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Promoting Positive Mental Health and Happiness.

This service is specifically designed to holistically support educational settings in the area of mental health and wellbeing; for pupils, staff and the parent community.

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Why choose One Education for OneWellbeing

We are committed to making positive contributions to the quality of education.

1) Helping children and young people feel positive and ready for learning
2) Helping parents develop their own and child’s wellbeing
3) Giving teaching staff development opportunities to enhance their knowledge base and approaches

Thanks again for your excellent wellbeing session. It was really insightful and thought-provoking. It has generated many ideas here as to ways to improve our sense of wellbeing. It gave a really positive and caring start to the school year. Many staff have commented on how good the session was and how it has made them look at their own ways of thinking and strategies for coping.

Tony Bowyer, Head of Service
Lancasterian Sensory Support Service

One Education

OneWellbeing Overview

Our team will support you to look at wellbeing across your whole school and develop a multi-disciplinary model with a full range of universal and specialist targeted provision. We will help you to develop a whole school plan to best support your staff, pupils and families in line with the iThrive approach.

OneWellbeing brings together a range of professionals within One Education including Psychologists, Speech and Language and Arts Therapists, SEND Practitioners, Music Teachers, School Improvement Practitioners, Safeguarding Practitioners and HR Specialists.

Autumn Webinar Series

The Bronze Package

The Silver Package

The Gold Package



We provide an extensive range of services to support staff and pupil well-being within schools and academies. These can be tailored to your requirements and we can provide a bespoke package incorporating one or more services.

OneWellbeing 20-21 Autumn Webinar series

This webinar series will guide leaders to develop, implement and assess their whole school wellbeing strategy. Offering practical advice and techniques to help you balance the needs of your staff and students.

Webinar 1: Examining how to bring together a whole school culture working with your staff teams and interacting with your pupils.

  • Part one: Developing your staff wellbeing strategy

  • Part two: Developing your pupil wellbeing strategy

Webinar 2: Developing a coaching culture in school

Webinar 3: The Statutory RSE and Health Education Curriculum: Teaching Children Physical and Mental Wellbeing

Webinar 4: Creating an ethos of Safeguarding at all levels to support wellbeing

Webinar 5: Supporting our resilience through nutrition (staff and pupil)

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Set Menu Offer Overview

This offer has been informed by research that has reviewed what ‘schools should be doing’ to embed effective well-being provision that benefits the whole community. Research indicates that schools should be:

  • Adopting whole school thinking
  • Connect with the broader community
  • Promote staff development and learning
  • Targeted intervention
  • Robust policy development

Our offer incorporates the above and can be tailored to meet your specific contextual needs.

OneWellbeing provides a set package of provision that is split into 3 different levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold. A school can choose to commission any of the levels based on their own particular circumstances.

All our training workshops focus on developing, implementing and sustaining a culture of positive wellbeing across the school organisation.

Our supervision service is ideal for your school if you employ your own in-house attendance team. Our experienced and qualified advisers provide first-class casework supervision. They can help your staff to prioritise and resolve dilemmas in a safe, constructive environment to ensure best practice both strategically and practically, whilst always putting the child first.

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Set Menu: Bronze

This set menu focuses on senior leadership, inclusion and pastoral staff and class teacher workforce.

Our Level 1 Bronze package offers an initial scoping session with a wellbeing consultant to ensure the training workshops are bespoke to your school. This gives us the opportunity to alter or re-adjust the content based on your school’s specific structural, logistical and developmental needs.

The training workshop is split into x3 two-hour sessions:

  • Session 1: Practice implications for Senior Leadership.
  • Session 2: Practice implications for Inclusion Lead, SEMH Lead, SENDCo, Pastoral Lead.
  • Session 3: Practice Implications for Class Teacher Workforce.

Additional information, as part of the bronze package, will include:

  • Guidance and documentation
  • Model whole school wellbeing policy
  • School posters covering arrange of wellbeing themes
  • Guidance booklets to support the workshop session content

After completing all workshops, your school will be presented with a Bronze Certification of Participation.

