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With a flexible choice of fixed or customised packages you are guaranteed to find a solution that works for your school’s ICT needs.

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Why choose One Education for your school's SIMS / ICT Support

Our extensive experience of working with schools allows us to provide a bespoke ICT service, delivered by experts who support your school to deliver the most effective learning environment for your pupils.

We can ask whatever question we want and always feel supported. Nothing is too much fuss or trouble. The One Education Team are so hardworking and we know we can always rely on them.

Dianne Harris, School Business Manager
Newall Green Primary School

Excellent service. One phone call solves all my ICT problems. One stop shop with instant access to Consultants, engineers, sales and support. I would highly recommend.

Nicola Evans, School Business Manager
Heald Place Primary School

One Education


We understand that access to high-quality and reliable school ICT services in the education environment is crucial for the learning and the development of pupils in today’s digitally-focused world. With a flexible choice of fixed or customised packages you are guaranteed to find a solution that works for your school’s ICT needs, including support for your school network, wireless systems, audio visual devices, telephone systems, CCTV/Security systems or any hardware or software. We will work alongside you and your school to provide the best ICT service.

SIMS Training

SIMS Support

SIMS Consultancy

ICT Technical Support

ICT Consultancy

Internet Connections and Services

SIMS / ICT Support

School ICT Services

We provide an extensive range of ICT services for your school or academy that ensures pupils get the most out of the learning experience and that your systems meet OFSTED requirements. These can be tailored to your requirements and we can provide a bespoke package incorporating one or more ICT services to meet your budget.

SIMS Support & Training

SIMS refers to School Information Management System – one of the most widely used MIS in UK schools – and is vital in storing and managing student information.

Our dedicated MIS support team have significant knowledge of the full range of SIMS modules. We have been supporting schools for over 25 years and are currently supporting SIMS systems for users in over 170 schools and academies, working closely with them to ensure they make the most effective use out of SIMS in the office and classrooms.

They proactively take the time to advise and provide solutions for any SIMS related challenges, including installations and the support and training to help ensure pupil and staff data is managed and maintained in accordance with legislation.

Our service desk will offer your school:

  • Unlimited telephone support for all modules of SIMS
  • Unlimited remote support for all modules of SIMS
  • Support and guidance for all Statutory Returns
  • Emergency support for failures affecting the running of the school with a 4-hour response
  • Technical support of existing non-teaching MIS devices (i.e. SIMS server and computers with SIMS installed)
  • Custom backup solutions for SIMS / FMS

Additional Services

There are times when you may need extra help with your SIMS system. We offer a range of additional support options:

  • Training: Delivering relevant courses, seminars and on-site bespoke training, all incorporated within the support package, at no additional cost, or available to purchase for non-contract customers.
  • Consultancy: In-depth discussions leading to installation of bespoke assessment solutions.
  • Statutory returns: Support and guidance provided for all statutory returns including School Census, School Workforce Census and End of Key Stage Assessments.
  • Communications: Guidance notes and reports available to download from One Education’s website for all SIMS modules including Statutory Returns, Pupil Premium, End of Year procedures and general housekeeping.

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ICT Technical Support

We understand the need for timely resolution to technical ICT issues in school. Learning and progress of you pupils is of key importance. This can only happen when teaching continues and is not disrupted by ICT. You will benefit from a single point of contact for all your technical issues covering existing curriculum ICT devices.

Our expert service desk will offer your school:

  • An experienced engineer on-site for 3.5 hours per week, term time only (various options are available to suit your requirements).
  • Proactive monitoring of all support servers. Potential issues are identified, reported and (where possible) immediately resolved.
  • Unlimited emergency support for failures affecting the delivery of the curriculum with a 4-hour response.
  • An agreed 3-year rolling plan for all ICT devices to assist with budget planning.
  • A regular termly visit by one of our Service Delivery/Development Managers.
  • Advice and information on making the best use of current systems and the sharing of knowledge on emerging technologies and their potential use within the Education sector.
  • Advice on the development and design of school ICT suites and network infrastructure.
  • Advice on the development of the school infrastructure to minimise mobile and broadband costs across the curriculum.
  • Advice and assistance on network management, online safety and security issues.

