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Reading for pleasure is the single biggest indicator of a child’s future success. Demonstrate your commitment to reading and elevate your pupils’ life chances with the One Education Reading Award.

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Our Literacy team will support you on your reading journey, providing advice, guidance and high-quality resources. On completion, schools will receive a logo and plaque to mark their achievements.  

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Reading Award

The One Education Reading Award is the only Reading Quality Mark that supports schools with the development of their entire Reading curriculum.  

We will support your school as you work towards the bronze, silver or gold award, promoting literacy and the pleasure of reading. With over 100 schools involved across the country, you will also have the chance to join our network of Reading Award partner schools, learning and growing in practice together. 

Choose one of three awards to work towards: 

  • Bronze: good provision is evident in Reading 
  • Silver: excellent provision is evident in Reading 
  • Gold: excellent provision is embedded across all areas of Reading 

You will have one calendar year to complete the award, using the criteria and over 250 resources to guide your development of Reading. 

Reading Award accreditation lasts for 3 years. It can then be renewed through a streamlined assessment process.  

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Reading Award for Secondary Schools

A strong Reading curriculum is crucial to a successful secondary-level education. By developing students’ reading, both for purpose and for pleasure, we can give them the very best chance to succeed at school and beyond. 

Working towards the Secondary Reading Award will strengthen your pupils’ skills in three key areas, inspiring the next generation of readers: 

  • Reading for Fluency 
  • Reading for Meaning 
  • Reading for Enjoyment 
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Special Schools and Alternative Provision

Working with a wide range of schools and settings, our consultants understand how to create meaningful reading environments to meet a diverse set of needs.  

We will work closely with your team to tailor approaches, interventions and resources to engage all children in reading, inspiring a love for books and storytelling and improving pupil outcomes.

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Our Packages

There are 3 main packages for your school to choose from, however we can also offer bespoke packages to reflect the needs of your school, cluster, or multi-academy trust. You will also be assigned a Reading Award consultant to support your journey with advice and recommendations.  

All packages include the following essentials: 

  • An individual Reading Award log on 
  • Access to the Reading Award criteria and guidance 
  • Access to the resources hub and secure evidence upload hub 
  • Access to online CPD including webinars 
  • Support via email 
  • An online evidence review and feedback 
  • A Reading Award plaque and logo on completion 

Package 1
provides schools with online access to the Reading Award. This is ideal for schools that feel confident to work through the award without bespoke support. However, schools that purchase Package 1 can upgrade to an evidence review in school if they wish.  

Our other packages offer bespoke in-school support in addition to all the essentials listed above. This support can be completed both remotely or face-to-face, depending on the preference of the school.  

Package 2
offers 2 half days of in-school support.  

Package 3
offers 4 half days of in-school support.  

Examples of in-school support include: reviewing current practice against the Reading Award criteria; reviewing book stock; conducting CPD training for staff, and much more.

Take part and celebrate your children’s achievements, boosting their motivation, fostering a love of learning, and creating a positive classroom culture.  

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