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Set Menu: Silver

Our Level 2 Silver package includes all the support, workshops and additional information from the Bronze package but will also offer these additional workshops:

  • Session 4: Implication for School governors.
  • Session 5a: Primary School Parent/Carer Workshops: Y1-Y6 Parent Workshops on how to support child well-being.
  • Session 5b: Secondary School Parent/Carer Workshops: Y7-Y13 Parent Workshops on how to support young people well-being.
  • Session 6a: Primary School: Y1-Y6 Classroom Workshops on building resilience and overcoming adversity.
  • Session 6b: Secondary School: Y7-Y11 Year Group Workshops on building resilience and overcoming adversity.

Additional information, as part of the silver package, will included that of the bronze package as well as:

  • Access to Whole School Wellbeing Resource Area
  • Termly Wellbeing Newsletter

After completing all workshops, your school will be presented with a Silver Certification of Participation.

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Set Menu: Gold

Our Level 3 Gold package includes all the support, workshops and additional information from both the Bronze and Silver packages but will also offer these additional workshops:

  • Session 7: Implementing effective line management supervision and appraisal systems.
  • Session 8: Introducing effective peer supervision to support staff well-being.

The school can then choose from the below list as to which topics they wish to focus on for their final x3 one-hour workshops for teachers:

Session 9, 10 and 11:

  • How to support pupils with low esteem and mood
  • Educating children with challenging behaviours
  • Applying meta-cognitive strategies to support pupil engagement
  • Applying mindfulness in the classroom to support behaviour and learning
  • Restorative practice approaches in the classroom
  • How to be a trauma informed class teacher- practical application
  • Safe practices within the classroom- key safeguarding considerations

After completing all workshops, your school will be presented with a Gold Standard Charter Award.

We can also provide an evaluation and impact report for school records, to use for audit, inspection and governance purposes.

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We pride ourselves in putting children first and delivering exceptional services at affordable prices to schools and academies. Here are some additional benefits of working with the One Education Wellbeing team.

Evidence based

Flexible delivery

Multi-disciplinary in approach

Whole school wellbeing

Returning to school: supporting employee wellbeing

Our Senior HR Manager, Pam Mason, offers some guidance on how best to support the wellbeing of employees who are being asked to return to the school premises.

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Meet The Team

Senior HR Manager

Pam Mason

Pam has been advising schools for over 10 years and is a primary school governor with safeguarding responsibilities. Pam worked as HR Manager at a secondary school and has experience of developing school improvement plans and supporting the school through a full Section 5 Ofsted Inspection

Principal Educational Psychologist

Ben Powell

Ben has published research about the relationship between teacher efficacy and inclusion. He is passionate about outcomes focused practice, systems work in schools and implementing inclusive education.

ETS Team Leader

Deirdre McConnell

Artist, teacher, trainer and art psychotherapist. Deirdre is experienced in early intervention and complex casework. Interests include: children’s rights and human rights; creativity and neuroscience; psycho-spiritual and self-care models. Guest lecturer at several universities, speaker at national and international conferences, practitioner PhD researcher.

Educational Welfare and Safeguarding Adviser

James Traynor

James has qualifications and experiences in a wide range of relevant fields. Following his counselling degree he worked with vulnerable children within specialist and mainstream provisions. He is a trained counsellor with ChildLine and has broad experiences dealing with attendance along with NSPCC training in professional supervision and as a DSL. Safeguarding is his speciality and a priority when delivering training, professional safeguarding supervision and supporting school staff, families and pupils.

Head of School Development and Literacy

Jo Gray

Jo, an STA accredited moderator for Manchester with many years of school leadership experience, has worked with schools all over the North West. She works across Early Years, KS1 and KS2 delivering leadership support, whole school curriculum support and bespoke packages to meet your needs.

Head of Inclusion, SEND, Speech and Language Therapy

Helen Marriott

Helen has spent the last 20 years working with children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in a range of settings and roles, and is now working as a Specialist Inclusion Teacher and Speech and Language Therapist at One Education.

Head of Music Service

Lindsay Thomas

Lindsay has responsibility for developing musical inclusion across Manchester. Mentoring colleagues in school is an important part of her work with Manchester Youth Music Education Hub. Lindsay believes in leading by example and feels privileged to be able to teach and lead inclusive music projects.

Senior Educational Psychologist

Dr Frances Parker

Frances has leadership and management responsibilities, as well as designated safeguarding lead with 18 years’ experience in educational psychology practice. Frances has supervised many trainee doctorate educational psychologists and has presented continuous professional development days to educational psychologists, teachers and other professionals.

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