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One Education provide a wide range of high quality music lessons. Every child can be successful in and through music.

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Why choose One Education for Music

One Education can support schools in a wide range of ways, from providing high-quality music lessons and whole school singing, to delivering bespoke enrichment projects and creative curriculum inspiration.

We also offer exciting opportunities for pupils to perform in school and at prestigious venues. Out-of-school music activities for children take place at our Music Centres.

All our musicians have a passion for teaching music and inspiring children.

Polkadots really helped improve my son’s confidence. He was a shy five year old and the small class size and positive atmosphere really helped him to come out of his shell and begin to socialise with other children more.

Marion Ridd
Parent of a child attending Polkadots at a Music Centre

It was an excellent experience and opportunity for the children, as always. Many of them had not been to the Bridgewater Hall before. A big thank you from staff and children at St Andrew’s. It was a fantastic morning.

Jenny Wright, Music co-ordinator/SENCO/Assistant Head
St Andrew’s CE Primary School

How to be an effective Music Co-ordinator. 10/10! One of the most useful training courses I have been on.

Sheena Callaghan
Nursery, High Lane Primary School

One Education Music Centres

Welcome to the One Education Music Store where you can find out about our fantastic music centres which enhance your musical talents. Here you can enrol and purchase termly membership for ensembles or lessons.

Please click on the link below and find your local music centre.

It’s time to bring music to life!

Music Centre

One Education

Music Overview

Every young person can be successful in and through music. Encourage your pupils to begin their musical journey through high quality music lessons, whether through singing or playing a wide range of instruments, music can improve children’s ability to empathise with others and improve brain development. We support schools, academies and communities with an emphasis on enjoyment, progression and personal achievement – often creating experiences that last a lifetime.


Musician in Residence





We provide an extensive range of services for schools and academies. These can be tailored to your requirements and we can provide a bespoke package incorporating one or more services.

Music lessons and ensemble support

Inspire and empower pupils of all ages at your school through weekly music lessons or ensembles. We offer a range of instrumental and vocal tuition, as well as providing ensemble leadership and support.

Our experienced music leaders deliver expertly planned lessons from beginner to advanced levels which are available for any age group, of any size, including SEND pupils.

Students can learn instruments from the following selection:

  • Brass - trumpet, cornet, trombone, horn, euphonium, tuba
  • Strings - violin, viola, cello, double bass
  • Woodwind - flute, clarinet, saxophone, oboe, bassoon, recorder, tin whistle
  • Guitar - acoustic, electric, bass, ukulele option for large groups
  • Vocal - rock, pop, gospel, classical (lessons, choirs, assemblies)
  • Keyboard - piano, keyboard, individual and small groups up to eight
  • Rock Music - drum kit, keyboard, guitar, bass, vocals
  • Percussion - African drums, samba, bodhran, congas, drum kit, orchestral tuned
  • World Music - steelband, Russian, Irish, African, samba
  • Music Technology - KS2, KS3, KS4 including assistive music technology
  • Curriculum Music - EYFS, SEND, KS1-4 including GCSE, BTEC, A level support

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Musician in residence

Music is an extremely important subject for all children to learn and has an integral role in providing a broad and balanced curriculum. Your pupils will benefit from music in schools and new-found talents may be the start of a life-long journey. Is Music an integral part of your school?

Music can improve

  • Attainment and learning skills
  • Behaviour, self-esteem and social skills
  • Creativity and thinking skills

Our music specialists can plan and deliver high quality music lessons in your school, individually tailored to support your needs and learning outcomes.

Just one day per week of the Musician in Residence programme can deliver any combination of the following:

  • Music curriculum lessons (including PPA)
  • Key stage singing assemblies
  • Extra-curricular music clubs or choirs
  • School musical performance support
  • Whole class / large group instrumental tuition

In a typical day in a one-form entry school, the Musician in Residence will work with classes, offering 30 minute lessons to EYFS and KS1, and 40 minute lessons to KS2.

In larger schools, the delivery of the teaching can be more flexible, providing alternate weeks or terms and additional days. There are opportunities for flexibility, including super-learning events, creative weeks, performances and sharing assemblies.

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Singing regularly has several physical and mental health benefits including increasing confidence and self-esteem, a sense of community and belonging, improving posture and developing core muscles and reducing levels of stress.

We provide vocal tuition and choir support in a range of genres to enable children and young people to extend, develop and use their vocal skills. We can also support staff in schools to deliver singing with professional development opportunities and events, such as our annual primary school Singarounds which develop and improve singing whilst having lots of fun.

