One Education HR Circle: Collaborative strategies for success

Do you wish to be part of a collaborative and supportive network for HR Leaders in education? Introducing the One Education HR Circle, an opportunity to take part in roundtable discussions, access resources, and more!
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In schools and academy trusts, HR Directors, HR Managers (there are lots of titles including People Directors too!) can find themselves working in isolation due to the unique nature of their roles. Unlike the corporate world, HR professionals in education often lack a comprehensive network of colleagues with similar responsibilities and expertise. This can make it difficult to stay up-to-date with best practices, innovative solutions, and the ever-changing complexities of the education landscape.

With the One Education HR Circle, you no longer have to navigate HR issues alone.

Focusing exclusively on education, the HR Circle gives you the opportunity to take part in lively discussions with like-minded professionals, sharing valuable insights and sector-specific expertise. Bringing together HR & People Directors from a wide range of education settings, we aim to inspire open dialogue, diversity of thought, and collaborative problem-solving.

We will host virtual roundtable discussions every half-term, followed by a community bulletin that brings together key takeaways, resources, and training opportunities. Once a year, there will be a live event that allows you to connect with HR professionals and industry experts face-to-face. And better yet – membership is free!

Explore the Benefits of Belonging to a HR Community

At One Education, we believe that collaboration lies at the heart of success in education. Find out how our HR Circle can empower you to nurture talent, manage conflicts, and drive positive change in your school or trust.

  • Making Connections

Being part of a supportive community can improve your sense of belonging and connection, which is essential to overall wellbeing. More than that, you will also be able to engage in peer-to-peer learning. Through open and honest discussions, you can learn from the experience of others who have encountered similar issues and brainstorm solutions, whilst gaining the inspiration to take on new challenges.

  • Expanding Expertise

Above all, the HR Circle will act as a knowledge exchange, ensuring members stay up to date with latest industry trends and research. With a tailored focus on education, our roundtable events will enable you to discuss emerging challenges within the education sector and identify proven solutions to fast-track progress in your organisation.

  • Sharing Resources

In the ever-changing landscape of HR, access to the relevant resources is paramount. Our HR Circle will also serve as a hub for resource sharing, signposting members to a wealth of training opportunities and ready-to-use materials. Together, we will create an ecosystem of shared knowledge that empowers HR Directors to make informed decisions and deliver exceptional results in your educational setting.

  • Professional Growth

We understand the importance of career advancement and personal growth. As part of our network, you will have the opportunity to forge meaningful relationships with experienced HR professionals and industry experts. These connections may open doors to exciting opportunities, giving you the expertise and guidance to propel your career to new heights and will be an invaluable CPD resource.

Through the power of collaboration and knowledge-sharing, we believe our community will support HR & People Directors to navigate the challenges of their role and ultimately enhance the quality of education for all.

Our first roundtable event takes place on Thursday, 5 October 2023, 12 – 1:00 pm. Join us for a working lunch and embark on the next step of your journey in HR.

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