Contact us or call 0844 967 1113

School Internet Services

The Internet is a wonderful resource for students which puts the world in their hands, allowing them to discover, connect and create. Safeguarding and internet security are at the forefront of our solution. One Education’s comprehensive internet service package will ensure you are providing access to a safe online environment in which a pupil can learn and grow. Our package is developed specifically for schools:

  • School portal and flexible platform gives you 100% control. Your pupils can explore the digital world when and where you want.
  • Content filter reporting, with up to 6 months historical data, is designed specifically for education, reporting misuse and flagging inappropriate internet searches which supports the PREVENT agenda.
  • Putting Children First is our priority which is why we ensure our internet services are compliant with the Department for Education’s statutory guidance ‘Keeping children safe in education 2018’.

Our package includes:

  • Up to 80MB Fibre/Next generation Broadband
  • Next Generation Firewall
  • Web Security Gateway including audit reporting for safeguarding
  • Our reporting solution comes as standard with up to 6 months historical data of detailed reporting
  • We configure all of our web security gateways with reports that highlight any activity in pre-defined “Prevent” categories
  • Over 70 pre-defined report templates alongside customisable, detailed reports
  • Emergency support for Internet failures with a 4-hour response
  • Managed DNS for your school/academy domains
  • Managed internet filtering with Active Directory Integration
  • Secure file transfers for transferring large files between organisations
  • Advice and guidance on all internet related issues & security

As part of this service, we also provide:

  • Management and support of the school’s online email service (Gmail or Office 365)
  • DNS/Domain name registration and support

Contact us or call 0844 967 1113

Internet Connections

Connection speed is important, because the faster your internet is, a more diverse learning experience can be achieved. Therefore if a more suitable connection becomes available that is of better value for money, we will upgrade your school automatically as part of our service.

We offer various types of internet connection to suit every school budget and requirement. Our team are on hand to advise you on the best connection.

EoFTTC (Ethernet over FTTC) We recommend an EoFTTC connection to primary schools and smaller secondary schools where it is available and has Guaranteed Service Level Agreement which assures schools of a fix within 7 hours and 24/7 support EoFTTC ensures that the line speed quoted is what a school will get every day - even at peak times and regardless of how many people are using the internet.

FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) FTTC or ‘Superfast Broadband’ as it is more widely known, is the most common choice for primary schools.

The maximum speed is 20Mbit upload and 80Mbit download, but not everyone will receive the maximum speed as it depends the location of the school.

ADSL If FTTC is not yet available in your area, we can run your broadband over an ADSL connection.

The maximum download speed is 24Mbit and upload 2.5Mbit. As part of our agreement with you, we will upgrade your school to FTTC for free (as part of a contract renewal) as soon as it becomes available.

Dedicated Leased Line Recommended for all secondary schools and larger primary schools, a leased line will give you your own dedicated fibre connection.

You’ll have the same upload speed as download speed (up to 10Gbit) and the line also comes with an SLA.

As prices for leased lines vary according to the speed required and location of your school.

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Audio / Visual Solutions

Ensure that your teachers have the best technology to stimulate their pupils through highly engaging audio and visual media in the classroom. More and more schools are taking advantage of AV technology to help facilitate learning in fun and challenging ways.

Learning with AV creates a stimulating and interactive environment for students. One Education provides a comprehensive range of audio visual solutions and equipment for schools.

Our experience enables us to provide a full design and installation service ranging from small screen to large scale professional systems as well as flexible bespoke systems to suit your teaching and learning needs.

