Your Weekly Sector News 08/12/23

A child shows her finished worksheet to her teacher in class.

Join us for the latest edition of Your Weekly Sector News, bringing you all the latest insights in education. Read ahead to learn about the UK’s global ranking in education outcomes, the shortfall in teacher recruitment, and reforms to tackle persistent absence.  

Your Weekly Sector News 1.12.2023

Close up of a child's hands typing on an iPad screen, playing an online learning game.

Never miss out on the latest updates in education with Your Weekly Sector News. Read ahead to discover more about the importance of AI in education, the consultation on minimum service levels during school strikes, and the inquest into Ruth Perry’s death. Experts call for new AI qualification Experts from the British Computer Society (BCS) […]

Your Weekly Sector News 24/11/23

Teacher and pupil looking at a computer.

Keep up with the latest sector and policy developments with Your Weekly Sector News. This week, we reflect on the rising rate of exclusions, the effect of screen time on pupil attainment and wellbeing, and the gender pay gap in education.

Your Weekly Sector News 17/11/23

Children counting on their fingers in the classroom.

The world of education is in a constant state of flux, as new trends, updates, and challenges emerge.  In this rapidly-evolving landscape, One Education ensures you have the knowledge and understanding to stay ahead of the curve. 

Your Weekly Sector News 10/11/23

A teacher writing on the board and talking to a pupil.

One Education is always your trusted source for industry news and insights. This week, unions call on the government to increase education funding, whilst research underscores the importance of early intervention to support your most vulnerable learners. 

Your Weekly Sector News 03/11/23

A teacher pointing at a globe in school.

Discover the latest trends in education and the possibilities they hold for the future of the sector. This week, we consider the benefits of flexible working in education, the impact of early years reforms, and the link between attendance and attainment. 

Your Weekly Sector News 20/10/23

A teacher pointing to the whiteboard in class.

Join us for another edition of Your Weekly Sector News, as we consider opportunities for change and innovation within the world of education. This week, we look at the future of Ofsted, the launch of digital exams, and the profound influence of school leaders.

Your Weekly Sector News 13/10/23

A teacher and pupil working together on a piece of work in the classroom.

Keep up to date with the latest trends in education with Your Weekly Sector News. In this week’s edition, we delve into school funding plans, the attainment gap for disadvantaged children, and the growing attendance crisis.

Your Weekly Sector News 06/10/23

A teacher writing on a flipchart at the front of class.

Join us for another week exploring the latest updates, insights and sector developments. In today’s headlines, we take a look at plans for a new post-16 qualification, the mobile phone ban in schools, and the reality of school costs outpacing inflation.

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