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We are passionate about literacy and raising the standards of the subject in schools. Our support is bespoke to you, offering a wide range of different services.

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Why choose One Education for Literacy

Our specialists have been selected to be on the Department for Education’s advisory team and are approved writing moderators for the local authority. They can work with school leaders, teachers and Teaching Assistants to improve teaching and learning throughout schools and academes. Through a range of approaches, we can support the planning and delivery of lessons, as well as build teachers’ confidence to engage children with the curriculum.

We are very pleased to have received the Reading Award. The support that we have received has been fantastic, both with the Reading Award and with the support given to our staff to help with planning. The children at Abbey Hey have a passion for reading and this is something that has definitely grown with the help of One Education. We look forward to continuing this relationship with One Education to ensure our children the best chance at becoming incredible readers.

Sarah Donnelly, Teacher
Abbey Hey Primary

We have found their level of expertise and subject knowledge to be very high and they are always reflective about what could have the most impact for our school. Their time has reflected very good value for money and we will definitely be continuing to work closely with the team in the future.

Ella Hughes, Acting Headteacher
Chapel Street Primary School, Manchester

Their professional and friendly manner has meant that we have felt fully supported throughout the year. They always have the most up to date advice, information and resources which means our school staff have developed as practitioners and always feel fully informed.

Emma Westerman, Vice Principal
Abbey Hey Primary Academy, Manchester

Thank you for all you have done. There seems to be a real buzz after your sessions. The teachers said that they are really looking forward to reading a book with their class now using some of the strategies you used!

Henk Richards, Head of Pre-Prep
Orley Farm School, Harrow.

A huge thank you - I really enjoyed your informative session. It was great to discuss Leadership of Literacy. I am already thinking of how to implement ideas and I am planning to share all the resources at school tomorrow.

Alice Pepper, Literacy Lead
Tyntesfield Primary School

All the staff from reception to Year 6 now feel confident in delivering high-quality reading lessons with children and are enthusiastic about planning sessions for the New Year.

Kate Putt, Assistant Head Teacher
Brooklands Primary School

Two of our teachers attended the Year 3/4 literacy course and really enjoyed it. Both individually told me how fantastic and inspirational it was. One said it made her want to go home and do all of her planning for next year!

Suzanne Bentley, Literacy Co-ordinator
Ringway Primary School

Our consultant's work, through our partnership with One Education, has had a deep and lasting impact on both learning and teaching within our teaching school alliance. Our consultant has the most up-to-date knowledge regarding English and her professional and assured manner brings out the best in our leaders and teachers.

Simon Gallacher, Director

One Education have provided us with invaluable support in Reading over this academic year. They encouraged our school to work towards the One Education Bronze Reading Award- we achieved it. As a consequence, provision for reading in our school has massively improved and our reading outcomes are rising.

Andrea Haines, Head of School
St Francis' Catholic Primary School, Bradford

The professional, yet friendly, way they provide the support means that ALL staff are willing to change and improve their practices in a way that is right for the children. Advice given reflects the most up to date research into the most effective ways to teach and assess all areas of English.

Teri Hulme, English Leader
Greenside Primary School

One Education

Literacy Overview

Literacy is one of the most important skills you can teach a child and is crucial to learning across the whole curriculum. We believe it is not only about raising pupil’s attainment but giving children a vital skill they need to succeed in life. Ensuring children develop the lifelong skills and knowledge needed to become confident readers and writers is the passion that drives our literacy specialists in all aspects of our work.

One Education Reading Award

Primary School Literacy Support

Literacy Training and Development

Literacy Leader Support



We provide an extensive range of services for schools and academies. These can be tailored to your requirements and we can provide a bespoke package incorporating one or more services.

One Education Reading Award

Demonstrate your school’s commitment to building a successful reading curriculum and inspire a child’s love of reading with the One Education Reading Award.

