Working From Home – a personal view

This week I have read so many blogs, seen posts on social media and of course have been watching on the news the impact of the Corona Virus on everybody all over the country and the world. It’s a difficult time for everyone; there isn’t a single person who hasn’t been affected in some way by this global pandemic and let’s face it, it’s worrying, upsetting and is extremely hard for all of us.
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The need to isolate, to remain at home and not see our loved ones will have a huge impact on our mental health, but one way in which I personally have tried to limit this is by using the time to reflect on things that I usually wouldn’t give myself the time to. There’s one thing that keeps cropping into my mind that has helped me to feel quite uplifted, and that is the fact that for once, the world is in unison. Apart from the odd ‘loo roll-gate’, which thankfully seems to have calmed down, most of the country and the world are united. Even politicians are coming together for the greater good, and let’s be honest, when do we often see that? We heard for ourselves the clapping and cheering for our NHS staff and frontline workers– I for one felt quite moved and emotional, not only in my thanks to those people, but for the fact that neighbours were out in full force, wishing each other well from doorsteps where before now, they may not have even spoken to each other.

Another way in which I try to minimise the effect on my mental health is to try to make light of things. We currently find ourselves in a situation which is out of our control; we are forced to stay at home and yes it’s not ideal but we cannot change it and so it would be a waste of energy to focus our time on being annoyed at ‘the system’. What we can do is try to find fun in the things that we can control or impact, and take time to reflect on the things that make us smile.

So with that in mind, here are a few things I’ve reflected on this week:

  1. Where on earth was Joe Wicks when I was being taught PE? We’ve come a long way from sitting in your undies and vest jumping off apparatus into a roly-poly. Don’t get me wrong, I much prefer his version of physical education, but surely there should have been a disclaimer about the pain you would be in the following day after participating?

  2. Hell hath no fury like a child who has been told they can’t have their hundredth snack of the day…

  3. I will never again take for granted the opportunity to speak to a colleague on the phone without having to mime to my children to be quiet at the same time.

I wish everyone: the home schoolers, work from homers, carers and those living in isolation, a safe and healthy time ahead. Let’s see what the future brings but for now, enjoy the sunshine and the time to reflect on what makes you happy.

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