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Creative Psychotherapy in Education

Our team of registered and qualified psychotherapists work within a supportive and safe framework of therapeutic sessions to support your pupils.


Products & Services

We work with schools and academies drawing on your insights to co-create a bespoke intervention that reflects the needs of the child. Liaising with professionals in Educational Psychology, CAMHS, social care and other agencies, we can deliver therapy in both school and home environments.  

Passionate and highly motivated, you can expect a fast response from our team – in most cases, schools receive a visit within the first week of contact.  

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Behaviour Needs

The simplest way of describing trauma is as an experience that overwhelms our capacity to cope. Often, children that display challenging behaviours are trying to communicate that something is wrong.  

Our psychotherapists have vast experience working with schools, providing mental health and wellbeing support. We will ensure that your pupils are heard and listened to, putting pupil voice at the heart of our approach. 

Delivering one-to-one or group interventions, we can support children with challenging emotional needs, sharing strategies to raise self-esteem, build resilience, improve attendance and promote positive behaviour. 

In parallel with these programmes, we can also work with staff to develop their understanding of the inner world of the child, embedding a culture of wellbeing in school.  

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Mental Health Needs

As trusted adults, teachers play a vital role in promoting resilience and supporting the wellbeing of young people. However, when signs of mental health issues emerge, it is important that schools can provide access to timely and effective specialist support.  

With experience working in a variety of education and community settings, our psychotherapists offer support across the entire continuum of mental health, from lower-level needs to highly complex cases involving emotional trauma.

  • Anxiety 
  • Depression 
  • Conduct disorder 
  • Attachment disorders 
  • Eating disorders 
  • ADHD 
  • Self-harm 
  • Post-traumatic stress