  • Interactive Touchscreen Displays (all makes, models and sizes)
  • Projectors (classroom/hall/short throw/ultra-short throw)
  • Green Screen Technology
  • Lecture theatre and training room installations
  • Classroom technology upgrades
  • Training rooms
  • Smart interactive products
  • Classroom and Campus audio systems
  • iPad controlled A/V systems
  • IPTV (Internet Protocol Television)
  • Digital signage and displays
  • LCD, LED and flat screen installations
  • Satellite and TV Distribution
  • Installation and training for all AV equipment

Contact us or call 0844 967 1113

ICT Hardware, Software & Installation Services

One Education offer a wide range of practical tailor-made solutions for schools. Our experts ensure that anything we supply not only represents best value, but also contribute towards positive outcomes for your teaching staff and pupils.

As an unbiased education specialist company, we guarantee to always put your school first in all our proposals and appreciate that your budget is spent in the most efficient way possible.

A small selection of what we can offer:

  • End User devices - Desktop PCs, laptops, tablets (any make, model or specification)
  • Apple solutions
  • Servers and network infrastructure
  • Visitor ‘signing in’ systems (InVentry, Entrysign, Alpha)
  • Printing solutions (from single printers to photocopiers and full managed print solutions)
  • Advice and procurement for all types of software including Microsoft licensing agreements, Anti-virus and specialised classroom / business related software

Contact us or call 0844 967 1113

Wireless Networks and Infrastructure

Work more efficiently, better support your pupils’ learning and enjoy a multitude of education benefits through wireless networks and portable computers. We understand that every school has different needs, from single wireless access points to whole school wireless solutions, to power and data requirements. We offer full network installation services from the addition of a single network data point or electrical point to a full data network or power installation, design and build.

Our wireless network solutions cover all makes and models to suit your school’s budget and can include a full site survey (heat mapping), network design and installation.

Contact us or call 0844 967 1113

Cloud Based and Monitoring Services

Schools recognise that cloud-based applications can be run on Internet browsers meaning that expensive hardware and software are no longer required.

This removes the need for on-site maintenance visits and allows One Education to support the server with minimal impact on your school. All servers and services would be hosted in our Microsoft backed data centre and are available 24/7, 365 days a year, and backed by our One Education helpdesk.

We can host your servers and services on both an ad-hoc and permanent basis, depending on your school’s needs and requirements. The immediate benefits include increased accessibility, collaboration and flexibility. Our hosted services give you the foundation to achieve compliance for the data you store and the applications you run.

Our Cloud based services include:

  • Document /File Storage
  • Backup Services
  • Collaboration platforms
  • SIMS Services Remote Access Solutions
  • Network monitoring
  • Website Hosting
  • Social Media
  • DNS Services
  • E-Mail (Office 365 & Google Mail)
  • Online Applications (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc)

Contact us or call 0844 967 1113

Consultancy Services and Project Management

We work exclusively with the education sector, providing a comprehensive range of ICT services and solutions including professional consultancy services. Our support will ensure that you get the most from you ICT investment and guarantees that your ICT operation runs smoothly and efficiently throughout your entire school.

One Education provides consultation and project management on a range of ICT areas for schools to help support your school in applying a successful ICT strategy that meets the needs of your computing curriculum, including:

  • New School Design & build – Working to support schools through the entire process of a new school build (or extension to an existing building).
  • Security Management – Advice and practical services to help you protect your ICT infrastructure, staff and students.
  • Policy Development – Design and creation of polices to ensure your systems are used in the correct way (e.g. ICT Acceptable Use and Social Media Policy).
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery - Comprehensive planning service which brings together all of the key elements required to ensure schools have appropriate plans in place to protect their key systems in the event of major school issues.
  • Management - All of the services required to manage a school’s ICT service on a day to day basis such as full service budget management, stakeholder management, communications, and equipment procurement.
  • Computer Forensics - Examination of digital media, such as personal computers, mobile phones, to establish factual evidence of illegal unauthorised or unusual activities.

Contact us or call 0844 967 1113

Security & Safeguarding

Duty of Care responsibilities mean the protection of pupils, students and staff is paramount, and yet access across school sites can cause head-teachers and site managers a real headache. Often buildings were constructed before security became such an essential element of school management.

