Safeguarding Conference 2020 Workshops

One Education have a wide range of different workshops at this year's Safeguarding Conference for delegates to choose from, suiting different roles and requirements. A short summary will be included about each one to help you decide which workshops would develop your CPD the greatest and would like to attend on the day. Please visit again for further updates.

By Safeguarding Team on 08 Jul 2020

Honour Based Violence, Forced Marriage and FGM with Angie Marriott.

About the Workshop:
This workshop will explain the mandatory duties to report HBV, FM and FGM as well as explain how to manage the risk, disclosures and your role of protecting victims with protection orders. This workshop will also support school staff to identify potential risks and indicators of HBV, FM AND FGM as well as inform professionals how to support survivors of this.


Angie Marriott is a Cross Cultural Diversity Consultant and Registered Nurse. Her areas of expertise are Honour Based Violence (HBV), Forced Marriage (FM) and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). She has acted as a critical friend to the police for over 15 years and works with communities at grass roots level helping the police to understand cultural barriers faced by Black and Minority Ethnic communities. Angie works with all statutory agencies and plays a key role in educating police and professionals about safeguarding and managing the risks of HBV, FM, CSE.

Key achievements:

  • World Global Diversity Leadership award winner in Mumbai in 2017
  • Winner as one of the Top 100 global Diversity and Inclusion Leaders in 2018
  • Winner Caribbean African Health Network (CAHN)’s Collaborative partnership working for FGM in Oct 2018
  • Winner Caribbean African Health Network (CAHN)’s Collaborative partnership working for FGM Unsung Hero in Oct 2018
  • Nominated by Wazobia Outstanding Achievement Award on FGM Oct 2019

Twitter: @MarriottAngie

Domestic Violence and Operation Encompass with Damian Munro:

About the workshop:
Damian has expertise knowledge in Operation Encompass and is passionate about supporting young people through their experiences of domestic violence. This workshop will provide you with the knowledge of how to support young people who have witnessed and experienced domestic violence as well as how to promote healthy relationships in young people.


Damian is a Young Persons Violence Advisor who works to support young people within interpersonal abusive relationships. He seeks to provide holistic support including safety planning, obtaining civil injunctions and support through the emotional recovery process.

He also works closely with Operation Encompass - a joint initiative with GMP, Local authorities and education provisions whereby schools and academies are made aware of all domestic abuse incidents reported to the police. Damian also works closely with schools providing Healthy Relationship learning across primary education, secondary schools and post-16 provisions with a view to breaking the cycle of domestic abuse and promoting positive health relationships.

Making the most out of your CPOMS

About the workshop:
The workshop will cover the basic overview of CPOMS for anyone who doesn’t currently use it, as well as some in depth reporting options, and updates on various new features that have been released. We will cover how schools can ensure that they’re making the most of CPOMS including customising their categories and also using various parts of the system more effectively.

We will also cover our newly released SCR and Staff system. Due to the popularity and ease of use for CPOMS, our schools requested that we look at a staff option and to this end we have developed this to ensure that the SCR and Staff information can be easily kept up to date in a secure and streamlined way.

CPOMS is a BETT Award Winning software application for monitoring child protection, safeguarding, SEND and a whole range of pastoral and welfare issues. Working alongside a school’s existing safeguarding processes, CPOMS is an intuitive system to help with the management of child protection, behavioural issues, bullying, SEND, domestic issues and much much more. Using CPOMS, schools can ensure that students are safe and fully supported, whilst school staff can focus on teaching and providing support, instead of administration. CPOMS is the clear market leader in the sector trusted by over 8000 schools – it’s “the glue that pulls everything together.”

Understanding and Tackling Modern Day Slavery with Peel Solutions:

About the Workshop:
Modern slavery has unfortunately become a serious issue which we all need to have an awareness of. This workshop will provide those who may come into contact with any aspect of Modern Slavery, with the knowledge and understanding required to identify, recognise and act upon situations they suspect may be subject to Modern Slavery or human trafficking. Slavery is a broad term used regarding the abuse of human rights, which includes; slavery, servitude as well as forced or compulsory labour and human trafficking.

Mark Tasker: Mark is a retired Cheshire Constabulary Detective Inspector. He was responsible for the running of the busiest Public Protection Unit in the force and latterly led on policy and procedures. He was highly respected in his field and upon retirement took up the post of Training and Development coordinator for Warrington Local Safeguarding Children’s Board. Mark led multi-agency training across various subjects, including modern day slavery with a focus on the National Referral Mechanism.

Andy Smith: Andy is a retired Cheshire Constabulary Detective Superintendent. He led the force’s Major Investigation Team and was an accredited Senior Investigating Officer. Upon retirement, he set up Peel Recruitment and Training Solutions. They deliver training across the country and are passionate about raising awareness of Modern Day Slavery issues. Their courses in this crucial area cover first responders, basic awareness, commercial organisations and investigations.

