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Our specialist safeguarding team will work with schools and academies to help ensure their safeguarding arrangements are nothing less than outstanding.

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Why choose One Education for Safeguarding

We are passionate about supporting schools and academies with a shared commitment and belief that all children have the right to feel safe, secure and protected from any kind of abuse.

Covid-19, and our determination to keep our students safe, has created considerable extra demands on staff in school. We recognised the need to commission additional resources into the Attendance and Safeguarding Team. Attendance Advisers from One Education have worked alongside the team and we have found this support invaluable as a short-term provision.

The East Manchester Academy

I found the safeguarding conference 2020 to be useful and informative especially in my role as Safeguarding Governor. Lots of useful websites and resources. I particularly enjoyed the workshops on FGM and DV.

Geraldine Whitehead, Safeguarding Governor
St Ambrose Barlow Catholic Primary School

Having regular opportunities to reflect on and evaluate your establishment's practice, procedures and effectiveness is essential. Working with One Education allowed us to review our work and move forward, which especially strengthened both pupils' and staff's safeguarding understanding, record keeping, sharpened our professional curiosity and deepening our safeguarding culture.

Julie Miles, Headteacher
St Brigid's Primary School

Our Safeguarding self–assessment has been really helpful in ensuring that our practice and policies are effective. The team have offered expertise and conducted a thorough review of the way our school safeguards and protects young people. As a start up school, in our second year of operation, the report and next steps will provide OfSTED reassurance that our practice has been reviewed and is sound.

David Grimes, Assistant Vice Principal
MEA Central

Drawing upon safeguarding expertise to work closely with the attendance team to support parents in gaining information, for example, Early Help referrals

Susie Durant, Acting Deputy Headteacher
Home Farm Primary School

One Education

Safeguarding Overview

Schools and academies are well placed to recognise and respond to the early signs of abuse. Our safeguarding team works with school leaders and staff on the front line, providing support with statutory duties, complying with Department for Education guidance, and helping to secure effective safeguarding arrangements that go much further than the statutory minimum.

Annual Safeguarding Conference

Training for Schools

Safeguarding Support

Safeguarding Self-Assessment

Professional Casework Supervision

Policy and Practice Development

Casework with Children and Families



We provide an extensive range of services for schools and academies. These can be tailored to your requirements and we can provide a bespoke package incorporating one or more services.

Safeguarding Support Package

Our Safeguarding Support Package is tailored to the needs of the each individual school or academy. It could include a safeguarding self-assessment, an invitation to the annual safeguarding conference and access to in house support including accredited training sessions. These can also be purchased separately as and when your school requires additional support.

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Safeguarding Self-Assessment

We will assist your staff in evaluating your current safeguarding and child protection arrangements, policy and procedures. One of our safeguarding specialists will visit your school and facilitate critical reflection and will provide constructive advice and recommendations to ensure that you have robust, relevant and useful safeguarding arrangements in place. The assessment also considers how well your school meets Ofsted standards and statutory requirements as well as examining overall effectiveness of practice.

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Annual Safeguarding Conference

Our Safeguarding Children Conference brings together national leaders & experts in safeguarding and child protection. It is ideal for head teachers and any educator within a safeguarding role.

The conference features highly regarded keynote speakers and insightful, practical workshops on various safeguarding topics making this annual event unmissable for schools. As well as valuable networking time, DSLs and school leaders have the opportunity to hear the latest developments in safeguarding children and way in which to build on established best practice.

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Training for Schools

In line with ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’, establishments should ensure that all of their staff are appropriately trained in safeguarding. Our safeguarding specialists deliver specialist training to schools and academies throughout the northwest including:

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) Training (CPD Certified Learning)

This training for all designated safeguarding leads serves as a great introduction to the role as well as an opportunity to refresh your knowledge of how to recognise and respond to concerns and disclosures of abuse, in line with current legislation.

CPD Certified DSL Training is essential training for all safeguarding leads. It outlines the statutory safeguarding responsibilities of schools and academies, including Ofsted expectations and recognised good practise. Learn or refresh your knowledge of how to recognise and respond to concerns and disclosures of abuse. By the end of the training, you should feel confident in managing safeguarding issues in an education setting and be able to contribute effectively to the child protection process.

Our safeguarding training is held on various dates throughout the year to suit your school’s needs and suitable for Early Years, Primary schools and Secondary schools. This can also be delivered within your school setting or across a trust or collaborative schools.

Introduction to Safeguarding (CPD Certified Learning)

Introduction to Safeguarding will ensure that everyone in your school is confident in recognising and responding to signs of abuse. This training incorporates effective record keeping, learning from serious case reviews and an overview of the latest Ofsted requirements and legal framework.

This training course can be delivered as a half day or two twilights and possibly part of your teacher training day in your school. It is crucial that ALL your staff have this training.

"A full, comprehensive delivery of training in an informal, friendly yet professional manner." ~ Emma Neary, Bridgelea Primary School Manchester.

