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As the cornerstone of all learning, Literacy is vital to a child’s development. Reading, writing, and spoken language skills are essential for success inside the classroom and beyond.  

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Sharing best practice, ideas and resources, we can help you build a culture of literacy at your school and improve the life chances of your pupils. 

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Literacy Leader Development

Leading the largest subject in the curriculum comes with many pressures, but just as many possibilities for growth. With expertise in curriculum design and delivery, our consultants will work with you to enhance your Literacy curriculum, meeting the needs of all your learners and reflecting your unique school vision.

Giving you all the tools you need to lead your subject with confidence, we can offer you:  

  • Reviews of current provision 
  • Action plans for areas of improvement 
  • Consistent assessment systems 
  • Termly networking events for English/Literacy Leaders 
  • Targeted interventions delivered by our specialists 
  • Bespoke support for all members of the team

Continue working towards excellence with our ongoing support. We will help you to monitor the impact of your curriculum with discussion, coaching, book looks, stakeholder voice, learning walks and bespoke reviews.

girl pupil draws in colouring book EYFS lesson

Literacy Support for Alternative and Specialist Provision

Working alongside professionals in SEND, Education Psychology and ETS, our Literacy specialists are uniquely placed to support Literacy in schools with alternative or specialist provision. 

Drawing from a wide range of expertise, we will support your setting with the development and delivery of the Literacy curriculum, equipping your pupils with the skills they need for lifelong learning and future success. 

With unique frameworks, strategies, and evidence-based training, we will help you bring out the best in your pupils.   

A teacher helping a young girl with her school work.

Supporting Accurate Assessment

With a team of qualified moderators, including a Reading curriculum expert for the DfE, our professional Literacy service can develop bespoke assessment systems for your school, giving you a clear view of pupil progress and attainment.   

Our consultants will support you with moderation and data analysis, identifying learning gaps and planning next steps.