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Music Centres

There are seven music centres across the city of Manchester with a long list of music styles available to learn about. There are three area centres – North, South and East and four smaller centres specialising in a particular type of music such as traditional Irish, Russian, Steelpan.

We hope that all centres will be back open for face to face activities from September 13th.

We are delighted to say that membership to all of our centres is now FREE!!

Contact us or call 0161 276 0104

Why attend a music centre

Music Centres offer opportunities to develop musical skills and talents in a collaborative environment.

We encourage social networking in a safe place and provide regular performance opportunities throughout the year. Making music with other people in a group or band or orchestra is fun, a good social experience and often the start of a lifelong interest.

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how successful our online music tuition has been this term. The team have worked incredibly hard and have adapted to the challenges. The majority of our musicians are receiving some online tuition. We even hope to be able to start some beginner violin and guitar groups online. We have had a great response from parents who are really appreciative of all that is being offered.

Miss H Brown, Head of Music
Trinity Church of England High School

It was an excellent experience and opportunity for the children, as always. Many of them had not been to the Bridgewater Hall before. A big thank you from staff and children at St Andrew’s. It was a fantastic morning.

Jenny Wright, Music co-ordinator/SENCO/Assistant Head
St Andrew’s CE Primary School

How to be an effective Music Co-ordinator. 10/10! One of the most useful training courses I have been on.

Sheena Callaghan
Nursery, High Lane Primary School


Music Centres

There are a number of different music centres across the city of Manchester, with variety of music and a wide range of music styles including rock, pop, urban, vocal bands & orchestra for all levels!

The Music Centres are funded by MyHub and ran by One Education Music. If you have any queries please email: music@oneeducation.co.uk. Parents and carers are always welcome!

North Music Centre

A lively and friendly centre for children aged 3-18. There’s a style to fit every child.

Membership to our music centres is FREE!

There is a variety of wonderful ensemble opportunities from Samba and Ceilidh, to Wind Band and Brass Group.

There is a positive link between music and a positive level of wellbeing, increased self-esteem and making more friends.

We also offer the opportunity to join the outstanding Blackley Centre Stage Band (BCSB) and Manchester Youth Wind Orchestra (MYWO).

Co-operative Academy Manchester
Plant Hill Road
Higher Blackley
M9 0WQ

Open Thursdays

Community Folk Band (Mixed LVL) 3.00-4.00pm

Beginner Strings (LVL 1) 4.00-4.25pm

Folk Band (LVL 2) 5.15-6.00pm

Beginner Woodwind/Brass (LVL 1) 4.00-4.25

Wind Band (LVL 2) 4.30-5.15pm

Wind Band (LVL 3) 6.00-7.15pm

Blackley Stage Band (LVL 4) 7.30-8.45pm

Samba (LVL 1) 4.00-4.25pm

Samba (LVL 3) 4.30-5.15pm

Beginner Guitar 4.00-4.25pm

Beginner Ukulele 4.30-5.15pm

Folk Band 5.15-6.00pm

Rock/Pop MuFu Band (LVL 2 & 3) 4.30-5.15pm

New Tracks – Songwriting (Age 11-18) 4.00-6.00pm

Mancunian Vocal Collective (Age 11-18) 4.30-5.15pm

Junior Vocal Collective (All Ages) 5.15-6.00pm

Polkadots (Level 1) 4.00-4.25pm

Individual/Paired Tuition (Charged) 3.30-7.30pm

Contact us or call 0161 276 0104

South Music Centre

A wide range of music styles including rock, pop, urban, vocal bands & orchestra. There’s a style to fit everyone and we are suitable for all ages and abilities. There are lots of fun activities and tuition to join.

For little ones under 5 we have Polkadots music making clubs. Working their memory to fine motor skills.

For over 5’s we have wind, brass, strings, guitar and piano tuition whether you are experienced or a beginner.

We have advanced to beginner level ensembles, an inclusive music making group and a full orchestra.

Membership to our music centres is FREE! Come along and play, everyone is welcome!

Chorlton High School
Nell Lane
M21 7SL

Open Saturdays

Beginner Strings (LVL 1) 9.00-9.35am

String Orchestra (LVL 2) 9.40-10.30am

String Orchestra (LVL 3) 10.40-11.40am

Full Orchestra (Mixed LVL) 11.50-12.55pm

Beginner Woodwind/Brass (LVL 1) 9.00-9.35am

Wind Band (LVL 2) 9.40-10.30am

Wind Band (LVL 3) 10.40-11.40am

Full Orchestra (Mixed LVL) 11.50-12.55pm

Beginner Guitar/Ukulele (LVL 1) 9.00-9.35am

String Tings Ukulele (LVL 3) 9.00-9.40am

Guitar Group (LVL 2) 9.40-10.30am

Rock/Pop MuFu Band (LVL 2 & 3) 10.40-11.40am

Saturday Sounds (Mixed LVL) 9.50-10.30am

Saturday Sounds (Mixed LVL) 10.40-11.45am

Saturday Sings (Mixed LVL) 10.45-11.25am

Polkadots (EYFS) Charged 10.30-11.00am

Polkadots (Year 1 & 2) Charged 11.00-11.30am

Music Theory (Grade 1-3) Charged 11.55-12.35pm

Music Theory (Grade 4+) Charged 10.00-10.40am

Music Aural (Grade 1-3) Charged 9.00-9.20am

Music Aural (Grade 4+) Charged 9.20-9.50

Individual/Paired Tuition (Mixed LVL) 9.00-12.55pm

Contact us or call 0161 276 0104

East Music Centre

We are new Music Centre opening in September 2021.