Online Safety Training (Specialist)

This training will provide staff with an overview of the many issues that young people may face in an increasingly digial world. The training will cover cyberbullying, sexting, online grooming, radicalisation & extremism, social media and gaming.

This is an interactive session, which can also be delivered to parents and students.

Safer Recruitment in Education (Specialist)

This training is accredited by The Safer Recruitment Consortium.

Every school and academy recruitment panel must include at least one accredited person. Improved awareness and understanding of offender behaviour, helps deter or prevent the appointment of unsuitable staff.

This one day training considers policies and practice that minimise opportunities for abuse, includes new course materials and is delivered by our HR team.

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Professional Casework Supervision

The Government's, ‘Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018’ requires Safeguarding Lead professionals to receive appropriate supervision, echoed by learning from serious case reviews.

Our experienced and NSPCC qualified safeguarding specialists offer supervision to support Designated Safeguarding Leads and front-line practitioners with any professional concerns they may have about individual children and families.

Regular supervision ensures that staff are supported to:

  • Manage the emotional component of this challenging role and reduce professional isolation
  • Ensure that practice is safe
  • Ensure that work with children and families is quality assured

Our casework supervision is effective for:

  • Reviewing and progressing caseload
  • Reflecting on current and past practice
  • Building networks of support
  • Offering caseload guidance and second opinions
  • Providing emotional support and reducing professional isolation

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Policy and Practice Development

The need for your school to feel confident that your policies incorporate the latest safeguarding legislation and guidance is essential.

We can support you to review and update your school safeguarding policy and procedures with a focus on ensuring that they are personal and relevant to your school community and are in line with educational legislation.

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Casework with children and families

Vulnerable pupils may have emotional, social and development barriers to learning which can cause challenging situations for some schools.

Actively involving the child’s family can promote better social skills, improved behaviour, higher attendance records and higher grades.

We understand these challenges and can offer support to your school. Our safeguarding specialists will lead on early help assessments and undertake casework to help families who are in need of support. Elements of effective work with families include engaging pupils with their families; providing direct assistance with challenges the family is facing and continuing to assess their strengths, needs, and progress.

Working with a multi-agency team, we adopt a child-centred approach to achieve the best outcomes for children and young people.

We offer you the reassurance that our trained and experienced safeguarding team will maintain accurate and detailed records and undertake casework supervision.

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We pride ourselves in putting children first and delivering exceptional services at affordable prices to schools. Here are some additional benefits of working with One Education.

Safeguarding all children

Support your statutory requirements

Essential training for DSL's

Review and update your policies

Friday 5th February 2021

Our VIRTUAL Safeguarding Conference 2021

We are feeling excited to bring you a virtual experience in February 2021 that still offers the same amazing inspirational keynote speakers and wide range of different workshops to choose from, where delegates will explore key safeguarding issues for schools and academies.

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CPD certified DSL VIRTUAL Training

This live, virtual designated safeguarding lead training will take an in-depth look at key legislation and government guidance which provides the framework for safeguarding within our schools.

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Safeguarding during COVID-19

In line with the Department for Education's guidance to schools around safeguarding during the COVID-19 outbreak, which was issued on Friday 27th March 2020, our Education Welfare & Safeguarding team have covered some FAQ's that are currently being asked.

Read the full document here

Children can ring ChildLine on 0800 1111 and speak to trained counsellors about any problems they may face. You can also visit the website www.childline.org.uk for help and advice.

If someone acted inappropriately towards a child or young person online, whether it may be sexual chat, being asked to do something that makes them feel uncomfortable or someone being insistent on meeting up, you can report it to CEOP www.ceop.police.uk/safety-centre.

If you a child is in immediate danger or you need immediate help call 999.


HM Government define FGM as ‘’a procedure where the female genital organs are injured or changed and there is no medical reason for this. It is frequently a very traumatic and violent act for the victim and can cause harm in many ways. The practice can cause severe pain and there may be immediate and/or long-term health consequences, including mental health problems, difficulties in childbirth, causing danger to the child and mother; and/or death.’’ (HM Government, statutory guidance on Female Genital Mutilation, 2016).


A forced marriage is where one or both people do not (or in cases of people with learning disabilities, cannot) consent to the marriage and pressure or abuse is used. It is an appalling and indefensible practice and is recognised in the UK as a form of violence against women and men, domestic/child abuse and a serious abuse of human rights.

The pressure put on people to marry against their will can be physical (including threats, actual physical violence and sexual violence) or emotional and psychological (for example, when someone is made to feel like they’re bringing shame on their family). Financial abuse (taking your wages or not giving you any money) can also be a factor.



Yes, the Department for Education has advised that the DSL role can still be carried out even where training has not been updated within the 2 years as required in Keeping Children Safe in Education 2019.


Yes, the government have allowed schools the flexibility to offer places in such circumstances


No the Department for Education guidance recognises that this may not be possible at present. However, there must be a DSL or deputy who is available to be contacted via phone or video link, during school hours.


