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As the cornerstone of all learning, Literacy is vital to a child’s development. Reading, writing, and spoken language skills are essential for success inside the classroom and beyond.  

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Sharing best practice, ideas and resources, we can help you build a culture of literacy at your school and improve the life chances of your pupils. 

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Literacy Leader Development

Leading the largest subject in the curriculum comes with many pressures, but just as many possibilities for growth. With expertise in curriculum design and delivery, our consultants will work with you to enhance your Literacy curriculum, meeting the needs of all your learners and reflecting your unique school vision.

Giving you all the tools you need to lead your subject with confidence, we can offer you:  

  • Reviews of current provision 
  • Action plans for areas of improvement 
  • Consistent assessment systems 
  • Termly networking events for English/Literacy Leaders 
  • Targeted interventions delivered by our specialists 
  • Bespoke support for all members of the team

Continue working towards excellence with our ongoing support. We will help you to monitor the impact of your curriculum with discussion, coaching, book looks, stakeholder voice, learning walks and bespoke reviews.

girl pupil draws in colouring book EYFS lesson

Literacy Support for Alternative and Specialist Provision

Working alongside professionals in SEND, Education Psychology and ETS, our Literacy specialists are uniquely placed to support Literacy in schools with alternative or specialist provision. 

Drawing from a wide range of expertise, we will support your setting with the development and delivery of the Literacy curriculum, equipping your pupils with the skills they need for lifelong learning and future success. 

With unique frameworks, strategies, and evidence-based training, we will help you bring out the best in your pupils.   

A teacher helping a young girl with her school work.

Supporting Accurate Assessment

With a team of qualified moderators, including a Reading curriculum expert for the DfE, our professional Literacy service can develop bespoke assessment systems for your school, giving you a clear view of pupil progress and attainment.   

Our consultants will support you with moderation and data analysis, identifying learning gaps and planning next steps. 

You can also join us at moderation training meetings, where you will have the opportunity to work alongside our staff and other schools to moderate assessment judgements.   

Save on time and focus on teaching by capturing data that matters.

teacher holds up phonics card primary school

Developing Early Reading and Phonics

Reading is fundamental to lifelong learning and social mobility. Give your pupils the best possible start in life with our Early Years Reading and Phonics support.  

Sharing our expertise in phonics and carrying out a review of your current book stock, our consultants will help you to embed a strong Reading culture in EYFS and KS1, nurturing children’s love and understanding of stories, nursery rhymes, poems and books.  

We will support you with the use of systematic synthetic phonics to improve children’s decoding skills, whilst ensuring pupils have access to texts that are phonetically decodable and engaging.  

pupils sitting being read a story by teacher EYFS lesson

Vocabulary is V.I.T.A.L.

Language is at the heart of education. It opens the door to a world full of new ideas, insights and feelings. But children with limited vocabularies may feel left behind, with limited access to literacy and learning.   

Our Vocabulary is V.I.T.A.L. approach will help you to embed a clear and engaging approach to vocabulary building. With an extensive suite of resources, in-school support, and staff training, we can work with your school to diminish a subtle and yet significant barrier to learning.  

We also offer schools the opportunity to take part in exciting research projects, making a real difference to the lives of children across their community and beyond.  

boy pupil reading book smiles literacy lesson

The Reading Gems Approach to the Teaching of Reading

We know how important a love for reading is to ensure children achieve their potential and this is at the heart of our reading approach.

Working alongside staff to choose appropriate texts; embed reading skill-specific subject knowledge; and deliver meaningful assessments, our experts will support you to enhance your reading practice and provision, creating better outcomes for all of your pupils, in line with DfE expectations. 

Our Reading Gems approach breaks down the larger goal of reading into a series of smaller steps for all children to learn and work towards. With high quality content, plans and strategies, pupils can approach reading with a new sense of purpose, enthusiasm and achievement.  

Catering to the needs of the whole class as well as small groups and individuals, we will help your pupils achieve their next milestone in reading for EYFS, KS1, 2 and 3, and become lifelong readers. 

boy pupil looks and reads work sheet

Developing Writing Through P.I.C.C. a Text


Blending together the technical and creative aspects of writing, our P.I.C.C a Text approach uses high quality texts as the foundation for learning, giving pupils the inspiration to write with purpose and imagination.  

Our sequence guides staff through every step of the writing process: 

  • Determining the Reason, Audience, Features and Tone (RAFT) of their outcome 
  • Choosing quality texts 
  • Prediction and interrogation of the text 
  • Capturing ideas 
  • Creating, writing and editing the final outcome  


With the interplay between reading, writing and spoken language at the heart of our strategy, you can equip your pupils with the tools they need to become competent real-life writers.

A spelling, punctuation and grammar worksheet.

Teaching SPaG Creatively

As building blocks of the English language, spelling, punctuation and grammar are some of the most important skills to master. With our creative approach to SPaG, or GaPS, we can give your pupils the foundations they need to flourish.  

By contextualising learning, our approach equips pupils with the skills to support lifelong learning, future success and, if needed, preparing them to meet standards in SATs.  

With our vast bank of resources, including word lists, diagnostic assessments, and progression documents for each year group, you will have a large arsenal of tools to keep all children engaged.  

A boy sitting in the classroom, reading a book, with his classmates in the background.

Getting to Greater Depth

There are many advantages to whole-class teaching, but some of your pupils may require adaptive practice in order to stay focused and achieve greater depth learning.  

With our approach, we can enrich your pupils’ knowledge of Reading and Writing, giving every child the chance to reveal their potential. Be prepared to be surprised.  

Our consultants can also provide a wide range of training and resources, especially designed to facilitate greater depth learning.

teacher using smartscreen in class

Bespoke Training and Development

Raise the standards of Literacy teaching across your school with our affordable and flexible training options.  

Meeting the “Standards for teachers’ professional development,” our CPD is underpinned by robust evidence and expertise, in line with DfE recommendations.  

With a wide range of options available, training can be delivered bespoke to your school and the needs of your staff, supporting you in the next step of your development.  

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One Education Reading Award

Demonstrate your school’s commitment to building a successful reading curriculum and inspire a child’s love of reading with the One Education Reading Award.

The Department of Education have highlighted their focus on improving reading and promoting reading for pleasure; the award will illustrate the priority that your school has given to providing children with the knowledge, skills, passion, and enthusiasm for reading – which will last the whole of their lives.

For more information please visit our Reading Award page.

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Why choose One Education for Literacy?

With our child-centred approach, One Education can support you with engaging your learners and ensuring their needs are met, sparking a love for literacy and learning in every pupil. 

As qualified and experienced teachers, leaders, STA-approved moderators and DfE curriculum advisors, our Literacy consultants hold a wealth of knowledge across the whole literacy curriculum.  

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