At the same time, keeping intruders out has to be balanced with safety – especially in the event of a fire. Security and safeguarding are at the forefront of our solutions:

  • CCTV systems – including HD CCTV and those utilising an IP network
  • Access control – including intercom systems, passes and with remote monitoring options
  • E-registration systems
  • Security lighting
  • Automatic gates and barriers
  • Intruder alarm systems
  • Fire detection systems
  • Integrating security systems – CCTV, access control, intruder alarm and fire detection for better centralised management and control
  • Installing dedicated networks for all a school’s security needs

Contact us or call 0844 967 1113

Connect for Education Primary (CfE)

One Education’s Connect for Education (CfE) product combines high speed internet connectivity with our web filtering and firewall solution, to bring our customers a reliable, flexible and safe environment to connect to the wider world.

Our contracts and one-off installation fee provides your school with a 100mbps leased line, Sophos XG Firewall and Web filter.

Receive a 15% discount on our ESE product when purchased alongside our Connect for Education product.

Contact us or call 0844 967 1113


We pride ourselves in putting children first and delivering exceptional services at affordable prices to schools. Here are some additional benefits of working with One Education.

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Direct relationships with manufacturers

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Do you know about our extensive ICT training courses?

Our SIMS and ICT support team like to ensure that your staff are happy and confident using the computer software that are required in school. We offer lots of hands-on training sessions that are suitable for all levels.

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Training courses

Training courses & Conferences

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ICT Support

SMS 7 Data Housekeeping Workshop - 13 September 2022

Maintaining your SIMS data is vital. This course looks at how you can do this, to ensure you a fully compliant with GDPR and ensures your data is accurate in order to complete Statutory returns.

ICT Support

SIMS 7 School Census New User (Refresher) - 3 October 2022

An update seminar to brief you on the proposed changes to the statutory School Census returns in 2022/23 and the preparation required to complete the School Census.

ICT Support

SIMS 7 School Workforce Census - 1 November 2022

This course is for staff responsible for School Workforce Census returns and/or for maintaining staff details in SIMS or elsewhere, with a working knowledge of SIMS Personnel.

ICT Support

SIMS 7 Office User - Further Skills - 16 November 2022

This course is for administrative staff or data managers with responsibility for the quality of the data held in SIMS 7 for internal and school census requirements.

Capita’s new hosted FMS solution is already available for Academies as it has been from September 2018. It will then be available for all other schools from April 2019. If you require any further details please email:

Capita’s SIMS 8 solution is currently being piloted in a number of schools around the country and it is planned to be gradually rolled out from April 2019. However, as there is still no specific start date it also means there is no specific end date for SIMS 7 so it is anticipated schools will still have a few years yet before being moved over to the hosted solution.


Yes, we support a number of academies and independent schools, although you do have to purchase the SIMS/FMS licenses directly from Capita.


Microsoft will end its support for the Windows 7 operating system on 14 January 2020. This means that automatic updates that protect your computer will no longer be available. Microsoft strongly recommends that you move to Windows 10 before January 2020 to benefit from all the security and updates that are released to a fully supported operating system.


Yes, our services can utilise any connection available and afford the same strong level of protection no matter where they are installed.


One Education's remote monitoring and management solution can highlight and resolve network faults before they become a problem reducing network downtime and supporting development planning.


DNS, or Domain Name System, translates difficult-to-remember IP addresses into friendly names such as Critical services such as your website and email rely upon DNS to function correctly.


Over the past few years, the prevalence of ransomware - which is software that encrypts data and demands a ransom - has increased significantly however, having a securely configured internal network, combined with a strong perimeter firewall and encryption prevention software can alleviate these concerns and prevent widespread network disruption.


Meet The Team

IT Operations Manager

Jonathan Hambleton

Jonathan oversees all project work along with managing our customer’s infrastructure services. He has worked exclusively in the Education sector, from setting up client devices to complete infrastructure replacements. A Prince2 Practitioner and ITIL certified, Jonathan can support customers throughout the whole process.

