Safeguarding Conference 2021 Workshops

One Education have a wide range of different workshops at this year's Safeguarding Conference for delegates to choose from, suiting different roles and requirements. A short summary will be included about each one to help you decide which workshops would develop your CPD the greatest and would like to attend on the day. Please visit again for further updates.

By One Education on 12 Jan 2021

Workshop with Brook - Identifying, recognising and responding to unhealthy sexual behaviour in young people.

About the workshop:
Brook's Traffic Light Tool Training will help you to identify and respond to (un)healthy sexual behaviour in young people.

The tool and accompanying training provide professionals within and across organisations with a framework for identifying whether behaviour is part of healthy development or if it is a cause for concern. It will also provide guidance on when to safeguard and/or signpost to internal or external support.

The training equips professionals to make consistent and informed decisions that neither pathologises nor criminalises young people. Participants will be trained to have robust and meaningful conversations around harmful sexual behaviour that causes concern and will be equipped to embed the tool within their practice.

Brook is a sexual health and wellbeing charity for young people. They strive towards creating a society where young people are free to be themselves. Brook has 55 years of experience in supporting, educating and empowering young people to make informed decisions about their sexual health and wellbeing.

They operate clinical services, educate young people and professionals as well as advocacy and consultancy work.

Visit their website: Find Brook on Twitter:

LGBT inclusion with Laura Clark - Statutory obligations, LGBT inclusion and duties regarding the Equality act and RSE regulations

About the workshop:
This workshop was unable to go ahead last year due to presenter illness, but due to its popularity we are re-offering this workshop for our safeguarding conference 2021.

Statistics from the Stonewall School Report 2017 make for shocking reading. Almost half (45%) of LGBT pupils are still bullied just for being LGBT, 61% have deliberately self-harmed and 52% report hearing homophobic slurs “frequently.” The figures are more disturbing in relation to Trans pupils. 84% have self-harmed, 58% say they can’t use toilets they feel safe in and 2 in 5 have tried to take their own life. It is clear that LGBT pupils continue to face significant challenges in school and when read alongside reports relating to the rise in the number of homophobic, transphobic and biphobic hate crimes in society generally, it becomes evident why equality is also a safeguarding issue. Given the obvious dangers of prejudice, intolerance and extremism, it has arguably never been more important for schools to ensure staff and pupils are properly educated about equality, diversity and inclusion.

In this workshop, with particular emphasis on LGBT inclusion, One Education’s Senior HR Manager, Laura Clark, will look at schools’ duties under the Equality Act and will discuss how they overlap with other statutory obligations including duties under the new RSE Regulations. Laura will also work thorough the three elements of the public sector equality duty and discuss ways in which schools can demonstrate compliance by embracing a whole school LGBT inclusive approach. The workshop will finish with a fully interactive session on how schools can support Trans inclusion. Discussions will focus on specific issues such as appropriate, language, terminology, dress codes, confidentiality, toilets and other facilities.

Laura is a Senior HR Manager in the HR and People team and is a qualified solicitor. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to team having specialised in employment law for over 30 years and having worked in the public and private sector. Laura has worked exclusively with schools and academies in all aspects of HR since 2009 but has particular expertise in equality law issues. Laura leads the HR equality group and delivers training to schools on a regular basis.

Find Laura on Twitter:

Making the most out of your CPOMS

About the workshop:
This workshop will begin by covering the basic overview of CPOMS, as well as looking into in-depth reporting options, tips and tricks, updates and demonstrations on new updates and overall ensuring that you are making the most out of your CPOMS. With school closures and the majority of our children now learning from home online, accurately recording any concerns is essential.

CPOMS is a BETT Award Winning software application for monitoring child protection, safeguarding, SEND and a whole range of pastoral and welfare issues. Working alongside a school’s existing safeguarding processes, CPOMS is an intuitive system to help with the management of child protection, behavioural issues, bullying, SEND, domestic issues and much much more. Using CPOMS, schools can ensure that students are safe and fully supported, whilst school staff can focus on teaching and providing support, instead of administration. CPOMS is the clear market leader in the sector trusted by over 8000 schools – it’s “the glue that pulls everything together

Supporting young people’s mental health and wellbeing throughout the pandemic

About the workshop:
Within this workshop, Mark and Liam hope to change the perception of addiction and poor mental health, and challenge the many stereotypes often associated. Now is arguably a time more than ever to focus on mental health. After nearly a year of lockdowns, social distancing, school closures, young people need our help with supporting their mental health and wellbeing. Mark and Liam will educate those we reach through our own personal experiences, the bad choices they made and how for so many years they didn’t recognise the problems we faced. This workshop will provide you with the tools to recognise problems that young people are currently facing and how to offer support and refer. Mark and Liam will tell you more about their own personal journeys, the work they carry out with Whysup and what they can offer to the education sector.

