The Countdown to Delia Derbyshire Day 2023

Delia Derbyshire Day is an annual event that celebrates the genius behind the Doctor Who theme and the history of British electronic music. Join us in celebrating DD Day 2023 and let's inspire pupils to create their own music and make their mark on the world.
Two pupils wearing headsets and smiling.
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Join us on 23 November 2023 for DD Day 2023, celebrating 60 years of Doctor Who and the iconic theme tune by Delia Derbyshire!

One Education is proud to have partnered with Delia Derbyshire Day since 2013, working together to introduce a new generation to the wonders of electronic music in schools across Greater Manchester. Through interactive workshops and hands-on learning, we’re committed to making music technology accessible and enjoyable for pupils of all ages, inspired by the pioneering work of Delia Derbyshire. 

Sixty years after the Doctor Who theme tune first captivated audiences across the UK, Delia’s extraordinary work continues to influence contemporary artists and spark the imaginations of countless school children, making her an enduring source of inspiration. 

But Delia’s legacy goes far beyond her groundbreaking work in electronic music. Her incredible journey from a working-class background to becoming a pioneer in the music industry is a testament to the power of resilience and determination. As one pupil explains, Delia Derbyshire is a role model ‘because she didn’t give up.’ Another girl said, ‘I didn’t know the Doctor Who theme tune was made by a girl. Maybe that could be my job one day.’

As we countdown to DD Day 2023, children have been taking part in workshops with the expert Delia Derbyshire Day team, learning all about Delia Derbyshire and how she created the timeless Doctor Who music we all know and love. Pupils got the chance to visit Delia’s archive in John Rylands Library, a treasure trove of electronic music heritage and inspiration. They have even recreated their own “wobbulators” – the DIY instrument that Delia used to create the otherworldly sounds of the Doctor Who theme. 

Together, pupils have also helped the Delia Derbyshire Day team to create a short film, “Doctor Who: The Origin Story,” which will be released on DD Day – watch this space!  

Delia Derbyshire Day is all about equipping pupils with the skills and confidence, imagination and ambition to seize opportunities and make their mark in the world. Join us on 23 November for a remarkable journey that celebrates the history, the people behind the music, and the art of producing our own sonic stories. 

Hear what our pupils have to say!

‘I enjoyed working with my teammates to make sounds.’

‘I enjoyed switching the sounds and making different ones.’

‘I enjoyed putting the wobbulators together and making my own sounds.’ 

Want to get involved? Delia Derbyshire Day is set to host a live Manchester event on 23 November, offering an afternoon full of activities, oral histories, short films, and more. Find out the details at

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