This centre offers a range of activities for pupils aged 8-18 years old including Music technology, Steelpans, a new Vocal Collective, a Streetband and Rock/pop/urban Band.

There are activities for all abilities from beginners to advanced level and we will provide instruments at the centre.

Membership is free - come and visit us and see if you'd like to join.

The East Manchester Academy
Grey Mare Lane
M11 3DS

Open Wednesdays

Ukulele Club (LVL 1) 4.00-4.45pm

Rock/Pop MuFu Band (LVL 2 & 3) 5.00-5.55pm

Music Tech (Age 11-18) 4.00-4.55pm

Mancunian Vocal Collective (Age 11-18) 4.00-4.55pm

Junior Vocal Collective (All ages) 5.00-5.55pm

Streetband – percussion/brass/woodwind (LVL 1 & 2) 4.00-4.55pm

Streetband – percussion/brass/woodwind (LVL 2 & 3) 5.00-5.55pm

MySteel East – steelband (Age 11-18) 4.00-4.55pm

Junior MySteel (All Ages) 5.00-5.55pm

Contact us or call 0161 276 0104

Irish Music Centre

This vibrant and exciting music centre is perfect for students interested in Irish music and culture to progress and play together in ensembles. Build positive wellbeing and a sense of community.

All students can learn a range of traditional Irish instruments from tin whistle, pipes, banjo, guitar and accordion.

Many of our students have been successful at regional and international world championships. Offering the opportunity to make friends and travel. And best of all membership to our music centres is FREE!

Address: St Mary’s RC Primary School
Clare Road
M19 2Q

Open Wednesdays

Beginner Tin Whistle (LVL 1) 6.00-6.35pm

Beginner Band All Instruments (LVL 1) 6.00-6.35pm

Intermediate Band All Instruments (LVL 2) 6.40-7.20pm

Advanced Band All Instruments (LVL 3+) 7.20-8.00pm

Beginner Guitars (LVL 1) 6.00-6.35pm

Celtic Rock Band (LVL 2 & 3) 6.40-7.20pm

Guitar Group (Level 2 & 3) 7.20-8.00pm

Contact us or call 0161 276 0104

Russian Music Centre

Music is a universal language and can be an opportunity to make new friends and travel. We cater for all abilities and age groups interested in Russian music and culture. There are two ensembles to cater for all age groups and abilities.

Kalinushka, the beginner ensemble, offers a group learning environment encouraging new players to join the fun and make friends.

Kalinka, the intermediate and advanced ensemble have visited St Petersburg to take part in master classes led by the world’s leading balalaika and domra players.

We welcome new players and complete beginners all throughout the year. And best of all membership to our music centres is FREE!

Address: Chorlton Central Church
Barlow Moor Road
M21 8BF

Open Mondays

Beginner Balalaika (LVL 1) 5.00-5.55pm

Kalinushka (LVL 2) 5.00-5.55pm

Kalinka (LVL 3+) 6.00-7.30pm

Contact us or call 0161 276 0104

Steelpan Music Centre

We give students already playing steelpans in school the opportunity to progress and enjoy being a part of this exciting group. Not just making music but making friends with this unique and unforgettable instrument.

The Manchester Youth Steel Orchestra (MYSTEEL) perform regularly in the local community including the Manchester Day Celebrations.

Best of all membership to our music centres is FREE!

Address: St Margaret’s CE Primary School
Withington Road
Whalley Range
M16 8FQ

Open Thursdays

Junior MySteel (LVL 1) 4.00-4.55pm

Junior MySteel (LVL 2) 5.00-5.55pm

MySteelSouth (LVL 3+) 6.00-7.30pm

Contact us or call 0161 276 0104

Central Music Centre

The Manchester Youth String Orchestra (MYSO) is open to anyone aged 11-18 who is a grade 4 level or above on a string instrument. There is no entry audition.

We work on a wide range of music and aim to develop ensemble skills in a friendly environment. We offer pathways and progression to support learning and BTEC/GCSE exam prep for young musicians.

Make music, make friends and build positive wellbeing and a sense of community. Best of all membership to our music centres is FREE!

Address: Xaverian College Lower Park Road
M14 5RB

Open Mondays

Manchester Youth String Orchestra (All players Grade 4+) 5.00-7.00pm

Contact us or call 0161 276 0104

One Education Music Centres

One Education Music Centres are open for existing and new students.

Membership is free.

For individual tuition costs please visit our music store below.

Music Centre


MyHub - Lead Delivery for Manchester

Wide range of music genres

Passionate, dedicated staff

Pathways and progression

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MyHub Music Trust are fundraising to provide financial support for young people to access music lessons, projects, activities and events such as Music Centre memberships and bursaries.

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You can set up a Standing Order to pay for lessons through your bank, contact the Music office for details regarding the amount and One Education bank details on 0844 967 1116


A calendar for the academic year is available to view on the website.


The cost of Termly payment for lessons and membership can be viewed on the website. For half termly payments or joining part way through a term ring the Music office on 0844 967 1116.


If a child is attending a Music Centre, it is possible to hire an instrument.


No, but in some instances if there is space available a parent of a child attending a Music Centre may be able to have lessons.


Yes we are very flexible and can arrange this - please ring for details 0844 967 1116.


Yes we have a range of workshops available - please ring for details 0844 967 1116.


Yes we run courses, after school staff meetings and in-house training models.


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