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Learn how to build a culture of reading with the One Education Reading Award. With criteria and expert guidance, our Reading Award will put your school on the roadmap to success.
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The One Education Reading Award is a chance for schools, academies and other settings to critically evaluate their reading provision, celebrate their achievements, and set ambitious goals for even greater success. As proud advocates for reading, our consultants will support you through your journey, working together to build a culture of reading.


A reading culture is an environment where reading is not just a requirement, but an exciting and enriching activity that inspires personal growth, social development, and academic success.

In a strong reading culture, every child is able to think of themselves as a reader, with the opportunity to embrace a wide range of books, poems, genres, and styles. It is not limited to high-achievers, or pupils from privileged backgrounds, but something that everyone can enjoy – both by themselves, and together. Reading becomes a daily habit, laying the foundations for a lifelong love of literature and learning.


There are many benefits to belonging to a reading culture, where reading is valued and cherished by all. We know that reading for pleasure is the single biggest indicator of a child’s future success, giving them the foundational knowledge and vocabulary to access the full curriculum and achieve their potential in every subject.

However, reading is much more than a powerful tool to promote learning; it can also have a positive impact on children’s sense of self and wellbeing. Reading provides an escape from the daily pressures of life, immersing children in a world of their imagination. It is known to reduce stress, whilst raising confidence and self-esteem. Plus, reading has also been shown to improve empathy, enabling children to step into the shoes of others and connect with their experiences.

Better still, a culture of reading helps to strengthen the school community, bringing people together through their shared passion for literature. A love for reading transcends generations, giving children the chance to share stories with children outside their year group, as well as their teachers and parents.


With limited time, resources, and competing priorities, we understand that it can sometimes be challenging to get your reading culture off the ground. The One Education Reading Award offers you the support to overcome any obstacles in your setting, giving you the tools to make a positive and lasting impact.

The One Education Reading Award comes with criteria and guidance to support you on your journey. You will gain access to our online webinars and resources hub, equipping you with ready-to-use materials and strategies to transform your reading provision. You will also receive support from a Reading Award consultant, either through email correspondence or in-school visits, depending on the package you purchase.

As experts in their field, our consultants bring a wealth of expertise to the table. From delivering CPD on the teaching of reading skills, to the development of long-term planning, they will support you every step of the way with guidance and training that is tailored to your school’s specific needs.


First, schools will choose which award they would like to work towards, depending on their level of need.

  • Bronze – good provision is evident in Reading
  • Silver – excellent provision is evident in Reading
  • Gold – excellent provision is embedded across all areas of Reading

Schools then have one calendar year from purchase to complete the award, using the criteria and resources to guide their development of reading. Throughout the process, schools will gather evidence for each criteria and upload it to the hub. We are mindful of workload and wellbeing, and so only ask for minimal evidence. If schools prefer, they have the option of purchasing an upgrade to an in-school evidence review, rather than uploading evidence online.

Once you have notified your Reading Award consultant that your evidence is complete, they will review your evidence online. If any evidence is missing, you will be given feedback and the time to gather the additional material. Once the review is completed, your Reading Award consultant will issue your completion letter and logo, and order your plaque to be delivered to your school once made.

Reading Award accreditation lasts for three years and can be renewed through a streamlined assessment process. With this prestigious award, you can showcase your dedication to reading, attracting new members to join your school and participate in a thriving reading culture!

Are you ready to join the One Education Reading Award community?

Please get in touch to register your school and get ready to embark on a journey to success.

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