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Oct 16 2018

School Workforce Census Seminar

This Seminar is designed to demonstrate how to run a School Workforce Census in SIMS. It will provide details of this year’s specification changes and data requirements in order to fulfil the DfE requirement for this Statutory Return.

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Oct 16 2018

Y6 Literacy Networks (all 3 days)

The Y6 literacy network meeting gives Y6 teachers the opportunity to gain valuable insight from experienced Manchester Moderators for SATs and Writing. 

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Oct 16 2018

Y6 Literacy Network (16 October)

The Y6 literacy network meeting gives Y6 teachers the opportunity to gain valuable insight from experienced Manchester Moderators for SATs and Writing.

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Oct 16 2018

Y2 Literacy Network (all 3 days)

The Y2 Literacy Network Meeting gives Y2 teachers the opportunity to gain valuable insight from experienced Manchester Moderators and DfE curriculum advisors.

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One Editorial Blog


SIMS Annual Conference 2018

By One Education on

One Education were proud to host their second SIMS annual conference at the Etihad stadium on the 25th September 2018.

The event was well attended by schools across Manchester with the majority of delegates being headteachers and business managers.

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Therapeutic Interventions

Children and Their Education in Secure Accommodation

By Deirdre McConnell on

Routledge published a book and feature a chapter written by One Education’s Emotional and Trauma Support team.

Our innovative work with young people in the Youth Justice Service led to an invitation to contribute a chapter on our practice, in an interdisciplinary book on education, health and youth justice.

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Pressure to get it right!

By Jo Gray on

In school, the term is busy, exciting and filled with new beginnings for children and staff alike.

There seems to be a growing pressure on teachers in the end of each Key Stage to ensure that children do well in the current assessment system.

Trying to keep hold of our core beliefs can be difficult at times but by ensuring we revisit our vision and our purpose, we can help ourselves to focus on what really matters.

Look at this review on a belief on assessment for learning, an area that many practitioners are discussing at the moment.

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Visual Stress

By Paul Gee on

Irlen’s syndrome, also known simply as ‘visual stress’, refers to a difficulty with visual processing which some readers appear to experience when confronted with black-on-white text.

But what is the solution? ...Do coloured overlays really help children with reading difficulties?

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Chief Executive, One Education

"Working with schools to support the education of children is our privilege."


Case Studies



The headteacher of a primary school had tried everything to support a pupil we’ll call Sam, but he was now on the verge of permanent exclusion. Isolated at home and school, he had made no educational progress for a year.

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Penalty notices

Trinity CE High School in Manchester identified that they needed to introduce penalty notices for attendance to ensure that their practice included all the measures available to them to support and encourage pupils to be in school and to enable them to use legislation where appropriate.

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