Whysup was started by Mark and Liam, they are not teachers, counsellors or professional speakers, but people who have lived through the illness of addiction and battled poor mental health. Mark and Liam now practice good wellbeing and offer advice and support to those who are suffering the same as they once was.

Whysup offer a preventative and awareness service, which involves targeting and engaging a variety of audiences through presentations and interactive sessions. Traditionally treatment and support services react to the issue, we are proactive in our approach and believe our information is for everyone!

Find out more about their story:

On Twittter: @whysupofficial
Visit their website:

Workshop with Andi Brierley - Identifying problems early on and preventing permanent exclusions

About the workshop:
This workshop will provide you with the knowledge and insight on how to support children and young people at an early intervention basis. Through real life stories, thought provoking discussions and scenarios where you as a professional, could spot the early signs of CCE, avoid permanent exclusions and guide the children and young people that are around you through their adolescence and into a healthier and safer adulthood.

Andi is a Youth Justice Specialist with a multi-dimensional insight into the justice system. A qualified Youth Justice Practitioner with 14 years of experience working with children looked after who have offended & the most serious & prolific young people involved in crime in Leeds.

Andi has used his experiences of care, school exc, drug addiction & prison sentences to support other young people to navigate adverse childhood experiences & complex trauma. Andi has also been instrumental in developing partnerships, delivering training & connecting with children in care to reduce their contact with the justice system. Andi is also the author of 'Your Honour Can I Tell You My Story' which is a his personal journey from prisoner to justice professional.

On Twittter: @Andibrierley
Visit their website:

Workshop with Prevent - Spotting the signs of radicalisation and reminding professionals of their mandatory duties

About the workshop:
This workshop will use the 'JIGSAW' approach to look at how professionals can spot and stop the indicators and signs of radicalisation in our children and young people. JIGSAW is one of the ways in which we raise awareness within communities by illustrating what extremism and the pathway towards it can look like in a real life setting.

Written in conjunction with UCLAN, JIGSAW places the audience in the front room of a house and littered about it are many items taken from CT investigations and research carried out by CTPNW. What you need to figure out is; Are they an indicator that someone is being drawn in or are they in there for a legitimate purpose? This workshop will also inform you of any changes made to the updated prevent duty in late 2020.

I am Andy Webb and I am a Constable within the Counter Terrorism Policing North West Prevent Team. My job and the job of Prevent is to work within communities alongside our partner agencies to identify, safeguard and support those who are thought to be at risk of radicalisation. I perform this role currently for the Boroughs of Wigan and Bury.

Understanding the importance of professional supervision, now more than ever

About the workshop:
Safeguarding Supervision has a proven positive impact upon how we safeguard the children in our care, the wellbeing of staff and in turn greatly improves the outcomes for our children and young people. After a uneasy year for education staff and its pupils, learn more about the benefits of offering your staff professional supervision, to support with their roles during these difficult times.

James has qualifications and experiences in a wide range of relevant fields. Following his counselling degree he worked with vulnerable children within specialist and mainstream provisions. He is a trained counsellor with ChildLine and has broad experiences dealing with attendance along with NSPCC training in professional supervision and as a DSL. Safeguarding is his speciality and a priority when delivering training, professional safeguarding supervision and supporting school staff, families and pupils.

Alyson began her career as an SEN TA, and later achieving a Postgraduate Diploma in Social Work, Alyson’s specialisms are children & families, complex family support and mental health. Alyson is a Deputy Safeguarding Lead for One Education and provides Education Welfare and safeguarding support and training to schools both at a strategic and direct level. She is NSPCC trained and able to offer professional casework supervision to DSLs in school.

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