We offer a huge range of resources for schools to access whilst providing schools with a criteria in order to work towards the accreditation of the award. There are three sections within the award – Reading for Decoding, Reading for Understanding, and Reading for Enjoyment.

The Department of Education have highlighted their focus on improving reading and promoting reading for pleasure; the award will illustrate the priority that your school has given to providing children with the knowledge, skills, passion, and enthusiasm for reading - which will last the whole of their lives.

Depending on your school and reading journey so far, you can choose to work towards the bronze, silver or gold award with the option to apply for the next level of award the following year.

Over seventy schools are now involved with the One Education Reading Award around the country. The One Education Reading Award criteria has also been adapted alongside Bridgelea Primary School and Springwood Primary School to support schools with alternative or specialist provision. For more details please contact Laura Lodge.


Reading Award Support Package

  • 4 half days / 2 half days support
  • Individual Reading Award log on
  • Reading Award criteria and guide
  • Access to online resources
  • Access to online CPD including webinars
  • Email support
  • Plaque and use of logo on completion

Reading Award Online Support Package

  • Individual Reading Award log on
  • Reading Award criteria and guide
  • Access to online resources
  • Access to online CPD including webinars
  • Email support
  • Plaque and use of logo on completion

Contact us or call 0161 276 0160

Literacy Leader Development

We share your passion for literacy and drive to make a positive difference within schools and also understand the pressures of leading the largest subject in the curriculum.

Our literacy specialists can help to support your Head of Literacy or English in developing their skills and knowledge in leading Literacy across the school. This support will help Literacy Leaders to feel confident in making and leading changes in reading, writing, phonics, oracy and SPaG.

Together with your Head of Literacy or English, we can audit current Literacy provision, develop an action plan and support you to implement the plan.

We can work with you to develop an engaging whole school Literacy curriculum, ensuring a clear progression in the growth of knowledge and skills across a child's school journey. Alongside this, we can support you to build a consistent assessment system that enables staff to develop pupil progress through gap analysis.

We can also work alongside you to monitor the implementation and impact of your curriculum intent through a variety of methods, including pupil voice, book looks, observations and learning walks.

Our Literacy specialists also hold Literacy Leader Network Meetings every term – focusing on developing skills as leaders, sharing best practice and building further knowledge of literacy.

Working with children to develop their Literacy skills is our passion. We often work with small groups of children to support them to build knowledge and develop skills such as guided writing and editing.

We are also able to support schools in the run up to stautory assessments, working with children to identify strengths and next steps to support teaching. We are able to create bespoke approaches for individual children and small groups; making a real difference to progress and attainment.

Contact us or call 0161 276 0160

Literacy Support for Alternative and Specialist Provision

Our Literacy specialists work across the school sector, including developing Literacy in schools with alternative or specialist provision. Working alongside our colleagues in the SEND; Educational Psychology and ETS teams, we support the development and delivery of the Literacy curriculum to support individual pupils.

We tailor all of our approaches and training to your school's specific needs, working alongside you to support your school's journey, whatever the focus.

Working alongside Bridgelea Primary School and Springwood Primary School, we have also adapted the criteria for the One Education Reading Award, meaning that we now have specific criteria for both special schools and alternative provision settings.

Contact us or call 0161 276 0160

Supporting Accurate Assessment

Assessment must be both accurate and useful in order to have impact on pupil progress. We can support you to embed bespoke assessment systems that capture useful information whilst being mindful of workload.

We can also work alongside staff to analyse assessment, looking at strengths and gaps in coverage and planning next steps for the classroom.

The team are all Manchester moderators and as such are well-placed to offer advice and support on the assessment of Writing. Our consultant Laura Lodge is also a curriculum expert on Reading for the DfE, and as such is heavily involved in the development of statutory assessments on a national level.

We use this wide bank of knowledge to support schools to moderate their teacher assessments across the curriculum, both as external validators and alongside staff. We also regularly hold moderation training meetings, where teachers can work alongside our staff and other schools to moderate their assessment judgements.

