Keeping Children Safe in Education 2024 – Summary of updates 

The draft version of Keeping Children Safe in Education 2024 is here. We have put together a helpful summary to help you and your staff easily identify changes to the guidance. 
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The draft version of Keeping Children Safe in Education 2024 is now available for schools and colleges, and will come in to force in September 2024. As previously explained by the DfE, this year there are technical changes only to the statutory guidance, in line with updates to ‘Working Together to Safeguard Children’. The consultation for KCSIE 2025 is now live, with the DfE launching a ‘call for evidence’ which aims to take the views of schools, colleges and other professionals into account to inform future iterations of KCSIE and shape long-term policies for safeguarding children.  

Whilst KCSIE 2024 has seen technical changes only, we have put the following points together to help you and your staff team identify these changes easily. 

Updates to Part 1: Safeguarding Information for All Staff

  • This section has been expanded and includes new subheadings 
  • The definition of ‘safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children’ (page 4) has been amended to reflect the definition in Working Together to Safeguard Children. This also highlights the need to recognise that “children” includes anyone under the age of 18, emphasising the prominence of exploitation, adultification and teenage relationship abuse. 
  • There are revised early help triggers (paragraph 18) which reflect those outlined in Working Together to Safeguard Children. Pupils who have experienced multiple suspensions or at risk of permanent exclusion have been added to this section, highlighting the need to recognise potential safeguarding issues alongside behaviour. 
  •  ‘Indicators of Abuse and Neglect’ (paragraph 24) mentions the impact on children who witness or experience domestic abuse. 
  • ‘Safeguarding Issues’ (paragraph 29) now references “unexplainable and/or persistent absence from education” as opposed to “deliberately missing education”, highlighting the need to link connections between absence and potential safeguarding concerns. 

Updates to Part 2: The Management of Safeguarding

  • Reference to the Data Protection in Schools Toolkit (paragraph 93) which supports staff, governors and trustees on compliance, policy development, data storage and preventing breaches. 
  • Alternative Provision and the need for schools to understand their roles and legal duties in safeguarding pupils who they place in alternative provision (paragraph 171) 
  • A section included to include amendments to phrasing, reflecting upcoming guidance on children who may be questioning their gender (paragraph 205-209) 

KCSIE 2024 Checklist

  • Ensure that all staff read and understand part 1 of the guidance, particularly the technical changes that have been made. 
  • Remind school leaders and governors to read the full guidance. 
  • Remember to make the information accessible to those who speak English as an additional language, or those who may prefer an audio version. 
  • Ensure any amendments are made to your own setting’s policies, procedures and staff training. 
  • Provide your response to the DfE ‘call for evidence’ before 20th June 

Download and print a copy of this summary to share in school.

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