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Music Technology

Music technology can encourage your pupils to develop musical expression in an exciting way whilst enriching your creative curriculum. Music technology is an accessible way of making music which often inspires children to get into different styles of music in addition to improving study skills and developing confidence.

We deliver a series of workshops introducing music technology and giving staff and children lots of practical advice to help develop an understanding of music technology including:

  • An introduction to music making and editing software using Garage Band
  • Ideas of how to incorporate music technology into cross-curricular work
  • Activity ideas you can use in the classroom
  • How to record sounds and voices, create loops, chords and melodies
  • How to make up a song, theme tune or soundtrack, which could be linked to drama / story telling / video work

We also offer bespoke support for staff in SEND settings.

In high schools we can offer both projects and music technology curriculum teaching, leading to a range of external qualifications, such as music production graded exams.

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First Access / Wider Opportunities

First Access or WCET (whole class ensemble tuition) at Key Stage 2 is a national aspiration. It has evolved from the government’s pledge that: “over time, all pupils in primary schools who wish to, will have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument.”

Schools are required to meet the government’s aspiration for all KS2 pupils to learn a musical instrument free of charge, normally in a large group or whole class setting for a sustained period of time – at least one term.

After this opportunity all pupils are able to make an informed choice about continuing to learn a musical instrument. This may be continuing to learn the same or a different musical instrument.

Many schools buy in ensemble delivery to allow pupils to continue playing in a large group to follow on from their First Access experience. One Education Music currently delivers First Access on the following instruments:

  • Brass: Trumpet or Cornet
  • Strings: Violin, Cello, Balalaika
  • Ukulele and Guitar
  • Woodwind: Recorder, Clarinet, Flute, Tin Whistle
  • Percussion: Samba, African Drumming, World Percussion, Steel Pans

We can offer specialist advice and support with incorporating First Access opportunities into your current instrumental provision.

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Early Years Music

Our fun musical sessions, Polkadots, for young children in nursery, reception and years 1 & 2 will help your pupils to develop a wide range of transferable skills. Polkadots classes are fun music and movement sessions for young children, giving them the opportunity to make and experience music with others. The sessions include singing, playing percussion instruments, moving to music, using puppets and playing as a group.

Would you like to set up a Polkadots class at your school?

To set up a Polkadot class at your school you need to a teacher, or teaching assistant, who is willing to lead the group and up to 15 children who wish to become Polkadots!

Full training will be given, along with planning material, termly meetings and support visits.

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Events and Courses

Let your students shine in a wide range of musical and vocal events at a variety of prestigious venues such as the Royal Northern College of Music, the Bridgewater Hall, the Royal Exchange Theatre and Manchester Cathedral.

Annual events include a Black History Month Vocal celebration, termly Singarounds, the Big Sing, the Irish Music Festival, Early Years Music Celebration and Music Showcase.

As the lead delivery partner for MyHub (the music education hub for Manchester), One Education Music are commissioned to develop and lead several large-scale performance events.

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Music Training and In-School Audits

One Education Music leaders deliver curriculum-focused training for colleagues in your school.

Our support covers the following key areas and is available to primary, secondary, special schools and academies: bespoke music training packages, staff meetings, school music audits, support for art and music co-ordinators.

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Music Centres

Encourage children, either a pupil at school or your own child, to socialise in a safe environment which provides musical opportunities and regular performances throughout the year. Making music with other young people, in a group, a band or orchestra is fun, a good social experience and often the start of a lifelong interest.

One Education’s Music Centres help to develop musical skills and talents in a collaborative environment. Children can learn an instrument through individual or group music lessons.


Enrol and pay for membership online. (£45 per term)

If this includes a lesson please do not pay until you have a confirmed place. If you would like to book NEW lessons for your child at a music centre please contact the One Education Music Team and we will confirm the time of your lesson. One Education Music are proud to work with parents like yourself, communities, schools and MyHub (the music education hub for Manchester), supporting and enabling talent to flourish. We run several extra-curricular music centres during the school year that offer a range of activities for different ages and abilities including SEND pupils with additional needs.

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Achieving in Music

One Education Music is an Arts Award supporter. Your young musicians are always welcome and the activities support different levels of Arts Award engagement, particularly taking part in arts activities. If you child is a regular attender he/she may also be able to develop their arts leadership skills by leading music workshops and using media skills linked to a current project.

