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By becoming one of our valued partners, you can support us to develop reading in the schools where it is needed most.
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Reading is a crucial life skill, but too many children leave education unable to read fluently or with the confidence they need to engage with reading. By prioritising reading, businesses can make a real difference to children’s life chances, and improving our society at large.

Reading is fundamental, but did you know that in 2019, over a quarter of Year 6 children left primary school unable to read at an age appropriate level?

How can you help?

Despite the pressures to improve reading, schools are often unable to afford the additional costs for external support. By becoming one of our valued partners, you can support us to develop reading in the schools where it is needed most.

We offer a variety of sponsorship opportunities starting from just £450, or we can work together with you to develop a bespoke CSR project that suits your particular needs.

We understand that you will want to see the impact of your sponsorship. That’s why we are committed to matching you with a specific school in your locality, helping you to build a relationship with your Reading Award school that goes beyond your initial financial support. You will receive regular updates from your matched school and can visit onsite to see the impact your sponsorship is having on pupils and the school community.

As a Reading Champion, we can thank you publicly on our company website and social media along with including you in our newsletter and at events that promote the One Education Reading Award. There will also be opportunities for you to attend our events and become more involved, if you would like to do so.

Reading can have a huge impact on children but also on your staff and colleagues. Reading for pleasure is proven to positively impact mental health and wellbeing, reduce stress, improve connectedness, develop emotional literacy, encourage empathy and so much more? By becoming a Reading Champion, we can support you to also build a reading culture throughout your business, supporting staff to utilise the huge benefits that reading brings in their own lives, improving their wellbeing and strengthening relationships.

You can make a huge difference to a school’s reading provision from only £450. For more information on becoming a Reading Champion, please contact our Reading Award Lead, Laura Lodge, at laura.lodge@oneeducation.co.uk

Why reading?

With the additional impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the picture for children’s reading ability is even bleaker, with more children at risk of never becoming fluent readers. As a nation we are already falling behind, with the National Literacy Trust finding that 16.7% of adults in the United Kingdom have ‘very poor literacy skills’ (1). Imagine not being able to confidently read a prescription, your council tax bill or a menu at a restaurant. Not being able to read fluently has a huge impact on people’s lives, health and wellbeing, with the World Literacy Foundation estimating that it costs the United Kingdom’s economy over £37 billion pounds per year (2).

The positive impacts of being able to read are endless. Reading for pleasure is known (3) to improve children’s academic outcomes, emotional intelligence, creativity, imagination, focus and it also contributes to our ability to relax. It improves communication, increases cultural capital and relatedness, as well as supporting our knowledge of services and other cultures. These benefits continue into adulthood. Reading is fundamental, which is why we have made it our mission to support schools to develop their reading curriculum, so that every child has the best possible chance to succeed.

What is the One Education Reading Award?

The One Education Reading Award supports schools to strengthen and develop their reading provision, so that every child has a better chance of leaving school able to read fluently and love reading.

“The process has been very supportive, really helping school improvement. We aren’t finished yet, but the award is already having a huge impact on raising the profile of reading across school.”

Sally Judge, Headteacher, Delamere School, Trafford.

The award is a Reading quality standard for schools and settings. It is the only Reading quality mark which supports schools to develop their full Reading curriculum. Our criteria document guides schools to develop their reading provision. It breaks down key objectives, making next steps clear to schools completing the award. Schools who take part in the award also gain access to hundreds of high-quality, research backed and road-tested resources to support their provision, as well as the support of a dedicated reading expert throughout the process.

“We found the process extremely supportive and powerful – it enabled our school to build on what we currently do and work on what we need to. Children’s outcomes and the quality of reading experiences vastly improved, with the award bringing collaboration and consistency.”

Helena Angstmann, Headteacher, St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary Academy, Halifax.

Over one hundred schools have benefitted from the award over the past five years, showing real progress in developing both pupils’ attitudes towards reading and their outcomes. Schools that engage with the One Education Reading Award remark on the award process’ remarkable impact on practice and pupils’ outcomes and attitudes. However, we need your help to reach more schools, particularly those who need it most.

“We chose to work towards the award to raise the profile of reading in our school, to train staff on how to teach reading effectively and to help children enjoy reading more. Completing the award is raising the awareness and importance of reading for teachers, children and parents. It has been a turning point for our school.”

Afsheen Bassirian, English Lead, Peel Hall Primary School, Manchester.


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