The Lockdown Procedure in the School Setting with Stealth Ops

About the Workshop:
Stealth Ops is a security consultancy that is run by former police officers, who have expertise in supporting schools with their lockdown procedures. By attending this workshop, you can ensure that your lockdown procedure can run smoothly and safely and that you know what to do in the event where a lockdown procedure is required.


Former Police Officers John and Tony have known each other for over 30 years. They commenced their Police Service in 1987. They both enjoyed a successful career, each rising to senior officers. Tony’s specialisms lay in Tactical Operations and Training, whilst John’s expertise lay in Counter Terrorism and National Security.

Both were commended during their careers for their professionalism, bravery and dedication to duty. Their enthusiasm has never waned, and they now combine their collective knowledge to provide a service to education establishments in the form of Lockdown Procedures and corporate clients with a whole host of security-based services

Educate Against Hate: Protecting children from extremism and radicalisation with the Department for Education

About the Workshop:
Under the Prevent duty, all schools are required to "have due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism". Whilst there are no mandatory reporting requirements under the duty, teachers should know how to identify concerning behaviours and where to refer students who be at risk of radicalisation so they can get the appropriate support. This sessions aims to increase the confidence in schools staff in carrying out the Prevent duty by working through some of the common challenges and questions with the support of a Prevent Education Officer (PEO)

LGBT Inclusion: Schools duties and responsibilities to staff and pupils including duties under the Equality Act 2010 and the new RSE Regulations 2019 with One Education.

About the Workshop:
In this workshop, with particular emphasis on LGBT inclusion, One Education’s Senior HR Manager, Laura Clark, will look at schools’ duties under the Equality Act and will discuss how they overlap with other statutory obligations including duties under the new RSE Regulations. Laura will also work thorough the three elements of the public sector equality duty and discuss ways in which schools can demonstrate compliance by embracing a whole school LGBT inclusive approach. The workshop will finish with a fully interactive session on how schools can support Trans inclusion. Discussions will focus on specific issues such as appropriate, language, terminology, dress codes, confidentiality, toilets and other facilities.

Statistics from the Stonewall School Report 2017 make for shocking reading. Almost half (45%) of LGBT pupils are still bullied just for being LGBT, 61% have deliberately self-harmed and 52% report hearing homophobic slurs “frequently.” The figures are more disturbing in relation to Trans pupils. 84% have self-harmed, 58% say they can’t use toilets they feel safe in and 2 in 5 have tried to take their own life. It is clear that LGBT pupils continue to face significant challenges in school and when read alongside reports relating to the rise in the number of homophobic, transphobic and biphobic hate crimes in society generally, it becomes evident why equality is also a safeguarding issue. Given the obvious dangers of prejudice, intolerance and extremism, it has arguably never been more important for schools to ensure staff and pupils are properly educated about equality, diversity and inclusion.


Laura is a Senior HR Manager in the HR and People team and is a qualified solicitor. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to team having specialised in employment law for over 30 years and having worked in the public and private sector. Laura has worked exclusively with schools and academies in all aspects of HR since 2009 but has particular expertise in equality law issues. Laura leads the HR equality group and delivers training to schools on a regular basis.

The Reality for Girls in Gangs with Leoni Chandler

About the workshop:
This workshop focuses on girls & young women involved in gang crime – what are the indicators, why they are more at risk – sexual exploitation and what you can do to help support these girls to move away and prevent others from entering the gang lifestyle.


Leoni met her ex-partner when she was 15 year old, who had a reputation for gang related crimes and involvement. Their relationship began happy and normal, however as the relationship progressed Leoni was becoming more and more exposed to a criminal lifestyle. Leoni found that her partner started to become controlling and emotionally abusive and that his crimes escalated resulting in him being arrested on multiple occasions. Regardless, Leoni stuck with the relationship and became pregnant. As the pregnancy progressed, the emotional abuse heightened and her partner became physically abusive after their first child was born. Leoni’s house was used to store various drugs and firearms. Leoni fell pregnant again and this was when Leoni began to be sexually abused. Leoni’s abuse escalated until the point where she was admitted to hospital, where referrals were made to social services. Eventually, Leoni had to move house, over the years her children witnessed and were exposed to a lot. As well as this, Leoni was charged and convicted of perverting the course of justice as a result of her loyalty due to fear. Leoni now realises that she was manipulated into staying in an unhealthy relationship and now works with Matthew Norford, at 1Message. This organisation raises awareness around the wider impacts of gang crime and the long lasting effects it can have, beyond criminal records, including the ripple effect on those around gang members

Watch our video: Leoni Chandler discussed why young people and girls become involved in gangs.

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