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Nov 14 2017

Literacy network meeting (all 3 sessions)

The Literacy Lead network meetings take place once a term. A network event can be attended as a single event but attending the three meetings throughout the year will allow for Literacy Leaders to build upon their Leadership skills whilst gaining invaluable, practical ideas to adapt within the classroom.

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Nov 21 2017

Achieve the Best Outcomes in English Y3 - Y4

This course has been designed to support year three and four teachers to achieve the best outcomes for their pupils. Delegates are encouraged to bring three children’s books showing the writing process, SPaG work, and the level of reading comprehension.

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One Editorial Blog

HR Support

Flexible working in schools

By Rachel Foster on

Speaking at the summit at Ark All Saints Academy in Camberwell, the Secretary of State said the education system needed to improve its flexible working offer to continue to attract high-calibre individuals into teaching and close the gender pay gap...

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Inspiring Writing in Children

By Laura Lodge on

Free Resources

When the new writing frameworks were released earlier this term, many teachers breathed a sigh of relief. Focusing on ‘ticking the box’ for punctuation and grammatical forms had made encouraging a love of writing challenging.

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Educational Psychology

Autism & the transition to adulthood

By Rai Fayette on

It is our job to ensure that young people with autism spectrum conditions (ASC) are given every opportunity to meaningfully participate in the planning stages of their transition to adulthood.

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Therapeutic Interventions

Lego Based Therapy: A Group Intervention

By Nadia Ezzamel on

Lego Based Therapy is a child-led and peer based social skills group intervention that was initially developed for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) by Dr. Daniel LeGoff, a Clinical Neuropsychologist from Philadelphia, USA.

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Case Studies



The headteacher of a primary school had tried everything to support a pupil we’ll call Sam, but he was now on the verge of permanent exclusion. Isolated at home and school, he had made no educational progress for a year.

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Penalty notices

Trinity CE High School in Manchester identified that they needed to introduce penalty notices for attendance to ensure that their practice included all the measures available to them to support and encourage pupils to be in school and to enable them to use legislation where appropriate.

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