Yes, nurseries, schools and colleges are required to include an addendum or annex to ensure that new arrangements in response to COVID-19 are accurately reflected. This should be kept under review as circumstances continue to evolve.


No, although it is a requirement that children in such circumstances are brought to school, it is not enforceable. Local Authorities hold responsibility for these children and should support these children to access this provision. Where schools have concerns about the welfare of these children, communication should be made with the social worker


No, the Disclosure and Barring Service have made slight changes to minimise face to face contact and their new updated guidance should be followed. All other Safer Recruitment processes should be followed as usual; these are outlined in Keeping Children Safe in Education 2019. Any new staff or volunteers in schools should receive an induction and should be required to read the setting's Safeguarding and Child Protection policy (including updates) and Part 1 of Keeping Children Safe in Education.


Safeguarding remains EVERYONE'S responsibility. The school or college which is acting as the hub should "continue to provide a safe environment, keep children safe and ensure staff and volunteers have been appropriately checked and risk assessments carried out as required." They must also be able to contact a DSL if required.


Yes, the Department for Education has introduced an online attendance form (Government publications coronavirus form) so that the attendance of children of key workers and vulnerable children can be recorded. Although usual non-attendance procedures do not need to be followed during this time, if a child does not attend where school are expecting them to, a reason should be obtained.


Training courses

Training courses & Conferences

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Training Course

CPD certified Designated Safeguarding Lead Virtual Training - 21 January 2021

This CPD Certified Learning takes an in-depth look at key legislation and government guidance which provides the framework to safeguarding within our schools.


Safeguarding Virtual Conference 5 February 2021

Our Safeguarding Children Conference brings together national leaders and experts in safeguarding and child protection.

Training Course

CPD certified Designated Safeguarding Lead Virtual Training - 23 February 2021

This CPD Certified Learning takes an in-depth look at key legislation and government guidance which provides the framework to safeguarding within our schools.

Training Course

Advanced Designated Safeguarding Lead Training - 19 March 2021

This Advanced Training for Designated Safeguarding Leads gives an opportunity to look deeper in to the role and requirements of the Designated Safeguarding Lead whilst meeting the two-yearly statutory training needs for DSLs as stated in Keeping Children Safe in Education.

Training Course

CPD certified Designated Safeguarding Lead Training - 23 April 2021

This CPD Certified Learning takes an in-depth look at key legislation and government guidance which provides the framework to safeguarding within our schools.

Training Course

Advanced Designated Safeguarding Lead Training - 14 May 2021

This Advanced Training for Designated Safeguarding Leads gives an opportunity to look deeper in to the role and requirements of the Designated Safeguarding Lead whilst meeting the two-yearly statutory training needs for DSLs as stated in Keeping Children Safe in Education.

Training Course

EYFS Designated Safeguarding Lead Training - 15 June 2021

The CPD Certified Learning takes an in-depth look at key legislation and government guidance which provides the framework to Safeguarding within our EYFS settings.

Training Course

CPD certified Designated Safeguarding Lead Training - 25 June 2021

This CPD Certified Learning takes an in-depth look at key legislation and government guidance which provides the framework to safeguarding within our schools.

Meet The Team

Specialist Team Leader

Karen McCaul

Karen has worked in education for over 30 years and leads the team to support schools and academies to identify resources and deliver the relevant strategies and training with school staff, families and local authorities, ensuring best outcomes for young people.

Senior Attendance Adviser

Chris Boden

Chris provides support to schools and academies, working alongside head teachers and school staff regarding intervention strategies and whole school approaches to improve outcomes. She works directly with children, young people and their families offering advice and solution-focused case work with a multi-agency approach.


James Traynor

James has qualifications and experiences in a wide range of relevant fields. Following his counselling degree he worked with vulnerable children within specialist and mainstream provisions. He is a trained counsellor with ChildLine and has broad experiences dealing with attendance along with NSPCC training in professional supervision and as a DSL. Safeguarding is his speciality and a priority when delivering training, professional safeguarding supervision and supporting school staff, families and pupils.


Alyson Knowles

Beginning a career as an SEN TA, and later achieving a Postgraduate Diploma in Social Work, Alyson’s specialisms are children & families, complex family support and mental health. Alyson is a Deputy Safeguarding Lead for One Education and provides Education Welfare and safeguarding support and training to schools both at a strategic and direct level. She is NSPCC trained and able to offer professional casework supervision to DSLs in school.


Sophie James

After graduating with a degree in Child Health and Wellbeing, has since taken on the role as adviser with One Education. Sophie now supports schools with attendance and safeguarding issues, as wells as delivering training and conducting assessments for both mainstream and specialist provisions.


Jess Lane

Jess is an experienced Designated Safeguarding Lead who has worked in inner-city schools in Manchester for the last 7 years. Working in diverse communities with children and families from various cultures has provided a wealth of experience in complex safeguarding and multi-agency working. In her role as an adviser for the Education Welfare and Safeguarding Team, Jess provides support to schools and academy trusts through training and guidance to identify areas of good practice and to implement action plans with regards to safeguarding and attendance in these settings.

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