for Schools

In line with Keeping Children Safe in Education, schools and trusts must ensure that all staff have access to relevant and up to date safeguarding training.  

With a variety of options available, our specialists can deliver training to meet the needs of your setting, ensuring that your professional development is aligned with your whole school safeguarding culture.

Designated Safeguarding Lead Training (CPD Certified) 

Designated Safeguarding Lead Training (Advanced) 

EYFS Designated Safeguarding Lead Training (CPD Certified)  

Whole School Safeguarding Training   

Safeguarding Briefings 

Governor Safeguarding Training

Safer Recruitment in Education (Specialist) 

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Pupil Attendance Training

As part of their duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of pupils, all schools have a responsibility to proactively monitor and improve school attendance.  

With wide-ranging expertise and experience, our consultants will ensure your school attendance team is working in line with the latest guidance outlined by the Department for Education. 

Sharing effective skills and strategies, our Pupil Attendance Training will improve your confidence in the following areas: 

  • Local authority procedures 
  • Attendance policies 
  • Attendance interventions 
  • Parental engagement 
  • Legal processes 

As well as training for school attendance teams, we also offer whole school CPD, helping you to make attendance “everyone’s business” in line with Working Together to Improve School Attendance. This training supports staff to understand their role in improving school attendance and reducing persistent absence, ensuring children have access to a full-time education and make the most of their learning opportunities.

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Guiding you through the process of critical reflection, our experts will help you to carry out effective self-assessments, collecting the relevant data to build a record of attendance and safeguarding procedures at your school.  

With constructive feedback and recommendations, our team will give you the reassurance that your policies and procedures are in line with good practice and all statutory requirements.  

Attendance Self-Assessment 

Our consultants will work alongside your team to conduct a thorough and detailed assessment of your school’s current attendance policies, practices and procedures, identifying areas of strength and potential development. 

On completion, you will receive a detailed report alongside expert advice and guidance to help you improve punctuality and attendance at your school, a crucial step in achieving better outcomes for pupils.  

Safeguarding Self-Assessment 

One of our safeguarding specialists will visit your school, supporting you with the assessment of your current safeguarding and child protection policies and procedures.  

We will provide recommendations to ensure that you have robust, relevant and useful safeguarding arrangements in place, in compliance with Ofsted standards and statutory requirements.

National Education Welfare Helpline

Managing welfare concerns on a daily basis, staff are likely to confront a diverse set of needs and challenging circumstances.  

Our National Education Welfare is a telephone and email service, connecting you straight through to our attendance and safeguarding advisers. With best practice and proven solutions, we will ensure your staff are well-prepared to make informed decisions and take the appropriate action.  

Supporting your team with all matters of safeguarding and attendance, we can advise you on the relevant legislation and strategies, ensuring all processes are in line with government guidelines.  

Gain access to our helpline for a full year from the time of purchase. Available Monday to Friday during term time, between 8:45 am and 12:00 pm. 

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Safeguarding Conference

Bringing together leading experts and practitioners, our annual Safeguarding Conference explores key safeguarding issues for schools, building on existing practice and inspiring new ways of thinking.  

Packed full with empowering keynotes and practical workshops, every year we ensure that delegates leave the conference fully-equipped with fresh insights and applicable tools.  

An ideal opportunity for DSLs and school leaders to network with other professionals and reflect on the emerging trends in safeguarding, this event is not to be missed. 

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Safeguarding Consultancy

From record keeping and reports to community engagement, we can support you with all aspects of safeguarding at your school, creating a safe and supportive environment in which every child can flourish.  

Safeguarding Quality Assurance 

Supporting your commitment to safeguarding, our consultants will work with your school to ensure all systems are compliant and quality assured.  

We will ensure your record keeping systems adhere to the current Ofsted Inspection Framework and statutory legislation allowing you to reflect on the impact of safeguarding interventions and assess whether the appropriate course of action has been followed. We will provide assurance on whether effective escalation procedures have been followed where appropriate, ensuring that positive outcomes for children are at the centre of the school’s approach. 

Safeguarding Reports 

Governing bodies and executive boards have a duty of care to monitor safeguarding procedures in school, ensuring they are effective and comply with the law at all times.  

Our consultants will work with you to create reports and present them to governors, informing them of all safeguarding practices that are taking place within school, from the number of referrals sent to children’s services to Looked After Children, serious behaviour incidents, incidents of Child on Child Abuse and Early Help Assessments.  

With this clarity and insight, governors and trustees can accurately assess whether Designated Safeguarding Leads have the relevant resources, supervision and support to effectively promote the welfare of all pupils.   

Promoting your Safeguarding Culture 

To create a strong culture of safeguarding, every member of your school must have a clear understanding of their responsibility to protect children from harm and raise any safeguarding concerns, confident in the knowledge they will be listened to and heard. 

With expert advice, resources and support, our team can help you to raise awareness amongst staff, pupils and parents, ensuring everyone is aware of the role they have to play in promoting the welfare of children.  

We can also help you measure the impact of safeguarding training, assemblies, workshops and briefings that have taken place, identifying areas of possible development.

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Our friendly and accredited professionals have a proven track record of supporting safeguarding in schools and improving attendance outcomes.  

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