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Our team recognise that every child and young person is one of a kind. We work with you to identify the needs of pupils with learning difficulties and social and emotional needs

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Why choose One Education for SEND Support

Working with individuals and groups of pupils, observation and specialist assessment, we deliver a range of interventions addressing learning needs.

One Education will also support your professional development, providing bespoke training, SENDCo Networks and a high quality annual conference. Passionate about putting children and young people first, our team is here to help you every step of the way.

The support we have received from our inclusion specialist teacher this year has been invaluable and has made a real difference to our children’s progress and love of learning.

Alison White, Headteacher
St Margaret’s CofE Primary School

Many children and parents have benefited from the vast amount of knowledge the inclusion specialist came with. The impact on our schools SEND provision has been amazing. Thank you!

Tom Denton, SENDCo
Heald Place Primary School

I now have knowledge which has helped me understand difficulties a child may be experiencing with language and literacy and how I can help or seek support for them.

EKLAN student

One Education

SEND Support Overview

Each child is different, they have individual needs and learn and progress at different rates. Every child has a right to have their educational needs met and fully participate in school life. Children identified as experiencing SEND will need additional support to enable them to succeed. We can work with you to identify the needs of children and young people with learning difficulties and social and emotion needs and support you to fulfil all aspects of the SEND Code of Practice (2015). Working with individuals and groups of pupils, observation and specialist assessment, we deliver a range of interventions addressing learning needs.

Dual qualified Speech and Language Therapist

SEND related training

Boosting Reading

SEND Audit

Individual training plans

Supporting improvements in SEND

SEND Support


We provide an extensive range of services for schools and academies. These can be tailored to your requirements and we can provide a bespoke package incorporating one or more services.

SENCo Support

Our team can support improvements in Special Educational Needs across the school.

Our SENCo Support will advise on classroom setting and support, ensuring that staff and classrooms enable all children to achieve their full potential, observing lessons and interventions, and providing written and verbal advice to inform practice. We also offer a range of maths, literacy, social & emotional, and language assessments to help you to support your pupils.

We can support you with provision mapping, reviewing policies, producing Individual Education Plans (IEP), applying for a statutory assessment and conducting Annual reviews.

The package

Our support package is designed to provide a cost effective approach to developing your skills in teaching and supporting SEND learners:

  • receive a half day support in your school to develop an area of inclusive practice
  • attend the Annual SEND Conference
  • attend two SENDCo Networks
  • if you wish to receive a full day audit, you may purchase the SENDCo Support Package Plus

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SEND Audit

Our Specialist Inclusion Teachers will work with you to complete an audit of your current provision. This looks at all areas including your policy, SEND information report, Teaching and Learning, Attainment and achievement, Attendance and pastoral care, Interventions and additional resources, Working in partnership – parents, pupils and agencies, Governors role and Leadership. On completion of the audit you will receive a RAD rated action plan.

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Our training courses will develop your knowledge and increase your range of teaching approaches. Whether you wish to book places on a course or organise in-school inset or twilight sessions, we offer a comprehensive range of SEND related training. Training can be delivered to individual schools or across a cluster. Bespoke training is also available.

Our range of training includes;

  • ASD
  • EAL + SEND
  • Effective use of additional adults
  • Emotional health and wellbeing awareness training
  • Engaging parents and carers
  • Engaging pupils in decision making
  • Inference
  • Managing behaviour
  • SEND in the classroom
  • Supporting children with language difficulties
  • The Equality Act + Equality Duty
  • The SEND Code of Practice
  • Using visuals in the classroom to support all learners
  • Writing personalised plans

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SEND Intervention programme training

Our team are experienced in training schools in a range of language, literacy and maths interventions.

This includes:

  • Fischer Family Trust wave 3 intervention
  • Boosting Reading at primary and secondary
  • Inference
  • Five minute box
  • Talking Maths

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Speech and Language Therapy Support

We can offer Speech and Language Therapy from a dual qualified Speech and Language Therapist and Teacher. The advantage of a dual trained therapist/teacher is their ability to offer practical in school advice that has been tried and tested as a teacher in mainstream and special schools.

Speech and Language Therapy Support includes;

  • Assessment, report and advice for individual pupils (this may be used to support a request for Statutory assessment)
  • Training staff to carry out language screening and once completed, using the results to best direct children to the correct interventions and support
  • Develop language-friendly classrooms and

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ELKAN Speech and Language Training

ELKLAN provides a range of courses, giving information and strategies to use in and out of the classroom to develop the communication skills of all children but especially those with speech, language and communication needs.

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"You've changed that boy's life!"

Read our news about how one of our specialist teachers made a difference

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We pride ourselves in putting children first and delivering exceptional services at affordable prices to schools. Here are some additional benefits of working with One Education.

Specialised and experienced teachers

Whole school approaches

Dual qualified Speech and Language Therapist

A SENDCo network to share good practice

Training courses

Training courses & Conferences

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Training Course

Safer Recruitment 24 April 2019

The course considers policies and practices that minimise opportunities for abuse and ensure prompt referral, supporting schools to develop and maintain a safer recruitment ethos.

Training Course

SIMS End of Key Stage Assessment Training 24 April 2019

School administrators responsible for entering and submitting end of Key Stage, EYFS and Phonics Testing data to the DfE/Local Authority. Assessment Co-ordinators responsible for managing the submission of assessment data.

Training Course

SIMS End of Key Stage Assessment Training 25 April 2019

Hands-on training session on using SIMS to complete the statutory assessment process in 2019.

Training Course

Music Coordinators' Network 30 April 2019

An opportunity to meet up with other music co-ordinators, discuss ideas and share good practice. There will be the opportunity to take part in a practical workshop to support your own CPD.

Training Course

SIMS Year End Procedures Seminar- Primary 30 April 2019

This half day seminar explores the pastoral arrangements for the new academic year including the new student intake, student leavers and dinner money.

Training Course

Y2 Writing Moderation April 2019 30 April 2019

A half day event to give delegates the opportunity to discuss pupil’s writing in line with the National Curriculum.

Training Course

Y6 Writing Moderation 30 April 2019

A half day event to give delegates the opportunity to discuss pupil's writing in line with the National Curriculum.

Training Course

SIMS School Census Seminar- Primary level 1 May 2019

An update seminar to brief you on the proposed changes to the statutory School Census returns in 2018/19 and the preparation required to complete the School Census.

We can help to work alongside the SENDCo to ensure that all children are correctly assessed and help set up Provision Maps to monitor all children’s progress.


Once you have applied for a statutory assessment they will contact you within 6 weeks to say whether they plan to assess the child or not.


It is a requirements that parents are consulted on the SEND policy. One way to ensure this is to invite parents to a coffee morning. Have key questions written on flip chart paper around the room and ask parents to contribute by either telling you (and you scribe), writing directly onto the paper or adding their contributions via post it(may parents find writing directly onto the flip chart intimidating).


Meet the team

SEND Team Leader

Helen Marriot

Helen has spent the last 20 years working with children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in a range of settings and roles, and is now working as a Specialist Inclusion Teacher and Speech and Language Therapist at One Education.

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“You’ve changed that boy’s life!”

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