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Developing Early Reading and Phonics

Reading is the key to unlocking the rest of the school curriculum and is a crucial life skill. As such, Reading needs to be right from the very start of a child's school journey.

We can support you to embed the teaching of Reading in EYFS and KS1, focusing on using systematic synthetic phonics for decoding whilst also building understanding and a love of Reading.

A good Reading curriculum begins with quality books and as such we can support you to audit your current book stock, checking that children have access to both phonetically decodable books appropriate to their phonics knowledge and quality texts to share with their families for pleasure.

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Vocabulary is V.I.T.A.L.

Vocabulary is vital to life. Research shows that children born into lower socio-economic backgrounds are likely to have less exposure to a wide vocabulary and that this will directly impact their later academic achievement. Understanding the importance of vocabulary and embedding vocabulary building throughout your curriculum is key.

With this in mind, we have developed the 'Vocabulary is V.I.T.A.L. approach to support schools to make vocabulary a priority. We can support you to embed a clear and engaging approach to vocabulary building, including training; in-school support and taking part in measurable research projects.

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The Reading Gems Approach to the Teaching of Reading

Reading for understanding is an incredibly important life skill. As good readers, we use a wide repertoire of skills, almost all of them automatic. This means that as adults, we find it challenging to break down the teaching of Reading sufficiently for pupils, often overlying relying on questioning rather than actual teaching reading skills.

The Reading Gems approach was created by our team to support staff to do just that - focus on the teaching of Reading skills, e.g. retrieval, inference and relationship.

Our approach can be made bespoke to suit your needs, suiting both whole class and small group reading styles. We can work alongside staff to choose appropriate texts; embed reading skill-specific subject knowledge; enhance day to day teaching and make assessment useful.

Developing Reading Fluency:

Good reading depends on fluency. However fluency is more than speed. We can support your school to embed approaches to teaching Reading fluency through methods such as echo reading, choral reading and much more. We can provide training for best practice; fluency specific interventions and assessment of reading fluency.

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Developing Writing Through P.I.C.C. a Text

The teaching of Writing is a complex subject and one that requires excellent subject knowledge. We believe in the importance of high quality texts as the foundation for writing teaching and as such we have developed the P.I.C.C. a Text approach.

Working from the starting point of a writing outcome, the sequence guides staff through deciding upon the R.A.F.T. (Reason. Audience. Features. Tone) of their outcome; choosing quality texts; prediction and interrogation of the text; capturing ideas for writing and culminating in writing and editing a final outcome.

Our approach focuses on writing effectively and guiding children to become good writers. We can support you to renew your writing teaching sequence; working alongside staff for bespoke training and development, including model lessons and team teach sessions.

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Teaching GPaS Creatively

Grammar and Punctuation underpin writing, however the teaching of these concepts needs to be well thought out in order to be successful.

With the advent of the KS1 and KS2 GPaS statutory assessments, many schools have moved towards discrete and less-contextualised grammar teaching. However, research (Safford, 2016) shows that while teaching such as this may increase test scores, it does not support Writing.

We can work with your school to review the teaching of GPaS to ensure it is engaging and creative, benefiting both end of Key Stage assessment and children's ability to write.

Supporting Spelling:

Spelling is a challenging aspect of Writing for many children and teaching spelling needs careful thought. We have a large bank of resources including progression documents for every year group; word lists and diagnostic assessments.

We can support you to develop staff subject knowledge in how to teach spelling effectively and engagingly, assessing children's spelling knowledge and creating a bespoke spelling curriculum for your needs.

Contact us or call 0161 276 0160

Getting to Greater Depth

Schools often request our help to support children to achieve greater depth in Reading and Writing. We can support you to best develop children's skills and knowledge, challenging them appropriately for their attainment level.

We have developed a suite of training and resources to facilitate greater depth learning, including specific approaches to both Reading and Writing. We are also able to work with groups of children to support them to achieve Greater Depth learning in Reading and Writing, providing an engaging and targeted approach to deepening learning.

