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Our School Finance specialists will help you navigate the education funding landscape, supporting your school with day to day operations and strategic development.  

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We deliver a flexible and affordable service, tailoring our support to reflect your needs, giving your staff the knowledge and reassurance to keep your finances on track.

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School Finance Budget Support

Trained in FMS6 and Access Education, our team has extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of school finance.  

Working closely with your leadership team, we will guide you through every step of the budget preparation process, from budgeting, forecasting, and benchmarking, through to school funding reviews and strategic development.  

With an understanding that every school is unique, we deliver support through a variety of service agreements which are designed to meet your school’s individual needs.  

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Absence and Transition Support

At One Education, we recognise the pivotal role played by the school business manager, overseeing day-to-day operations whilst supporting strategic development.

During staff changes, keep things running smoothly at your school with our absence cover and transition assistance:

  • Business manager and financial support 
  • Absence cover and transition 
  • Bespoke support and detailed handovers 
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School Business Manager Support

As the education sector evolves, the role of the school business manager can change, growing in scope and complexity. With in-depth knowledge and expertise, our consultants can give your SBM the support they need to meet new challenges and opportunities. 

Sharing strategic advice and practical solutions, we will work together to improve operational effectiveness at your school, creating better outcomes for your pupils.

  • Budget management 
  • Staffing issues 
  • Health and Safety  
  • Asset management including premises 
  • All aspects of financial administration
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Financial Administration Support

Working with a range of schools and trusts, our team has unparalleled expertise in managing school administration, maximising efficiency and transparency for a smoother school experience:

  • Order and invoice processing 
  • Payment runs 
  • Bank reconciliation  
  • Petty cash reconciliation 
  • Recording and reconciliation of other income 
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Finance Staff Training

As former business managers and school finance officers, our consultants recognise the importance of professional development routes that are both relevant and engaging for staff. 

Offering a wide range of training opportunities, we will ensure your team has the skills and expertise to maximise efficiency and drive your school forward.    

We provide full on-site training for all staff involved in school management, covering the key areas of school finance with bespoke options also available:

  • A variety of financial management systems 
  • Budget planning, implementation, monitoring and reporting 
  • Strategic understanding of school finance  

We also offer many off-site courses, giving your staff the opportunity to network with other professionals in a friendly and supportive environment whilst they benefit from practical hands-on training:

  • FMS6 User 
  • FMS6 Advanced User 
  • FMS6 Budgeting 
  • FMS6 Charge Card 
  • FMS6 Accounts Receivable 
  • Access Education Budgeting 


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Academy Conversion

In line with government plans to level up education, all schools are expected to join a multi-academy trust by 2030.

With an exemplary track record of supporting academy conversion, our consultants will guide you throughout the process, laying the foundations for sustainable growth and security:

  • Preparation of documentation  
  • Preparation of financial data for submission to EFA 
  • Consultation with Local Authority and School Finance team regarding the closing down of maintained accounts 
  • Closing down of maintained school accounts
  • Assistance with setting up new academy accounts 
  • New budget planning and forecast returns to EFA 

Working with you to achieve a seamless transition, our finance team can also provide ad-hoc support through attendance at governor and finance meetings; interview panels for finance vacancies; and providing assistance with funding bid provisions.

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Academy Support

After converting to an academy, school finance teams will face additional pressures and greater accountability. With a wealth of experience and expertise, our team will be there to support you through an ever-increasing annual cycle of accounts, budgets and financial returns.   

 Tailoring our support to reflect your needs, we will give your staff the confidence to embrace new challenges and build for the future:

  • Access Education budgeting software and support 
  • Internal scrutiny and reports 
  • Expert advice and guidance
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Finance Consultancy

As school leaders and business managers, it is important to feel confident in your strategic financial plan and its ability to deliver on your priorities. Our consultants will help you set the strategic direction of your school, mapping out the steps towards financial sustainability and success.  

Working closely with your school leadership, we will gain a thorough understanding of your vision and values in order to develop strategies that work for you.

As trusted partners, we can also help you with:

  • Creating reports for leadership and governors 
  • Support with recruitment of office staff 
  • Governors and SLT meeting attendance 
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Internal Scrutiny

The latest Academy Trust Handbook requires all trusts to have a programme of internal scrutiny, providing independent assurance to the board that their financial controls and risk management procedures are operating effectively.   

Our scrutineers are highly qualified, senior professionals, with many years’ experience working in education settings. Sharing industry expertise and recommendations, we can give your leadership the peace of mind that all operations are compliant, robust and effective.  

Our service can be tailored to the size and complexity of your trust, providing coverage in the following key areas and more: 

  • Cash and bank 
  • Procurement 
  • Monthly financial closedown 
  • Payroll 
  • Human resources 
  • Health & Safety 
  • Efficiency, funding and budgets 
  • Fraud, theft and bribery 
  • Safeguarding and whistleblowing 
  • Management information and reports 
  • Data and IT issues 
  • Premises issues 
  • Governance structures 
  • Business continuity & disaster recovery plans
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Financial Health Check

Our team puts children first in everything we do. Together, our experts can help to ensure your budget delivers best value for money and achieves the best possible outcomes for your pupils. 

Our financial health check will provide a review of your school finances, identifying strengths and weaknesses to help you plan for sustainable growth and development.  

With our solutions-based approach, we can help you to produce a plan of action for the future and build on your financial resilience.

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Why choose One Education for School Finance?

AAT and CIFRA qualified, our team have over twenty years’ experience supporting schools. With extensive knowledge of FMS6, Access Education and SIMS, we can help you respond to complex challenges and achieve your school priorities.

Our specialists are trusted by hundreds of schools and trusts, becoming a valued member of their management teams.

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