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SIMS Conference 2017

A day of key information and best practice surrounding your school's use of CAPITA SIMS.

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Oct 3 2017

SIMS Conference

Join us at Old Trafford for a day of key information and best practice, surrounding your school’s use of CAPITA SIMS. SIMS is central to school’s operations, but is often not used to its full potential. Expect a day packed full of actionable tips and new ideas to ensure that you are making the most of your SIMS system.

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Sep 14 2017

SIMS School Census New User

Learn how to start a census return, including background information to the school census, creating and validating a return, correcting validation errors on individual records or by bulk update and more.

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One Editorial Blog


Creative curriculum

By Lindsay Thomas on

The notion of a child’s entitlement to a rich, broad and balanced curriculum has been present for many decades but the implementation continues to vary enormously from school to school.

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The Reading Environment

By Jo Gray on

I don’t remember learning to read, but I do remember where I read: curled up on the top of the bunk bed that I shared with my little sister; wedged between the large dining room table and the radiator; lying on my front on the lounge floor with the fire blazing...

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School Improvement

Effective School Improvement Plans

By Mary Arnold on

In June 2016 (when this article was first written) several school leaders, experienced and new, commented to let us know how useful they'd found this article in preparing for the year ahead. In light of this, I decided this week to update it.

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School Improvement

CPD and School Improvement

By Jane Sowerby on

Last year’s publication of the Standard for Teachers’ Professional Development (DfE, 2016) launched a concise, clear line of advice which, if we take it to heart, is potentially a game changer.

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Chief Executive, One Education

"Working with schools to support the education of children is our privilege."


Case Studies



The headteacher of a primary school had tried everything to support a pupil we’ll call Sam, but he was now on the verge of permanent exclusion. Isolated at home and school, he had made no educational progress for a year.

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Penalty notices

Trinity CE High School in Manchester identified that they needed to introduce penalty notices for attendance to ensure that their practice included all the measures available to them to support and encourage pupils to be in school and to enable them to use legislation where appropriate.

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