Contact us or call 0161 276 0160

Bespoke Training and Development

Professional development for literacy is important for pupil attainment across the whole curriculum, however smaller budgets and time pressures can make it difficult for school leaders to invest in good quality CPD for their staff.

Our Literacy specialists can support you in making a positive step towards upskilling your staff with a wealth of affordable and flexible CPD options that helps to develop knowledge, skills and expertise across the subject.

Meeting the 'Standard for teachers’ professional development', our CPD is in line with DfE recommendations. Our flexible course are designed to meet the needs of a variety of audiences and can be bespoke to you and your school.

Our Literacy CPD provides you with a range of knowledge, resources and skills whilst our specialists instil in you a love of the subject, enthusiasm and increased motivation.

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We pride ourselves in putting children first and delivering exceptional services at affordable prices to schools. Here are some additional benefits of working with One Education.

Expert strategic leadership advice

DfE curriculum advisers

STA approved moderators

Qualified and experience teachers

29 April 2020

Y6 and Y2 Writing Moderation

This 1/2 day course will give you the opportunity to discuss pupil's writing in line with the National Curriculum. Our experienced Manchester moderators, will ensure that your are up-to-date KS1/2 statutory assessment arrangements for Writing.

Find out more


Vocabulary is V.I.T.A.L

Why is teaching vocabulary so important? We have explored how explicit teaching of vocabulary can work successfully within schools and have developed an approach to achieve this through manageable and effective planning. Read our blog to learn these approaches and download our FREE resources!

Read the full blog

Training courses

Training courses & Conferences

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Training Course

Y6 Writing Moderation- 29 April 2020

A 1/2 day course to give delegates the opportunity to discuss pupil's writing in line with the National Curriculum. Jo Gray and Laura Lodge, experienced Manchester moderators, will ensure that the course provides delegates with up to date Key Stage 2 statutory assessment arrangements for Writing.

Training Course

Y2 Writing Moderation- 29 April 2020

A 1/2 day course to give delegates the opportunity to discuss pupil's writing in line with the National Curriculum. Jo Gray and Laura Lodge, experienced Manchester moderators, will ensure that the course provides delegates with up to date Key Stage 1 statutory assessment arrangements for Writing.

Training Course

Early Reading & Phonics (2 days) 06 May & 08 July 2020

This two-day course will explore the importance of early reading and phonics in a ‘Reading Rich’ curriculum that values the importance of reading as a crucial life skill.

Training Course

Y6 Literacy Network Meeting- 21 May 2020

The Y6 Literacy Network Meeting gives Y6 teachers the opportunity to gain valuable insight from experienced school leaders, Manchester Moderators and DfE curriculum advisors.

Training Course

Y2 Literacy network (single session) – 21 May 2020

The Y6 Literacy Network Meeting gives Y2 teachers the opportunity to gain valuable insight from experienced school leaders, Manchester Moderators and DfE curriculum advisors.

Training Course

Developing the whole school English curriculum- 25 June 2020

The National Curriculum Programmes of Study for English requires pupils to have a much wider understanding of knowledge and skills than ever before. The challenge for teachers now is how to teach to the raised standards whilst instilling a love of English into children.

Training Course

Building resilient readers: learning from the 2020 Reading SATs - 25th June 2020

Being a resilient reader is a key life skill and its foundations must be laid from the very start of school life. Led by STA Reading curriculum expert, Laura Lodge, this course will explore what we can learn from the content and challenge of the 2020 KS1 and KS2 Reading SATs tests, and more widely, to create resilient readers.

Training Course

Literacy Leader Network Meeting- 30 June 2020

The Literacy Lead network meetings take place once a term and are a fantastic opportunity to work alongside others in similar situations, whilst using the knowledge and experience of the course facilitators who are experienced moderators, curriculum advisors for the STA, School leaders and classroom teachers.