Music centres offer a range of musical styles including vocal, rock, jazz, world music and inclusive, creative music making. It is of great importance that your child is continually encouraged and challenged to develop their musical skills and also that they feel comfortable at the level they are playing at to encourage them to keep practising regularly. Our traditional bands and orchestral pathways range from beginner to advanced level keep give every child the chance to shine.

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We pride ourselves in putting children first and delivering exceptional services at affordable prices to schools. Here are some additional benefits of working with One Education.

Education hub lead delivery organisation

One stop shop for all musical experiences

Established provider with experienced staff

High quality educational experiences

A Cello Revolution has started!

The number of Cello players in some areas of the country is dramatically decreasing. One Education Music are trying to address this with strategies to engage children who may not have the opportunity to learn these instruments in schools.

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Training courses

Training courses & Conferences

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Training Course

High School Music network 7 November 2019

High School Network meetings give you an opportunity to meet with colleagues, share good practice and find out about opportunities available in partnership with MyHub – the music education hub for the City of Manchester.

Training Course

How to be an effective primary music coordinator - 12 November 2019.

An invaluable course for Primary Music Coordinators who are new to the role and need support and guidance on how to manage and lead music through their school setting.

Training Course

Primary Music Coordinator’s Networking Meeting - 21 January 2020

A chance for Primary Music coordinators to find out about current local and national issues with regards to music education. During the January network meeting we are delighted to welcome ‘The Voices Foundation’ to deliver a workshop on Vocal Health.

Training Course

High School Music network 26 February 2020

High School Network meetings give you an opportunity to meet with colleagues, share good practice and find out about opportunities available in partnership with MyHub – the music education hub for the City of Manchester.

Training Course

Singarounds Year 1 23 March 2020

Our Singarounds will be held at the iconic Royal Exchange Theatre. Singarounds are an exciting opportunity for children to get together and sing at a prestigious venue.

Training Course

Singarounds Year 2 23 March 2020

Our singarounds will be held at the iconic Royal Exchange Theatre. Singarounds are an exciting opportunity for children to get together and sing at a prestigious venue.

Training Course

Singarounds Year 3 25 March 2020

Our Singarounds will be held at the iconic Royal Exchange. Singarounds are an exciting opportunity for children to get together and sing at a prestigious venue.

Training Course

Singarounds Year 4 25 March 2020

Our Singarounds will be held at the iconic Royal Exchange Theatre. Singarounds are an exciting opportunity for children to get together and sing at a prestigious venue.

You can set up a Standing Order to pay for lessons through your bank, contact the Music office for details regarding the amount and One Education bank details on 0844 967 1116


A calendar for the academic year is available to view on the website.


The cost of Termly payment for lessons and membership can be viewed on the website. For half termly payments or joining part way through a term ring the Music office on 0844 967 1116.


If a child is attending a Music Centre, it is possible to hire an instrument.


No, but in some instances if there is space available a parent of a child attending a Music Centre may be able to have lessons.


Yes we are very flexible and can arrange this - please ring for details 0844 967 1116.


Yes we have a range of workshops available - please ring for details 0844 967 1116.


Yes we run courses, after school staff meetings and in-house training models.


Meet the team

Head of Service

Lindsay Thomas

Lindsay has responsibility for developing musical inclusion across Manchester. Mentoring colleagues in school is an important part of her work with Manchester Youth Music Education Hub. Lindsay believes in leading by example and feels privileged to be able to teach and lead inclusive music projects.

Senior Team Leader

James Lyons

James has been with the music service since 1978 starting his career as a Violin teacher where he developed String Orchestras in the Central and North parts of Manchester. James became Deputy Head of the music service in 2006. James, having been inspired by the music service since the age of 13 he has a passion to ensure the quality of music provision in and around Manchester. James currently works with schools to ensure the service supports them in delivering the most effective and appropriate music education to their students.

Primary Curriculum Manager

Jo Buckler

Beginning her primary teacher career, Jo led music and enrichment across a large Manchester school, becoming an Advanced Skills Teacher in 2004. Jo offers training and development to EYFS, primary, special schools and ITT establishments. She is committed to supporting schools in delivering an effective and progressive music curriculum.

Business Support Manager

Patricia Jones

Patricia is the first point of contact for schools and families and is an experienced member of the team. Her role includes supporting the management of music centres , projects and events. Liaise with staff, schools and individual customers to ensure accurate communications about service delivery including absence, cover and continuity.

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Manchester Music Hub

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