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Speech and language skills are the fundamental building blocks of child development. When children struggle with communication, it can have a lifelong impact on their learning and future success.  

With high aspirations for all children, our team will help you support the speech, language and communication needs of your pupils. 

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Providing evidence-based interventions and whole class strategies, we will ensure children engage with learning and make the most of the school experience.

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Speech & Language Therapy Support

Our Speech & Language Therapists will work hand-in-hand with SENDCos to ensure every child is given the chance to communicate to the best of their ability.

We will develop tailored action plans to identify pupil needs and plan next steps. With an in-depth understanding of individual strengths and challenges, we will respond with the appropriate interventions, including universal, targeted or specific support.

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Universal Support

Our Universal Support is designed to support quality first teaching across the whole school. Our team will equip your staff with the tools to create communication-friendly classrooms and settings, with the potential of qualifying for the Elklan Communication Friendly Settings Award.

We will also carry out language screening to identify pupils who may benefit from further support. Alternatively, we can deliver training to staff, giving them the confidence to carry out screening independently.

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Targeted Support

Support your learners with high-quality interventions, designed to make a lasting impact. Targeted support can be delivered by one of our Speech & Language Therapists, or we can train a member of staff. Our experts will set clear goals and provide resources, actively participating in co-delivery where appropriate.

By continuously monitoring progress, we will ensure that interventions are effective and evolving, propelling pupils towards success.

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Specific Support

Drawing on our expertise, we will carry out assessments and develop tailored treatment programmes for pupils who require specific support. This may include direct therapy, indirect therapy, in-class strategies, as well as home support.

Securing an EHCP can be a complex process, but our therapists can support you along the way. We can provide detailed reports for statutory assessment, laying the groundwork for a successful application. Plus, we can provide reports for annual reviews and TAC meetings, facilitating meaningful discussions and informed decision-making. We may also attend where appropriate, sharing our expertise to develop positive solutions.

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Speech & Language Training

Our therapists can deliver specialist training for staff, equipping your team with strategies to engage children with Speech, Language & Communication needs.

Elklan offers a range of accredited training programmes to help school staff find new strategies to engage children with Speech, Learning & Communication needs. Our therapists will deliver any Elklan training course available, supporting staff to develop best practice and enrich the learning experience for pupils.

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Why choose One Education for Speech & Language Therapy?

All our therapists are registered with the Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists and the Health and Care Professions Council. We work collaboratively with schools, families and other agencies to deliver tailor-made solutions and holistic support. With years of experience supporting children with speech, language and communication needs, we can help you deliver the best outcomes for pupils.

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