We can provide training on all aspects of the English curriculum; reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar, spelling, phonics, and oracy. We can also provide staff meetings on English throughout the curriculum, exploring opportunities for embedding learning. The team offers bespoke staff meetings, twilights and INSET days tailored to the needs of your school.


Our Education consultants are trained moderators and are experienced in moderating writing at the end of each key stage and across the school. We can provide support for individual year groups, whole Key Stages, or clusters across schools. We can also provide mock moderation sessions.


We are passionate about reading and improving the skills of young children. We can support you in many ways; reviewing your curriculum, providing training on the teaching of reading skills, looking at creating a reading culture across the school, supporting with planning, teaching, and assessing. We can work with individual teachers, Key Stages or whole teams. For information about the approach we feel is best for teaching writing, please read our blog or look at our resource section.


The One Education Reading Award is a quality standards mark that schools can achieve by working towards a set of criteria. The award was established to recognise those schools who build a successful reading curriculum and inspire children to read. The award also provides teachers with support through access to an online area that offers resources for the classroom, CPD materials and leadership support. The award can be purchased and completed online, with the option of purchasing school support to complement this. In completing the award, schools receive a plaque and logo to recognise the commitment and effort that they give to prioritising reading. For more information have a look at our Reading Award case studies here.


Our Education Consultants are experts in the teaching of writing and can help schools to review their current approach to find one that works specifically for them. We find that, for most schools, this tends to be a text based approach. Research suggests that this is the most effective way to teach writing and more information on this approach can be found in our blog here. Support for schools to improve writing outcomes is bespoke to suit the needs of your school but often consists of consultants modelling lessons, planning and assessment support, auditing and reviewing current provision, training, leadership support, individual teacher support or whole school support.


There are so many amazing books out there! We can provide bespoke support to help your school choose books that support the needs of your children as every school, and every cohort is different. As a starting point, we do have suggested book lists for every year group here, though we would encourage you to adapt the lists to ensure they are unique to the children you are working with.


Absolutely. Our Education Consultants have a wealth of experience in what approaches work for assessment throughout the English curriculum and are able to look at the approach that would best work for your school. Our consultants will help you to embed a monitoring and assessment process for the whole academic year, an example of which can be found here. They can also help in moderating of assessment judgements, analysis of data and identification of gaps. Our education consultants are trained in moderation. We also have team members who advise the STA on the development of the end of Key Stage statutory assessments.


One Education’s literacy specialists can help to support your Literacy or English Lead in developing their skills and knowledge in leading Literacy across the school. This support will help Literacy Leaders to feel confident in making and leading changes in reading, writing, phonics and GPS. We can audit current Literacy provision, develop an action plan and look at ways forward to implement the plan.


One Education can provide a multitude of support for schools and their parents across the curriculum. We have provided parents with workshops, meetings and one to one support. We can also help schools to provide opportunities for parent’s voice, then offer advice to analyse, review and implement findings.


We offer support for EYFS, KS1, KS2, Pupil Referral Units, Special schools. We can also provide support for transition into secondary schools.


Meet the team

Head of School Improvement, Maths and Literacy

Jo Gray

Jo, an STA accredited moderator for Manchester with many years of school leadership experience, has worked with schools all over the North West. She works across Early Years, KS1 and KS2 delivering leadership support, whole school curriculum support and bespoke packages to meet your needs.

Education Consultant

Laura Lodge

Laura, a curriculum adviser in KS1 and KS2 Reading for the DfE, specialises in providing bespoke training to schools across the curriculum, particularly in English and Maths. Previously working as a Key Stage Two and English lead in Manchester, Laura led wide-ranging training opportunities and supported curriculum change.

Education Consultant

Sarah Dean

Sarah provides schools with bespoke support and training across the curriculum, particularly English for KS1 and KS2. She also works as a Year 6 teacher in a Manchester Primary School, where she previously Led Literacy and helped to develop a text-based, broader curriculum to enrich children's learning.

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