SIMS7 Maintaining the Timetable

This course is aimed at staff in schools responsible for maintaining academic and timetable data throughout the course of a year.

SIMS7 Registrations and Admissions

This course focuses on the processes required in order to implement and carry out Registration and Admissions within SIMS and is aimed at Independent schools.

SIMS7 Assessment Essential Skills (Secondary)

The course covers the essential skills needed to build and implement an assessment system in school. The course will examine how SIMS Assessment can be used to create a customised tracking system. The functionality, knowledge and skills contained in this course support school self-evaluation against Ofsted’s Quality of Education judgement. 

SIMS7 Office User – Further Skills

This course is designed for administrative staff or data managers with a responsibility for the quality of the data held in SIMS for internal and school census requirements.
Further skills include exclusion management, customising correspondence, contacts and addresses, bulk updates imports, and school details.

SIMS Extended Reporting

This course extends the techniques covered in the Standard Reporting course and is designed for users of SIMS who are responsible for responding to requests for information.


Delegates are trained to use the software effectively and efficiently in relation to the SEN Code of Practice. The functionality, knowledge and skills contained in this course support school self-evaluation against Ofsted’s Leadership and Management, Behaviour and Attitudes, Personal Development and Quality of Education judgements. 

SIMS7 Dinner Money (Primary)

This is an introduction to using SIMS for recording Dinner and Dinner Money information. It covers activation of the software, setting personalisation, opening balances, daily meal arrangements, payments, banking, reports and letters to parents.

SIMS7 Personnel User

The course covers the maintenance and management of staff personal, professional and contractual data in schools, with a focus on data collected by the SWC as well as links to the SIMS Finance Module FMS. 

SIMS7 Reporting on Attendance and Lesson Monitor

This course has been designed to enable delegates to make the most of the valuable management information that has been collected as part of routine attendance registration and lesson registration for secondary schools. The course concentrates on the data that can be used to monitor and ultimately improve pupil attendance and achievement.

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