Head of SIMS Service

Az'ya Rajput

Az'ya is responsible the SIMS Support Team as well developing SIMS and non-SIMS products, she is now looking into developing interactive dashboards and analysis for schools using Power BI. She also develops and organises all SIMS training and delivers direct consultancy to schools. Az'ya's previous roles were working as a Data and Assessment Manger in schools, she has 12 years' experience of working with Assessment within SIMS.

SIMS Support Officer

Helen Casey

Helen joined One Education in March 2020 and has vast experience in the support and use of SIMS for all phases. She started working with schools supporting SIMS for Manchester Local Authority, and has since worked in two secondary schools and also as a CAPITA Software Consultant. Helen is also a qualified HR professional and holds a degree in Education Management and Administration.

SIMS Support Officer

Syeda Rahman

Syeda joined the SIMS Support team at One Education in 2018. Syeda is very passionate about delivering excellent customer services and is an awarded member of ICS. Syeda has 14+ years of experience in Schools’ MIS management. She is technically savvy problem-solver with extensive knowledge and experience in the delivery of the development and support to users of SIMS in schools.

Syeda has recently discovered her creative side and enjoys creating graze boards and spreads, she enjoys entertaining family and friends with her cooking.

SIMS Support Officer

Kate Hay

Kate has worked in education for over 20 years. Before coming to One Education Kate was an Assistant Head across a MAT in Northwest with responsibility for systems and data, supporting and training staff on the development and use of SIMS within each school. She is also a Trustee for a MAT in Cheshire.

Technical Lead

Jonathon Gandy

Jonathon provides 2nd and 3rd line support to our team as well as developing the support we offer to our customers. Previous experience includes Customer Service and Leisure before making the move to IT to pursue a career.

ICT Support Specialist

Matt Blades

Matt has been working in ICT within education for 10 years, and is passionate about working with schools. He is a proud husband who also enjoys movies and football.

ICT Systems Administrator

Adam Wilde

Adam joined One Education in 2017, and worked as an ICT technician in a high school prior to that. In his spare time, Adam watches Manchester United and can also name almost any country’s flag in the world.

ICT Support Technician

Tom Oldham

Tom works both on the helpdesk and as a field technician. He supports schools to maximise their IT resources and solve their administrative and technical issues. He loves socialising with friends and getting stuck in at five-aside.

ICT Support Technician

Andy Rutherford

Andy spent 10 years as an ICT / Reprographics Technician in a Warrington High School before joining One Education. He believes teamwork and cooperation are essential to maintain professional results. He has two dogs and two grandchildren to keep him busy outside of work.

ICT Support Technician

Shahid Iqbal

Shahid has worked for One Education since formation in 2011 as an ICT Support Technician. He advises, implements and supports IT solutions for schools. Outside of work, he spends time with friends and family, watching movies or travelling.

ICT Support Technician

Harvey Loynes

Harvey has been working in IT for over 25 years fixing all types of hardware and software issues, for the last four years he has been working for One Education. His interests include his family, motorbikes and DIY.

ICT Support Technician

Ben Whipp

Ben joined One Education in 2019 and has 7 years experience supporting school ICT networks and systems. He enjoys spending time with his friends and family, and has a keen interest in music and technology.

ICT Support Engineer

Trevor Langford

Trevor joined One Education in January 2020 having moved from Brighton where he gained several years’ experience providing ICT support in higher education. He now lives in Manchester and enjoys the different challenges that come with supporting ICT in schools, as well as living in such a lively city.

IT Support Technician

Carl Lawton

Carl has worked in IT support for the past 4 years. He enjoys a challenge and likes to help others by coming up with solutions to difficult problems. In his spare time, Carl also likes watching wildlife documentaries, swimming, and marine fish and coral keeping.

At school, his favourite teacher was Mr Marshall, who was very funny and always had everyone laughing in class.

IT Support Technician

Anna Bailey

Anna joined the team in 2022 with eight years of experience working in IT. In that time, she has found she enjoys working alongside others to find solutions that work for everyone. Outside of the work place she is an avid gamer and cosplayer who loves spending time with her friends and family.

Anna's favourite teacher is Mrs Winstanley, who she has since kept in touch with and has become a lifelong friend.

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