SEND Support

As a whole school responsibility, supporting pupils with SEND requires a whole school response.

Working in partnership with leaders, teachers, support staff and SENDCos, we will help you build a culture of inclusion at your school, strengthening pathways for pupils and improving their life chances.

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Products & Services

We deliver observations, specialist assessments, and a wide range of interventions. With wide-ranging services and expertise, we can help you support your learners in the classroom and beyond.

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SEND Review

Our specialists will complete a full review of your current SEND provision, drawing on the insights of parents, pupils, leadership teams, and the relevant external agencies to produce high quality action plans and practical recommendations.

With our holistic approach, we can support you in every aspect of your SEND provision, embedding the principles of inclusion at the heart of your school:

  • School policy
  • SEND information report
  • Teaching and learning
  • Attainment and achievement
  • Attendance and pastoral care
  • Interventions
  • Governors and leadership

On completion, you will receive a RAG rated action plan, supporting your progress towards equity in education.

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Behaviour Review

Strengthen your approach to behaviour with our full and comprehensive review. Acting as a critical friend, our consultants will share expert advice and recommendations, helping you to embed a positive behaviour culture across the whole school.

Assessing all areas of your current provision, we will help you build on best practice, ensuring pupils are safe, supported, and able to progress:

  • Current school policy
  • The role of stakeholders
  • How behaviour is monitored
  • The role of staff
  • Leadership

On completion, you will receive a RAG rated action plan, mapping out the path to future improvement.

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SEND Supervision

Delivering expert advice and guidance, our consultants will help you make the most of your role as SENDCo, developing your knowledge and leadership skills.

Supporting you at every step, we will ensure you have the tools you need to lead a whole-school approach to inclusion.

  • Setting up procedures
  • Provision mapping and management
  • Identification of need
  • Interventions
  • Language-friendly settings
  • In-class strategies to support learners
  • SEND policy and School Information Report
  • Assessment and reports to support the Statutory Assessment process leading to an EHCP
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Learn how to lead high quality interventions with our specialist training and support. We can show you how interventions can be successfully adapted, ensuring learning is personalised and purposeful for each individual child.

We offer training in a variety of intervention programmes.

  • Fischer Family Trust
  • Elklan
  • Inference
  • Talking Maths
  • Coming soon: Lego Therapy

Sharing new skills and strategies, we can boost the confidence of your staff and improve access to the curriculum.

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Every teacher is a teacher of SEND, responsible for meeting the needs of all their pupils, ensuring the learning experience is both accessible and ambitious.

Providing high quality training and evidence-based solutions, we will equip your staff with the knowledge, skills and resources to secure the best possible outcomes for learners with SEND.

Our training covers all the following areas and more:

  • ASD
  • EAL + SEND
  • Engaging parents and carers
  • Inference
  • Managing behaviour
  • Visual aids
  • The SEND Code of Practice

We can deliver training bespoke to your school, as part of INSET days or twilight sessions. Get in touch to discuss your options.

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Inclusion Award - Coming Soon

Demonstrate your commitment to inclusion and raise aspirations for your pupils with the One Education Inclusion Award. This is a quality standard for schools, promoting inclusive practice and supportive learning environments for all.

Our team will support you on your journey towards Bronze, Silver or Gold, awarding you with a logo and plaque to celebrate your achievement.

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Supporting new SENDCos

With a deep understanding in all areas of SEND, our team will support SENDCos as they step into their new role, laying the foundations for future success.

Our training will update you on the latest legislation, whilst supporting you with the strategic aspects of inclusion; from the day-to-day management of SEND to chairing meetings and liaising with outside agencies.

Learn all you need to know about the responsibilities of your new role:

  • The role of SENDCo and Code of Practice
  • Target setting and assessment
  • The SENDCo year, Graduated Approach and Intervention
  • Statutory Assessment, EHCPs, and Annual Reviews
  • Appeals and mediation
  • Equality Act, preparing for Ofsted, and Action Planning

On completion of training, SENDCOs will receive a personal action plan and resource pack, giving you the tools to move forward and grow

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In School Support

Working in schools alongside the current SEND team, we can support the day to day running of SEND within your school. This may include:

  • Provision mapping
  • Learning walks
  • Book looks
  • Training
  • Developing school processes – referrals (internal and external), annual reviews, working with parents, identifying SEND, QFT

With our ongoing support, you can ensure the needs of your learners are consistently met and any challenges are collaboratively resolved.

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Speech and Language Therapy

Our Speech & Language Therapists will ensure every pupil is given the support to communicate to the best of their ability, delivering assessments and interventions to deepen children’s use and understanding of language.

With experience working in education, our therapists can also deliver specialist training to help you create a truly inclusive learning environment.

Our service includes:

  • Assessment, report and advice for individual pupils (this may be used to support a request for Statutory Assessment)
  • Language screening, interventions and support
  • Language-friendly classrooms and schools
  • Training in speech and language
  • Therapy for individuals and groups
  • Referrals to other professionals
  • Working with Class Teachers and support staff to support pupils
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Elklan Speech and Language Training

Elklan offers a range of accredited training programmes to help school staff find new strategies to engage children with Speech, Learning & Communication needs.

Our therapists can deliver all Elklan training courses, ensuring your staff come away feeling confident and ready to meet the challenges of SLCN.

There is training available for all settings and age groups, from Early Years through to Secondary.

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